Miniatures Handbook

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The Miniatures Handbook was a Dungeons and Dragons Third edition splatbook released in October 2003 that, contrary to its name, had fuck-all to do with miniatures, and was basically just a collection of the classes and races that WotC had been cooking up but couldn't find a place for in their other splatbooks. Or at least it might as well have been that; the latter half probably has something to do with miniatures, but you never hear anybody talking about those rules because the races and classes in the first half get all the attention. It introduced four new base classes, seven prestige classes, twenty-something new monsters (at least two of which later got reprinted as playable races), 22 new general feats, and 10 new metamagic feats. Of the feats, the "Sudden" metamagic is worth note, as it changed regular metamagic restrictions to a "once per day" use. On a PC spell load these are useful but generally compare poorly to metamagic rods for prepared casters (except for Sudden Still, since you can't use a rod when you need it), but it's powerful cheese on enemy casters that aren't going to exist past the encounter anyways and can use once per day abilities without care, and spontaneous casters like not requiring a full round action to use them. These were reprinted and expanded upon in Complete Arcane. The Mage Slayer feat is a pretty useful way to shut down casters if you can keep them in your threatened area... and this feat was also reprinted in Complete Arcane.



  • Bonded Summoner
  • Dragon Samurai
  • Havoc Mage
  • Skullclan Hunter
  • Tactical Soldier
  • War Hulk
  • War Chief


  • Abyssal Eviscerator
  • Aspect
  • Bright Naga
  • Catfolk (reprinted as a playable race in Races of the Wild)
  • Cave Dinosaur
  • Crucian (reprinted as a playable race in Sandstorm)
  • Cursed Spirit
  • Displacer serpent
  • Equiceph
  • Gravehound
  • Kruthik
  • Mad Slasher
  • Magma Hurler
  • Nothic
  • Phargion
  • Protectar
  • Ramadeen
  • Scaled Stalker
  • Shadow Beast
  • Spark Lasher
  • Stonechild
  • Walking Wall