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Sister Champion of Slaanesh. Art by Stjepan Sejic

Miriael Sabathiel is a former Sister Superior of the Order of Our Martyred Lady who was corrupted by Slaanesh and is now her champion. She is the only Sister the Adepta Sororitas acknowledge to have been corrupted by Chaos. Although Battle Sisters have fallen to Chaos before (most notably in Daemonifuge and Ciaphas Cain) Miriael is notable in her willingness to do so. The sisters of the Order Pronatus in Daemonifuge were brainwashed over the course of years by one of the most powerful Keepers of Secrets the Imperium had ever encountered and the sisters in Ciaphas Cain were mind controlled by a Chaos psyker who could control entire planets at a time. Miriael, on the other hand, was in the clutches of the Emperor's Children for a scant few days before fully devoting herself to Slaanesh (kinda makes you wonder what they did during that time). Despite this, her existence is one of the few trump cards Sisters can pull against the Space Marines - they may not be as physically powerful as the Astartes, but at least they've only lost Miriael and a few hundred Sisters over the millennia instead of nine Legions numbering 10,000+ strong plus their uber-powerful Primarchs.


No one really knows why she turned to Slaanesh, probably Catholic school-girl syndrome. But what is known is that she's a stain on the honor of the Sororitas and a complete pain in the ass for anyone in her way. She announced her presence to the Imperium by committing several mass killings in such a way to make it obvious a Sister of Battle had done them. The planetary governor, convinced he was dealing with a Chaos cultist trying to stain the Sororitas' honor (something he wasn't entirely wrong about) sent word to the Order of Our Martyred Lady about the incidents and quietly sent a bounty hunter after Miriael. Soon, Canoness Olga Karamanz arrived along with two veteran Battle Sisters to hunt the fallen sister down. They used a tracker to locate the governor's bounty hunter, only to discover that he had already been corrupted and had led them into a trap. After Miriael killed the two veteran sisters, Canoness Olga desperately tried to redeem Miriael before being killed herself.

Interestingly, the book she appears in, The Invitation, repeatedly states that she's the only Sister of Battle ever to fall to Chaos, despite Chaos Sisters also appearing in both Daemonifuge and one of the Ciaphas Cain books. While you could just go with the standard "everything is canon, nothing is canon" answer that Black Library has for all of their canon conflicts, there are a few possible explanations for this.

  • The Invitation might take place before the events of Daemonifuge and Ciaphas Cain, meaning that Miriael isn't the only Chaos Sister of Battle to ever exist, but she was the first.
  • Chaos Sisters of Battle could be so incredibly rare that whenever one appears, everyone assumes it's the only one to ever exist. Remember that Imperial records are incredibly unreliable even under the best circumstances, and what little reliability they have takes a nosedive wherever Chaos is concerned.
  • Other Chaos Sisters of Battle might exist in the setting, but the information on their existence is so tightly controlled by the Sororitas that no one outside of the highest-ranking Canonesses are aware of their existence. (This is confirmed to be true in James Swallow's Sisters of Battle Omnibus in the short story at the end.)
  • Sisters of Battle fall to Chaos, just at a slower rate than Space Marines. However, thanks to the over-zealous nature of the Adepta Sororitas, they rarely survive long enough for anyone to hear about them. In this case, what would make Miriael exceptional isn't that she fell to Chaos, but that she survived long enough for non-Sororitas to learn of her existence.
  • Miriael is the only one to actively embrace the corruption and willingly fall, as opposed to being corrupted by outward influence. In Daemonifuge, the sisters are still found to oppose the Keeper of Secrets by what little they could, and in Cain's story the sisters commit suicide the moment they're freed from Varan's mind control; indicating they were in both cases still trying to resist the corruption. Miriael became a full-fledged champion of Slaanesh and revels in it.

Despite being such a unique character with a badass aesthetic and awesome potential, she's not that prominent in the fluff, similar to Ephrael Stern before Psychic Awakening. She's also probably the single most misrepresented character in the 40k community, with a mind-boggling amount of misinformation and rumors being posted in any thread she's mentioned in. This is mostly due to irresponsible editing on both the Warhammer 40k Wiki and this site. There's also a shocking absence of Rule 34 of her, though that's probably because she's a relatively unknown and minor character.


Homebrew rules for Miriael Sabathiel. Cuz that's what we do here. These rules are also available in (much more legible) PDF!


Power Points M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Mirial Sabathiel: 5 105 7" 2+ 2+ 3 3 5 5 10 3+

Miriael Sabathiel is a single model armed with: bolt pistol; 2 cyber-kestrals, The Agoniser; frag grenades; krak grenades. Only one of this model may be included in your army.

Weapons: Range Type S AP D Abilities
Bolt pistol 12" Pistol 1 4 0 1 -
Cyber-kestral 24" Assault D6 3 0 1 -
The Agoniser Melee Melee +2 -3 D3 For every wound roll of 6+, the target suffers a mortal wound in addition to this weapons usual damage.
Frag Grenades 6" Grenade D6 3 0 1 -
Krak Grenades 6" Grenade 1 6 -1 D3 -


  • Armour of Ecstasy: Roll a D6 each time Miriael Sabathiel loses a wound. On a 5+, the wound is not lost.
  • Corrupted Rosarius: Miriael Sabathiel has a 4+ invulnerable save.
  • Damning Strike: Each time you roll a hit roll of 6+ for Miriael Sabathiel in the Fight phase, she can immediately make an extra attack against the same unit using the same weapon. If she is targeting an ADEPTA SORORITAS unit, this ability takes effect on any hit rolls of 4+ instead. These extra attacks cannot themselves generate any further attacks.
  • Mistress of Traitors: You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 made for friendly EMPEROR'S CHILDREN units within 6" of Miriael Sabathiel.

WARLORD TRAIT: Scintillating Seductress: Enemy units within 6" of this Warlord subtract 1 from their Leadership characteristic. In addition, each time an enemy model within 6" of this Warlord flees as a result of a failed morale test, roll a D6 before removing that model: on a 5+, that model attacks its former allies and its unit suffers a mortal wound.




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