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We're here to clear the parking lot.

In Team Yankee[edit]

La rules, colonel!

Uh oh.

A year ago when Battlefront printed the rules for the British Milan section, the meta was warped beyond repair: the days of tank battles were over. Against your tank fleet, Milans could defeat them for a quarter of your point cost and have enough bases to keep fighting. Using smoke against milan teams was the smart option but tied up your artillery from shooting at other things. They could be countered in theory, but this was only one unit. The Brits could easily bring several mechanized COMPANIES for even more of these over-efficient death machines.

It appears battlefront did not learn from their mistakes. For the same point costs, you almost the exact same unit but with manners and cleaner teeth. 5 points gets you 4 Milans, 8 points gets you 6 milans and 11 points gets you 8 Milans. You get a free VAB for every two Milan teams.

Now, is this unit better than the British? It depends on how you use them, and here are the main differences. Most importantly, you can bring twice as many Milans. For 2 mechanized platoons and a maxed Milan section, the Brits can bring a total of 8 milans: the French can bring 10 in the same setup. Rally has unfortunately remained, meaning that apart from numbers, the French Dropping to 5+ morale is less horrible than it sounds: your milans should be shooting the enemy from turn one from their foxholes, and are therefore nearly invulnerable to anything but infantry assaults: the French have a pitiful 5+ while the Brits have a VERY respectable 4+ assault on a 2 man base.

The days of Milan spam will be likely to continue with Battlefront printing this unit. For 26 points, you can bring an infanterie company with a few more Milans than the Brits, whose meta dominance relies on Milan spam. Expect competitive French players to abuse this unit for its extreme efficiency against armour. About the only thing left at this point is to pray we start getting Active Protection systems such as Drozd to give tanks a way to counter missiles such as milans.


Cameraman: "Wait, aren't you British?" Soldier: "Non."
French Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: AMX-30
Transports: AMX-10P- VAB
Troops: Section d'infanterie/Chasseurs - Milan Section Antichar
Artillery: AMX Auf1
Anti-Aircraft: AMX-13 DCA - AMX Roland
Tank Hunters: VAB Mephisto
Recon: AMX-10 RC - AMX-10P VOA
Aircraft: Gazelle HOT - Gazelle 20mm - Mirage 5