Mines and Minions

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Reason: Dead 3 years going on 4 with nothing to show for it.


Some lucky fa/tg/uy who didn't have work president's day didn't know about Dungeons: The Dragoning 40k tried to make Dungeons: The Dragoning 40k. Turned into remaking Dnd from the ground up with different mechanics.


Once the world was a generic and bland setting, but then some elves fucked up and caused a magical explosion rendering the surface uninhabitable. The dorfs having already lived in the depths became the dominant race. Also drow are short and pale because evolution. Anyway its Metro 2033 in fantasy, without the mushroom vodca, Kalashniov's, Nosalises, and extreamly-depressing-up-to-the-point-where-suicide-is-a-good-idea atmosphere. The whole setting is a dungeon.


Y'know dystopian legions? It's a lot like that but with d10s, and its an RPG.


In the process of getting done.