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Reason: Forced meme, and no, he is not awesome
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Miles Quaritch, also known as Millhouse Quidditich, but more commonly as Quaritch, Hero Of The Imperium, is the singular good thing about the entirety of the movie Avatar(the one with furries). Unlike Commissar Cain, who though awesome is also secretly a coward, is man with Adamantium balls that would impress even Tempestus Scions and Imperial Guard Veterans. At one point, he even walks out into Pandora's toxic atmosphere WITHOUT A MASK to shoot a MOTHERFUCKING PISTOL at an escaping VTOL because he is a BADASS. Later in the film, does he sit like a wuss and watch his men die? No. HE FUCKING JUMPS IN A BATTLESUIT AND DECIDES TO WRECK THE SHIT OUT OF THE BLUE FURRIES.

He kills an Allosaurus-cat with a knife and almost succeeds in killing the Mary Sue furry, before his not-Pocohontas girlfriend got in a cheap shot and killed him. In short, an individual so awesome that he could get transferred to the Warhammer 40k universe and be about the same levels of awesome. People can ramble about how this man is a meanie and how xenocide is bad, but we here at /tg/ know "Suffer Not The Alien To Live". Besides, no humans would actually give a shit anyway.

While not technically relevant to tabletop gaming, we all know that this man is too Awesome not to include here on 1d4chan, and as such this article has been created.