Miscellaneous Weapons

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Miscellaneous Weapons are weapons that do not fit one particular category or another. These weapons are either obscure or behave differently by function. All of them aren't what you call standard issue firearms and the majority of them are some sort of melee weapon, thrown weapon or a combination of both.




A primitive thrown and restraining weapon. Bolas are normally non-lethal (Doesn't mean they can't be changed into spike balls or explosive pellets) and as such are usually employed by bounty hunters or local law enforcement members, where the swirling balls can entangle a target with heavy cords of wire. They can be found all over the galaxy and some styles use up to eight balls.

Due to its mundane nature and utility, Bolas never get to be seen in actual military engagements because the likelihood of you successfully restraining a important target in the middle of a war zone is as likely as you getting chosen to become part of the Adeptus Custodes. Even in terms of law enforcement, there are much better weapons at restraining a target such as the Webbers and certain Arc Weapons whose charge has been set to stun. Thus, Bolas is only seen being wielded by the most desperate or primitive of societies.



A Sling is a primitive weapon that makes Bows and Arrows look advance and sophisticated by comparison. Slings are used primarily on feral or primitive worlds. They can be made with any piece of material or leather and simply require momentum provided by the user to launch the projectile. It is commonly used during riots and demonstrations and the ammunition can range anywhere from rocks picked off the ground to specialized metallic balls or even grenades.

Furthermore, Slings have a completely different and some may say overly-complicated way of shooting/throwing the projectile. Unlike Bows and Firearms, Slings depends on the momentum a person swings this weapon overhead in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion, before launching the projectile in a forward motion akin to throwing a grenade or your arms acting like a catapult. As you can imagine, accuracy and aiming this thing is a pain in the ass, but when this thing hits, it hits hard for something of such a humble technological background.

Neuro Gauntlet[edit]

Neuro Gauntlet

The Neuro Gauntlet is a specialized weapon only used by the Eversor Assassins of the Imperium of Man's Officio Assassinorum. The weapon is a glove or gauntlet comprised of a hyper-alloy glove whose fingers end in sharp hypodermic needles that inject a potent neurotoxin into the Assassin's victim.

When the glove strikes an opponent, the needles immediately inject their toxin into the person's bloodstream. The lethal effect is almost instantaneous and causes a horrifically painful death as the victim is completely paralyzed while his organ systems shut down one by one. These toxins will work on Warp entities like daemons, but they are a great deal less effective against such creatures.

In effect, it is similar to the Needler in terms of killing the target with poison, although it lacks the secondary laser gimmick.

Frost Claw[edit]

Frost Claw

Frost Claws are strange ice-crystal punch daggers that are often wielded by the Space Wolves' furries. The weapons are a mystery and speculation is rife as to whether the Frost Claws form through some kind of latent psychic projection, or are fashioned by the Wulfen in some as-yet-mysterious ritual. Whatever the case, they are lethally effective and are able to rip through the thickest armour as though it were yielding flesh.

It is unknown if these same crystals are the ones that power a lot of the Helfrost Weaponry, although it wouldn't surprise us if it did.

On the tabletop, Frost Claws are S+1 AP2 Lightning Claws, which gives them remarkable reliability in damage, which is highly complementary given the high attack stats and initiative of the Wulfen.



More of a medical tool than a weapon.

The iconic Narthecium of the Apothecaries is a tool which most people can recognize but few can pronounce let alone remember the name. As the Narthecium is a medical field kit, it contains the necessary tools to treat wounded Marines and get them back into action as quickly as possible. Included in the standard kit are:

  • Anti-venoms;
  • Stim-packs;
  • Healing agents;
  • Sterile clay for sealing wounds;
  • A Carnifex (No, not THAT Carnifex, remember it means 'butcher') for euthanizing fatally injured Marines;
  • Reductor (carbon alloy): a tool for extracting the Progenoid organs (gene-seed) from fallen Marines.

Other components may include a chainblade and an apothicarion drill for piercing armor. The Deep Bore version lowers the placement of the chainblade, and replace it with a saw-disc. The main focus of this version is the drill for piercing armor and retrieving gene-seed as quickly as possible. The Hagen pattern drill is larger and stronger, designed to be able to work on Terminator armor as well as standard Space Marine armor.

Its more Primaris-friendly and pistol relative is the Reductor Pistol. The more Orky equivalent is the 'Urty Syringe.

Tarsus Buckler[edit]

Tarsus Buckler

You know how in Dark Souls, small shields have this special ability that allows a small window of opportunity to parry an opponent, leaving him/her vulnerable to a critical hit which can cause MASSIVE DAMAGE? Yeah, imagine that on a 9 foot tall golden death machine and you got yourselves a Tarsus Buckler. The Tarsus Buckler is the primary 'defense' equipment for the Custodian Venatari. You noticed how we put in defense in quotations? Well that's because this small pint-sized shield is so awesome that it can also function as a makeshift weapon as well.

Oh yes, those pointy tips at the end of the buckler ain't for show. With a simple jab with the fist, a Venatari can turn a shield into a painful and quite lethal caestus, able to create deep cuts, stab wounds and a broken face. On tabletop, the Buckler is designed at destroying GEQs. Like the Power Talon, this is a Str 6 Ap-2 melee weapon but 1 damage will limit the variety of opponents this can go up against. However, the reason you want to take this is for a) the kinetic destroyer (a two-shot S6 ap-2 D2 pistol with 18" range and what is basically a Volkite rule), and b) the fact that they reduce weapons of Ap-1 to Ap 0, limiting the consequences of having only a 3+/4++ save.

We ain't sure whether this is considered a Power weapon or not, as there is no description specifying a power source. We can just conclude that it is made of some damned fine materials.



Arco-Flails is the catch-all term used to describe the various weapons surgically grafted on an Arco-flagellant. The flails, despite the name, is actually made up of various weapons, such as cutting claws, pneu-mattocks, cleavers and electro-flails. Due to the fact that each Arco-flagellant is 'equipped' with a different set of weapons with different properties, countering a rage-inducing cyborg - let alone a horde of them - is pretty difficult, especially if these Arco-flagellants uses the electro-flail variety which behave similarly to those of close combat power weapons that act like arc weapons.

On tabletop, despite the wide variety of weapons that an Arco-Flail subsists on, on tabletop 8th Edition, they are all treated as one weapon. Arco-Flails usually make d3 hit rolls per attack, at S+1 AP-1, damage 1. While this seems rather lackluster - and it is - the point is that Arco-flagellant work best when supported by another unit. In this case, a Ministorum Priest acts as the go-to supporter, with the priest using his abilities to boost these attacks into a D3 multiplier.

For even more bang for your buck, a Arco-flagellant with the Extremis Trigger Word stratagem makes their weapons get 'three' hit rolls per attack instead of D3. Combine that with a preacher, and each model gets nine attacks at S5 AP-1 damage 1, which is enough of a blender to tear through just about anything. The only issue with all of this is that Arco-Flagellants only hit on 4s, but since they have a Zealot that means they'll still be hitting around two thirds of the time.

Pteraxii Talons[edit]

Pteraxii Talons

The feet of a Pteraxii has been modified and augmented into a powerful aerial close combat weapon for the Adeptus Mechanicus.

These feet resemble the talons of an eagle and the Pteraxii uses them to lethal effect. Either ripping their targets to pieces or picking him/her up on a flyby before dropping them off to their deaths. The talons are razor-sharp and could pierce through Flak Armor and Wraithbone with ease, although Power Armor would require a great deal more difficulty. If the Pteraxii is a Skystalker, the talons mark a dangerous deterrence, if it is a Sterylizor on the other hand, then the offending unit must bend over, cause those talons are goin in dry.

On the tabletop, these flying bird feet are quite the nasty pickle. These are AP -1 claws that give +1S on the charge making them powerful at both deepstrikes AND making them a nightmare to charge. What has been said in the fluff can be applicable in the crunch. Skystalkers should use their talons as deterrence against enemy charges, whilst Sterylizors should abuse the shit out of it during deepstrikes.

SLHG Pattern Assault Ram[edit]

SLHG Pattern Assault Ram

A bizarre-looking piece of contraption only seen on Necromunda.

The SLHG Pattern Assault Ram is used primarily by Necromunda's personal skull-cracking Enforcer police departments. They are a type of breaching weapon with an underslung Grenade Launcher. Whilst this technically makes them a Combi-weapon, the actual classification of this weapon is currently unidentified.

It may or may not be a heavily motorized and advance version of a modern day SWAT battering ram. It is meant to breach open doors and barricades, whilst the grenade launcher attatchment may fire non-lethal (Or lethal) rounds to flush out entrenched hive gangers.

The Assault Ram in Necromunda basically count as a Power Weapon with a Grenade Launcher profile.

Heavy Rock Drill[edit]

Heavy Rock Drill

The Heavy Rock Drill is a type of construction and mining equipment used by the Imperium. However it can also be utilized as a weapon, most notably by Genestealer Cults. The heavy rock drill is modified by the hybrids so it can be carried into battle as a weapon and it can only be used by Hybrids due to requiring three arms and all. Its triple grinders can turn even the stoutest enemy champion to gory gobbets of flesh.

In terms of crunch, the Heavy Rock Drill is a 1 damage Power Fist. However, it doesn't have -1 to hit and it can inflict up to 5 extra mortal wounds on a successful wound. Pretty decent in handling tough targets especially if it successfully wounds them on the table.

In a nutshell, its a baby and civilian friendly Siege Drill.

Heavy Rock Cutter[edit]

Heavy Rock Cutter

The Heavy Rock Cutter is a type of construction and mining equipment used by the Imperium. However it can also be utilized as a weapon, most notably by Genestealer Cults. The hydraulic shears of heavy rock cutters were designed to free trapped mine workers from industrial accidents. When the cult rises up, however, their irresistible grip is used not to save, but to kill.

Still, despite its place in a Genestealer Cult, one must wonder how truly effective these cutters are when your basic Genestealer claw is sharp enough to carve up Terminator Armor into Swiss cheese.

On tabletop, the Heavy Rock Cutter is a Double Strength, AP-4 and two damage weapon which may sound fantastic, but that's not all. If you successfully damage a non-VEHICLE target, beat its remaining wounds on a D6 and it dies instantly. Goodbye Ogryns, Tyranid Warriors, Terminators and characters.

Heavy Rock Saw[edit]

Heavy Rock Saw

Essentially a hand-held Power Saw.

The Heavy Rock Saw is a type of construction and mining equipment used by the Imperium. However it can also be utilized as a weapon, most notably by Genestealer Cults. The blades of the heavy rock saw are designed to cut through dense boulders of ore – when the time of war comes, they slice through the hulls of enemy vehicles easily.

Due to the fact that a circular saw has less moving parts than a Chainsword and thus, is less susceptible to frequent jamming and snagging from the chain teeth, not to mention it is far more durable than any type of Chainsaw, one wonders why the Imperium haven't just swap out their chain weapons for circular saws. Heck even the Orks have noted on how beastly circular saws are in comparison to chainweapons and have incorporated it into their armory. I mean yeah, sure, a Chainsword has a longer reach and it is ergonomically much easier to handle, but what's the point of these advantages if you are carrying a weapon that can easily jam, snag and needs to have its teeth replaced by the end of every single battle? It's just not cost-effective in comparison to a singular large blade that is sharp enough to cut through concrete and steel like a sponge cake. You don't see the average chainsaw being able to cut through concrete and steel on a daily basis am I right?

These things have an IRL counterpart and are known as Concrete Saws or Rock Cutters used by Geologists. The blades are typically made from diamonds and get hot enough that they need to be cooled down with water. They also require large amounts of electricity to pull this off. So these tools are not useful as weapons either. Even if you did have a battery with enough power they are too heavy to be used as a weapon. Even light armor recon vehicles mount 7.62mm machine guns to turn even the best body armor into swiss cheese. So they won't be seen on future battlefields anytime soon. And no you can't have one. (unless your a geologist).

In 8th edition, the Heavy Rock Saw is the same as the Heavy Rock Cutter, but minus the instant-kill ability and the -1 to hit roll. They are real saws, the manly saws that make chainswords look like pool noodles. Stick a Primus nearby for effective 2+ to hit shenanigans.

Krumper Rivet Cannon[edit]

Rivet Cannon.

The 'Krumper' Rivet Cannon (Yes, the Orks are already filing a lawsuit for trademark infringement) is an industrial staple gun used to punch rivets into place and to make sure that piece of building stays in place. However, in the underhive of Necromunda, the giant man-babies of House Goliath have weaponized them into a giant heavy-duty weapon.

As an oversized nailgun, the Rivet Cannon has a incredibly short range, but it is just as capable of nailing bodyparts (or an entire person) to a wall as nailing sheets of metal together. It doesn't really have that much ammunition for a weapon of such size, not that it would matter for Goliath anyway as these things are just as heavy enough to be turned into a bludgeoning weapon.

On tabletop, at only 70 credits, the Krumper seems like a steal, but remember that it only has a 9” range. With a range like that, it’s basically a powerful flamer. At least it’s not Unwieldy anymore.

Breaching Augur[edit]

Breaching Augur (placeholder)

It's a drill used by Deathwatch Techmarines. You think a bugman running at you with a giant circular saw is frightening? Being raped by a a horny Chaos Marine or enslaved by an old as fuck space elf? You haven't seen nothing yet. As it says at the start of this paragraph the Breaching Augur is a drill. But not just any drill. While your typical irl Augur is used to drill holes into rocks or wood. This thing is meant to breach barriers in the same way a Chainfist is meant too. However it is much more effective.

Obviously overkill against most Xenos and Chaos Marines. This thing butchers the armor of Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures alike. Using all the buffs described on the RPG page turns it into the most bullshit melee weapon outside of those used by Titans. This thing is so overpowered that it makes weapons used by the Adeptus Custodes and the Primarch's themselves look weak by comparison. Using it in the presence of an Iron Warrior will make him greener than an Ork or even cum in his armor. Bar none the strongest melee weapon in the old Fantasy Flight Games RPGs. So it's no wonder Cubicle 7 hasn't updated the old RPGs yet.



Humorously called the Noodly Appendage.

More of a tool than a weapon, although it doesn't stop the Techpriests from improvising. A Mechadendrite is a catchall name that covers a variety of tendril-like prosthetics used by Enginseers and other members of the Adeptus Mechanicus. It assists in manipulation of objects, micro-construction, maintenance, research and defense. It is connected to the central nervous system of the Techpriest, and so is controlled through thought just like a biological limb.

Mechadendrites are constructed from metallic alloys and have small motors and actuators within their armored structures. They are usually longer than the Techpriest's natural limbs and are with multiple joints (simulating mechanical tentacles) to allow maximum reach and flexibility. Members of the Adeptus Mechanicus from the Enginseer rank and above are known to have mechadendrites, and although they may often only have one fitted, one could have as many mechadendrites as the body will support.

Servitors can also have mechadendrites to assist the Enginseer they are assigned to.

Mechatendrils, the Chaos version only gets a paltry two extra attacks at the user's strength. Along with a back mounted Meltagun and Flamer. A strange instance where the older version isn't superior to its newer counterpart. The Mecanicus Machinator Array gives its user two additional Power Axe hits plus a Flamer and an Inferno pistol. Since Tech Priests enhancements give them the ability to carry two weapons. This is just icing on the cake during close combat. Quite brutal if paired with Rad Weapons and the "traditional" Power Weapon.



The bigger version of the Mechadendrite.

A Servo-arm is used by Space Marine Techmarines and Enginseers of the Adeptus Mechanicus to help repair damaged vehicles on the battlefield. Likewise, since it acts like an additional appendage, it can carry or hold up massive equipment whilst more delicate machines can be used to repair much more fragile technologies. It can also be used as a devastating weapon in close combat as its hydraulics and synthetic muscle is more than enough to crack open a human skull.

Tl;dr, it functions a lot like a hydraulic claw, or those forklift claws from Aliens' Power Loaders. Able to easily lift many kilos and even tons of materials in spaces too small and cramp for even a Forklift or a Sentinel Power-Lifter.

On tabletop, the Servo-Arm can be found in both the Mechanicus' and Space Marine's army list. It's a one power fist attack (including -1 to hit) with 1 worse AP but flat D3. For Enginseers and Servitors in the Mechanicum and Techpriests in the Adeptus Astartes. There are much better weapons anyways, so you shouldn't really care about these things unless you really want that particular target to die in a humiliating way.



When you want to cosplay as Doc Ock or because four limbs are better than three. While Mechadendrites are good enough for lower rank Tech Priests and Servo Arms for newbie Techmariness. Space Marines Forgemasters decided something less complex than the mecha tentacles would be better for mass production and repairs on some Omnissiah forsaken planet. With tools that double as secondary guns. Tl;dr, its a mobile and miniature shrine to the Omnissiah, and it really shows.

A Servo-Harness grants a Techmarine two additional Power Fists attacks to back up their Power Weapon during melee. It also mounts a Flamer and a Plasma Cutter. The latter is an Assault 1 Plasma Pistol mounted on a Servo Arm. Making his pistol option quite redundant. Though who takes a handgun when they can have a Combi-weapon? Yes they can be fired all at once. Though your Techmarine is hardly going need the flamer when armed with a Combi-Plasma at five shorts per turn(three plasma two bolter.) No player wants a guy with 3 Power Axe hits and two Power Fist attacks within charge range of their special characters. Even better that becomes 3 Chain Fist or Thunder Hammer attacks if you have extra points to spend. All this gear, plus their own self modified Artificer Armor and Servitor meat shields makes just one Techmarine a force to be reckoned with.

Monomolecular Sword[edit]

Monomolecular Sword

Not to be confused with the Dark Eldar Monomolecular Blade, although their functionality is the same.

Made of a living crystalline structure just one molecule thick which constantly renews itself to keep its razor sharpness whenever it becomes blunt, the Monomolecular Sword is a masterpiece of molecular engineering, capable of slicing through all but the densest of enemy armour.

It is often used in conjunction with Jakara Spyrer hunting rigs in the underhives of Necromunda. Again, it is one of those weapons that is somehow better than their military counterparts. How these Murderhobos get these expensive and complicated shit, we have no idea.



In the grimdarkness of the 41st Millennium, a simple wool shear has somehow turned into a weapon.

In the depths of the Necromundan underhives, Pit Slaves will commonly be "modified" to include Shears with which to harvest fungus groves or to scrap metal. Criminal gangs have found the benefits of hiring escaped slaves with this appendage thanks to the ease with which the slaves can sever limbs and occasionally heads from their opponents.

You would expect people to use these giant shears as they were intended right? shearing wool off a super sheep or something. But no, of course not, they just have to turn it into a weapon that stops one cock-slicing short of it being a Slaaneshi weapon.

Pit Slave Buzz Saw[edit]

Pit Slave Buzz Saw

Essentially the human equivalent of an Ork Killsaw.

A toothed disk of razor-sharp steel, the Buzz Saw revolves at a high velocity in order to maximize its cutting power. Traditionally they have been grafted onto the arms of Scrap Slaves on the Hive Worlds to help them carry out the work of breaking down or cutting apart the detritus of society into more salvageable smaller parts. May or may not be found in areas that require a metric shit-ton of industrial cutting

More underhanded businessmen have attached them to the arms of Pit Fighters where they make ruthlessly efficient killing tools in the gladiatorial arenas that can be found all too often in the less savoury areas of Hive Worlds such as Necromunda.

Tl;dr, the Heavy Rock Saw's bigger brother.

Charonite Claws[edit]

Charonite Claws

The Semi-Heretical weapons of Xenos origin dating back during the Age of Strife.

The Ogryn Charonites derive their name from their powerful main weapon, the Charonite Claws. These were heavily constructed servo-claws and matched augmentic implants designed to amplify and take advantage of an Ogryn's already formidable strength and physical stature. Charonite Claws needed to be surgically implanted, which meant that an Ogryn needed to have both his hands and forearms amputated in order to use them.

Charonite Claws emerged in the early days of the Great Crusade as powerful weapons intended for use in the murderous confines of shipboard combat. Armed in this way, an Ogryn could crush flesh, and even bulkheads, and rip through armour and ceramite plate with ease. If an Ogryn Charonite could gain purchase with both his claws, they were designed to retract apart from each other with flesh-rending force, savagely dismembering their victims.

It can be safe to assume that these weapons have been mothballed or destroyed by the AdMech ever since the Horus Heresy.

Hydraulic Claw[edit]

Hydraulic Claw

NOT a Power Weapon.

Hydraulic Claws are a type of weapon used by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Usually mounted on Kataphron Battle Servitors, these weapons are driven not only by powerful pistons, but also sanctified oils that are collected, drip by drip, from God-Machines at rest. The Tech-Priests’ belief is that in maintaining this process, they confer some of the Titan’s strength to their servitors. One who has witnessed the ruin wrought by a hydraulic claw will be hard pressed to refute it.

Despite its name, it is no way related a normal industrial hydraulic claw, as these things are definitely designed to crush skulls of heretics and xenos alike. Seriously, look at those talons, you ain't gonna handle fragile cargo in a safe manner like that.

On tabletop, the Hydraulic Claw is essentially a power fist with less armor penetration. The weapon isn't bad, what is bad is the Breacher it is mounted on: what it gains in chance to wound it loses in chance to hit, and its meager AP doesn't let it capitalize on the D3 damage (which is the actual strength of power fists, not their strength). Barely better than the Arc Claw, but it also costs double.



"Get away from her you BITCH!"

– Quote from a woman dating back in M2. Sources indicate that she was the first person to encounter a Tyranid infestation and survive.

Another weapon that is NOT a Power Weapon, despite its name.

The Powerlifter is a device used on Imperial Guard Sentinels. The Powerlifter consists of a pair of strong hydraulic claws, easily capable of crushing a man. Despite this, the Powerlifter is most often used for logistical and hauling duties. The Powerlifter is also equipped with a counterweight mounted on the rear to prevent the Sentinel from tipping forward when it is holding heavy cargo.

Back in the good old days, Powerlifters were surprisingly powerful melee weapons, able to handle entire squads of Assault Marines and win. Although it is honestly quite the hilarious site seeing a Sentinel kick ass in close combat despite how ungainly the Powerlifters were. Nevertheless, it was nerfed because GW hates fun. Yes we know, it is a direct reference to Aliens' Power Loaders.



GET OVER HERE! the weapon.

The Magna-Grapple (Otherwise known as the Grapnel Launcher for Dreadnoughts) is a pseudo-Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon used by the Furioso Dreadnoughts of the Blood Angels Chapter and their Successor Chapters.

The Magna-Grapple is mounted on top of the Dreadnought's chassis. Consisting of potent gravitic emitters and a spooled length of adamantium chain, a Magna-Grapple can clamp onto a vehicle's hull before hauling the Dreadnought towards its target with terrifying speed. The Dreadnought then tears the target apart with its main Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons or fires upon it with its Frag Cannon.

Now if only the Grapnel Launcher could function the same....

Penitent Flails[edit]

Penitent Flails

A new and nasty close combat weapon now found on the Sisters of Battle Penitent Engine, Mortifiers and Anchorites. Penitent Flails are now the stock standard close combat weapons for these SoB Walkers, with the Penitent buzz-saw being upgraded from a chainfist look-a-like to a more nastier second-tier power weapon that is effective on its own regards.

These flails are large and comes in groups of usually three. The crazed masochistic bolter bitches that has been strapped onto these engines goes outright ballistic with these weapons, charging straight through the first mook she sees before clobbering it to death with sheer, pent-up, PMSing RAEG. It also works quite well against vehicles too, as the pneumatically enhanced artificial muscles of these walkers, could dent the side armor and cause potentially lethal damage to the vulnerable electronics/gears/parts and/or squishy mortals inside.

On tabletop, Penitent Flails are melee range weapons with a S+1, Ap-2, D1- stats. These flails could make 3 hits roll with each attack of that weapon, maximizing at 7 attacks per unit and per round. If the bearer is equipped with a pair she gets 1 additional attacks with that weapon. Rip and tear indeed, for being a base CQC weapon, the flails are surprisingly quite great in turning GEQs and MEQs into krabby patties, while scoring the occasional wound against light and medium vehicles.

Of course, when it comes to tougher opponents, it would start to gradually wear off. By this time, it would be far more sensible to equip these walkers with the above mentioned Penitent Buzz-Saws.

Assault/Siege Drill[edit]

Siege Drill

An Assault/Siege Drill is a weapon used on Ironclad Siege Dreadnoughts or Centurions. As one might expect, these are the Heavy Rock Drills for SPEHS MEHREENS.

Although they have different names, they function almost the same (Assault Drills for Dreadnoughts, Siege Drills for Centurions). It drills through rock as easily as reinforced ferrocrete, which is the substance usually used when building bunkers. Once the drill has penetrated the wall, a built in Heavy Flamer unleashes an inferno inside the bunker, killing everything within. The drill consists of three ball-shaped grinders which rotate to produce a drill effect.

On tabletop, these things are absolute monsters, the drills deal a whopping S10 AP-4 3 damage, which means that they WILL hit and they WILL hurt. For more information you can look up the Centurion Squad page to dissect its giddily goodness. It can be assumed that the Dreadnought version can kick just as much ass as the baby Centurion Squad.

Seismic Hammer[edit]

Seismic Hammer

A Gravity Hammer on a fist.

The Seismic Hammer is a much more common siege weapon than the Assault Drill, due to the simple fact that is a much less complex weapon. Where an Assault Drill is designed to penetrate its targets, the Seismic Hammer batters them into pieces. It is also equipped with an under-slung multi-melta. This siege weapon is only compatible with the Ironclad Dreadnought chassis.

The weapon resembles four small drills that attach and stabilize the weapon to the target structure, then the seismic hammer erupts out from the weapon's center, slamming into the target and causing devastating shock waves. Or it can resemble a long hammer that is held forwards, with its head resembling that of an eagle; the weapon uses powerful hydraulics to slam the hammerhead forwards with frightening speed, slamming into the target structure and causing massive damage.

On tabletop, this weapon forces a -1 to hit but comes with AP-4 and deals a jaw-dropping 5 damage per attack.

Gyges Siege Claw[edit]

Gyges Siege Claw

Giant piss-off weapons mounted on a Knight Moirax.

The Gyges Siege Claw is, as its name implies, a close combat weapon designed for breaking apart fortifications, walls and bunkers, so that the Knight Moirax could get into the juicy side and fire its Volkite Veuglaire. The Siege Claw is also just as effective at turning its claws against units wearing pesky power armor or hardened bone chitin with relative ease.

Despite being a weapon, they honestly look more like giant claw machines, which, when we think about it, how the hell does this thing break anything? Grabbing shit and throwing it? Yeah, we can see the claw being utilized like that. But destroying armored walls? Well, unless it is plainly described as a Power Weapon, than we remain highly skeptical.

Leviathan Siege Drill[edit]

Leviathan Siege Drill

The bigger brother of the Assault and Siege Drills.

The Leviathan Siege Drill is a type of Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon designed for use by Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnoughts. It was developed to be even more destructive than most classes of Dreadnought Siege Drills, and can bore straight through the heavy armor of vehicles and fortifications with ease. This Siege Drill incorporates a built-in Meltagun in the palm.

Essentially, it is a Heavy Rock Drill that has been grown to the size of a Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon. Seriously, what's up with the Imperium and weaponizing mining equipment for the lols?

On tabletop, the Leviathan Siege Drill is Sx2, AP 2 weapon that has wrecker and armourbane rules. This means that this thing, like the Leviathan Siege Claw is a S16 weapon that can reliably one punch the majority of units up and including Terminators with relative ease. That and the fact that it come automatically in-built with a Meltagun means that most armor including Superheavies aren't safe once this thing is charging headfirst into hell.

Leviathan Siege Claw[edit]

Leviathan Siege Claw

A Dreadnought Lightning Claw on steroids.

The Leviathan Siege Claw is the standard type of Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon used by Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnoughts, and it was developed to be even more destructive than those of other Dreadnought patterns. A Leviathan Siege Claw is designed to sever flesh and bone, slicing a Leviathan's foe apart in a single cut. Curiously, it is not stated to be a Power Weapon, which if true, means that those claws on the Leviathan is just THAT sharp.

As with all of a Leviathan Dreadnought's close combat weapons, they also excel at tearing through the walls of enemy fortifications. All Leviathan Siege Claws incorporate a built-in Meltagun. The Siege Claw is certified for definite RIP AND TEAR.

On tabletop, this weapon is a Sx2 AP-3 D3 weapon which re-roll failed wounds against Infantry. Equip your Leviathan with two of these monsters and watch as this thing butchers entire Ork and Tyranid armies into pieces.

Hekaton Siege Claw[edit]

Hekaton Siege Claw

The big brother of the Gyges Siege Claw.

The Hekaton Siege Claw is a massive siege weapon used by the combat walkers of the Questor Imperialis, the Imperial Knights, and by the Renegade Knights of the Questor Traitoris. It is used solely by the Questoris Knight Magaera and the Questoris Knight Styrix.

The Hekaton Siege Claw is a melee siege weapon consisting of three massive claws capable of smashing both vehicles and structures like aluminium. The Hekaton Siege Claw features a twin-linked Rad Cleanser built into the weapon's "palm."

On a bit of a fun trivia, the word "Hekaton" is derived from the Greek word Hekatonkheires, three giants that exist in Greek mythology with incredible strength and ferocity that surpassed that of all of the Titans. The Hekaton Siege Claw, like the myth, has three giant claws of incredible strength.

Krius Siege Drill[edit]

Krius Siege Drill

A Leviathan Siege Drill on steroids.

The Krius Siege Drill are massive drills designed to fist fortifications into submission and are used by Warmaster Iconoclast Heavy Battle Titans. They are handily mounted within an enormous claw for better 'grip strength' so they can throw shit back at the enemy and in-built Melta Cannons for better wall blasting. It is considered one of the two primary weapons of said Titan, with the other being the Desolator Chainsword.

Of course, this along with the Desolator Chainsword begs the question on why even give a slow-moving, stupidly large target weapons that they could only engage at close range. Even by the stupid reputation of the Imperium, this is already stretching the limit on practicality, even by 40k standards. With how heavy the - you know - Heavy Battle Titan is, it is much more feasible for the Imperium go the Emperor Battle Titan way of mounting more guns and turning it into a fix-point superheavy artillery walker.

At the very least, one could actually see the application of the Siege Drill unlike the Desolator Chainsword; with the ability to pick up things and throw shit making it a tad bit more versatile than the overgrown Chainsword. That and it is at least better designed than that abomination.

If you still want more range but sticking with a Grav-weapon, you can swap it out with a Krius Grav Imploder.

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Star Bolas[edit]

Star Bolas

Remember the Bolas that we talked about earlier? Yeah, it seems that the arrogant space pixie fairies somehow found a use for these.

A Star Bola, or Tredail as it is known in the Eldar Lexicon, is a close-combat weapon utilized exclusively by the Eldar Harlequins. This is a favored weapon of the Harlequin Players, known as Great Falcons, who are mounted precariously on the rear of the lightning-fast Jetbikes known as Skyweavers. A Star Bola mounts three weighted plasma charges at the end of mesh-weave cords. These charges arm when the bolas are spun with sufficient vigor. The weapon is designed to be hurled in a scything arc, tangling about its target before its plasma charges explode with the fury of a dying sun. Though Star Bolas are undeniably powerful weapons, their main disadvantage is that they can be hurled but once.

Yeah, yeah we know. Its pretty jarring for one of the most ancient and advance race in WH40K to still be using one of the most primitive and simplest of weapons as their go-to anti-tank projectiles. Sure we can brush it off as Harlequins being massive Trolls, but come on GW, really? Of all the tools you could give to the Space Clowns, you give them fucking Bolas!? Weapons that are looked down on by the Mon'Keigh as obsolete and even primitive by Ork standards? And it can only be thrown once? Seriously who the hell designed the ergonomics of this thing?

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These are any close combat weapons that are neither Choppas (Due to having a more complex system to manufacture) nor a Chain Weapon (Due to having parts that does not function like a Chain Weapon). Basically, they are any type of CCW typically used by an Odd Boy instead of your average shooty/choppy boy.

'Urty Syringe[edit]

'Urty Syringe

Ork Painboys carry a bewildering variety of mean-looking tools, supposedly designed to aid the Mad Dok in his 'fixin' of wounded Orks. They may include various blunt saws, blades and hammers and other devices which an Imperial medic would never dream of using.

However, his most used tool is the 'Urty Syringe. 'Urty Syringes are huge steel syringes filled with some toxic goo or liquid. When used in combat, they prove to be an extremely powerful weapon although they don't work against opponents with peculiar physiologies, such as daemons or Tyranids.

The 'Urty Syringe as you may already know, is the Ork equivalent of the Space Marine Narthecium.

Mek's Fixa[edit]

Mek's Fixa

More of a tool than a weapon.

Ork Mekboys use all kinds of various tools to repair, kustomize and upgrade their vehicles and other unreliable pieces of Ork Technology. They often put them to use right on the battlefield to fix a vehicle that undertook damage in the fighting. Most of the tools used are rather primitive, but some may take a form of unusually sophisticated and bizarre devices.

The most prominent tool of the Mekboy is the Mek's Fixa which is a giant wrench that is basically the Ork's swiss army knife, for it can function as the aforementioned wrench, a hammer, a cutting tool, a screwdriver and much, much more. It can even function as an axe, if the Mekboy feels particularly threatened.



The Tankhammer is a ridiculous and suicidal weapon and is what happens when you combine a hammer with a RPG round. The Tankhammer is an Ork close combat weapon for use against enemy armor.

Essentially a rokkit on a pole, it is used by old-fashioned Orks, who don't trust such unreliable devices as rokkit thrusters. The Tankhammer is swung directly into the vulnerable parts of enemy vehicles at close range, although it an be used against infantry with devastating effects. It is most commonly wielded by Ork Tankbustas. Because it often explodes when struck, most of these Orks don't survive, much to the amusement of much smarter Orks.



The cousin of the Tankhammer and far more sensible. The Bangstikk is essentially the Orkified version of the Imperium's Hunting Lance.

Nothing more than a rokkit on a stick, a Bangstikk is a Feral Ork weapon. They are long poles with large amounts of explosives attached to the end and used when mounted on a Boar. Most probably used something like a lance, the bangstikk has a similar effect to the Krak Grenade and is used highly effectively against vehicle armour, although being poorly balanced they are not the easiest of weapons to use.

It is not known why the Orks never seem to utilize more of these. It could be because more tech-savvy Orks aren't fans of Boarboyz and their Warboars, therefore the usage of these weapons seem fall out of use in the more Mek dominated areas of Ork control. However the Snakebite clan still utilize these en masse due to being Amish Orks.



The more updated and 'advance' version of the Bangstikk.

The Stikka is what happens when you leave a bunch of Ork Murderhobos called the Beast Snaggas with a Hunting Lance and tell them to fuck around and find out. And fuck around they did, as the Orks managed to one-up the Imperium in this regard.

Rather than just being an over-glorified close-ranged Krak Grenade on a stick, the Orks decided to turn it into a type of Ork throwable spear. This weapon is called a Stikka and are the standard-issue weapon used by Beast Snagga Squighog Boyz for hunting prey. Stikkas are mounted with rocket boosters and can thus be used as projectile weapons.

In terms of crunch, the Stikka has both a 'shooting' phase and a melee phase. In terms of melee, It is a S+1 (Bumping total Strength to 6), AP-2, D2 weapon. Not bad especially on a charge, allowing your Boyz to skewer a few Space Marines a turn. However, if you want to throw the damn thing, you can only do it once. Throwing the Stikka gives it a 12" ranged, Assault 1, AP-2, D2 weapon that would increase its Strength characteristic of a +1 if it is within half range (So 6" to be effective). Given these mediocre stats, it's best to save the Stikka until all hell breaks loose.

Wyrdboy Stikk[edit]

Wyrdboy Stikk

A Wyrdboy Stikk is a copper staff which Weirdboys use to safely ground their excess psychic energy. It is usually a personal gift from the Weirdboy's superior, usually the Warboss himself and is often decorated with bells along with Weirdboy's clothes.

The staff is a great source of comfort to the Weirdboy as it means he can go about his daily life without suffering from sudden and unexpected outbursts of psychic energy. Unfortunately, this doesn't work all the time and Weirdboys still often form the focus for all sorts of unexplained activity. While it might not save his life, the bang may be of a lesser magnitude than it might otherwise have been.

Breaching Ram[edit]

Breaching Ram

The Ork equivalent of the SLHG Pattern Assault Ram.

The Breaching Ram is the Ork's portable Battering Ram and the primary weapon/equipment of the Breacha Boy of a Kommando Kill Team. They are large, heavy piece of solid metal used to punch through doors, walls or people with simple and brutal efficiency.

Crunchwise, they are a cover-punching not-quite power fist, better keyed for breaking marines rather than vehicles. In Kill Team, they are given a special rule called Breach, which allows them to perform a Normal Move, Dash or Charge action on each round. It can also move through parts of terrain features that are no more than a few feet thick as if they were not there.



Not to be confused with the much larger Kill Saw

Killsaw is an Ork close combat weapon sometimes integrated into Mega Armour or used by Ork Mekboys. They are the smallest of the Buzzsaw family. A large variant of the Killsaw can be seen mounted on Mega-Dreads.

On tabletop, the Killsaw is a weapon that trades out the 1d3 damage of the Klaw for a flat 2 damage and an additional point AP (Boosting the total to -4). If you can somehow take two, they give you an extra attack (kind of like lightning claws, or how older Editions' dual-wielding rules worked). It can only be equipped to Warbosses, Meks, Nobz, Painboyz or Meganobz, so it takes a bit of effort to get the most use out of it. In general, stick to the Klaw unless you have a way to get your Mek/Meganobz into melee without being shot at.

Saw Blades[edit]

Saw Blades

A bunch of sawblades fitted either vertically to the front of Shokkjump Dragstas to go all lawn mower up in this horde, or horizontally to the sides of Rukkatrukk Squigbuggies to catch gits' ankles as they drive past on the next food delivery.

Weaker than the Buzz Saw in literally every way, with one less Strength, Armour Penetration, and Damage, but mounted on faster platforms (in the Dragsta's case, one that can even teleport without the use of a Stratagem), allowing them to reach the enemy much quicker, and skirt around heavier enemy elements to engage lighter ones better suited to them.

Spinnin' Blades[edit]

Spinnin' Blades

A literal helicopter blender.

This is the actual propellers of Deffkoptas, the ones they use to stay up in the air with, employed as melee weapons. One can only assume the Flyboy rolls the thing upside-down at very low altitude to aim at people's heads, but still, this'd be an incredibly dangerous manoeuvre at the best of times for a veteran pilot, let alone during a dogfight with a crazed Ork Speed Freek at the helm.

The careening flight path necessary to get the Spinnin' Blades at the right angle to strike ground targets, means you only get D3 Attacks with them at +1S. Despite the obvious danger inherent in their use, you suffer exactly zero penalties when striking.

Buzz Saw[edit]

Buzz Saw

The generically named Buzz Saw is a huge, circular sawblade mounted on Killa Kans and Deff Dreads.

The big brother of the Killsaw, the Buzz Saw is a unholy fusion of a powersaw and a power klaw (Without the power part) and are every bit as savage as the Orks that wields them. This means that the Buzz Saw can both grab and slice opponents into fine chunks of flesh.

These weapons may include single large spinning blades, multiple small spinning blades, spinning blades with additional fixed or moving blades or crushing elements, or spinning blades with additional Chain Weapons attached.

Despite this, they are grouped all under the Killa Kan/Deff Dread Close Combat Weapons and thus, all share the same profile of a Dread Klaw/Kan Klaw (Depending on the walker using them). Which means that this non-Power Weapons share the same function as an actual Power Weapon.



A weapon designed in creating as many holes into a unfortunate bastard as possible.

A large, motorised drill-bit meant to pierce through the toughest armor with comparitive ease. The Drilla is meant for anti-armor purposes whilst the rest of the Killa Kan's/Deff Dread's weapons can be free'd up to focus on mulching infantry.

Despite this, they are grouped all under the Killa Kan/Deff Dread Close Combat Weapons and thus, all share the same profile of a Dread Klaw/Kan Klaw (Depending on the walker using them). Which means that this non-Power Weapons share the same function as an actual Power Weapon.

Nose Drill[edit]

Nose Drill

A larger but less accurate Drilla fitted to the nose of a Megatrakk Scrapjet, so that the Ork Flyboy in the cockpit can actually do some serious damage when he rams something. To add insult to injury, whatever he does hit'll then get sucked up into the huge jet turbine directly behind the drill.

As such, can be considered kind of unnecessary and redundant all things considered. The only way one can see a practical use for this in regards to the Orks, is that the nose drill could act as an okay battering ram against fortifications and walls. Unfortunately, jet engines don't do so hot against things like space concrete and bricks. So these jet engines must be powered by a fuck ton of WAAAAGH energy to prevent it from blowing the fuck up.

Compared to the one mounted on Killa Kans, this gives an additional +1 Strength, loses 2 Armour Penetration, and deals D3 Damage instead of a set 2. It's also obviously more unwieldy, only able to attack things directly in front of the vehicle.



A Wrecker (AKA the Wrecking Ball) is a large metal ball attached to an Ork combat walker's weapon arm with a chain. Think of it as a Flail on a much larger scale. These weapons are used to crush buildings and other obstacles to rubble, allowing the Ork forces to move across the terrain easier. Wreckers can be used by both Killa Kans, Deff Dreads and sturdy/powerful Trukks, but are mostly found within urban combat zones.

On tabletop, the Wrecker is a weapon that gives S+1 and AP-1 for a whopping 3 points. Can only hit with this weapon a maximum of 3 times, which is the maximum amount of attacks a Trukk can make, the unit most likely to have one anyway. At 3 points a pop, throwing them onto any Trukks you're running is not a bad way to spend floating points. Can help you actually deal damage if you decide to slam a Trukk into an opponent's shooty vehicles. Puts a Trukk up to S7 (in the first combat profile), which wounds most Space Marine vehicles on a 4+ and reduces their armor save to a 4+. If you charge a Dreadnought, don't expect the Trukk to survive the 'Dread's turn to fight. Frankly since Trukks die so fast it is probably better to get that extra Grot.

Back in the day, Wrecker Balls as they were called were a popular weapon on Gorkamorka, capable of smacking into an enemy buggy and sending boyz flying from the wreckage. One of the orks riding on the vehicle had to actually take the time to man (er, ork) the controls for the swinging death ball, and on a bad roll the mass of metal could swing back around and crush it's own vehicle.

Spiked Ram[edit]

Spiked Ram

The simplest weapon that can be fitted to an Ork vehicle, being a couple of sharp metal spikes or even Squiggoth horns, attached to the front of the vehicle to use its momentum as a makeshift Battering Ram.

Previously known as the Reinforced Ram and available to any Ork vehicle as an upgrade, it's now only available as a Special Rule for the Kustom Boosta-Blasta and Megatrakk Scrapjet, letting them throw out a couple of d3 Mortal Wounds against some guys in base contact on a roll of 4+ (1" range, so basically base contact).

It's more of a tertiary and back-up weapon, as such, only use it for close combat if you are doing so to primarily shut off that unit's shooting, then hopefully you do a couple of wounds in addition.




Dio, the first person to coin such a term.

The Deffrolla (also spelt Dethrolla or Deathrolla) is a large metal rolling pin with an assortment of spikes sticking out of it, a simple weapon but effective. Usually fitted to the front of some Junkas, Battlewagons, Battlefortresses, and even Stompas as an alternative to a Reinforced Ram, but in Epic was also the defining trait of Bonebreakas and Bonecrunchas.

On the tabletop, the Deffrolla turns a regular vehicle that might not do so well in close combat into a melee monster, making them hit on 2+ at AP-2 and D2 with their full number of Attacks. A Bonebreaka gets extra mileage out of it, hooking it up to whole load of extra gubbinz to milk an extra D6 Attacks on top of that on the charge.

Grabbin' Klaw[edit]

Grabbin' Klaw

The Grabbin' Klaw is a miniature Rippa Klaw with only two blades, that can be mounted on vehicles or buildings such as Trukks, Battlewagons, and Mekboy Workshops to give them a little extra choppiness, whilst a Gutrippa dual-wields a pair of them as its primary armament like a wheeled Deff Dred. Despite this, it is dual-purpose like most Ork technology and could also double mainly as a lifting arm to help recover damaged vehicles.

Tl;dr, it a giant weaponised claw machine.

Like its big brother, the Grabbin' Klaw has AP-3 to shear through tough armour, but due to its smaller size only deals D3 Damage instead of D6, and because of it being on an awkward turret rather than an arm, you only get one good swing with it at the vehicles normal WS during an Assault, meaning all your vehicles' other Attacks have to go into ramming.

Kill Saw[edit]

Kill Saw

Not to be confused with the much smaller Killsaw

The annoyingly named Kill Saw is the Killsaw's and Buzz Saw's dad and is possibly one of the most confusing names ever thought out by GW. When the only way to differentiate between two different classes of weapons is a space between two words, you know you done fucked up.

Kill Saws are massive saw-blades that are used by Ork Mega-Dreads and Kustom Meka-Dreads. The pilots of these walkers love seeing them rip through even the strongest of enemy armor. These saw weapons are much larger than the ones found on the smaller Deff Dreads and Killa Kans.

On tabletop, the Kill Saw was a powerful melee and shred weapon. At Strength 10 and AP 2, this monster goes well with the Rippa Klaw at absolutely eviscerating enemy armor and infantry alike. If you have two Kill Saws, you can add +1 attack, you know, so that you can Rip and Tear fully.

Rippa Klaw[edit]

Rippa Klaw

Not specified to be a Power Weapon. Rippa Klaws are gigantic shear-bladed pincers that are capable of ripping open heavy armor with extreme ease.

Rippa Klaws feature a large pincer with three blades that can grab and crush enemy units. These massive weapons are used by both Mega-Dreads and Kustom Meka-Dreads. Because they are not stated to be a power weapon like the Power Klaw, it can be said that the majority of its cutting power comes from pure hydraulic pressure powered from multiple pneumatic pumps. They are seen as one of the pinnacle of maximum RIP AND TEAR.

In 7th edition, the Rippa Klaw was the go-to Close Combat Weapon for the Mega-Dread due to its high Strength and AP value. It is able to handle most vehicles and infantry by itself and is a deadly weapon on its own.

In 8th edition, the Rippa Klaw is a weapon that can attack 5 times, each attack has a AP of -3 with S x2 and dealing D6 Damage. If your Mega-Dread is equipped with two of these bad boys, he would have the Rip n' Tear ability, which increase the attack characteristics by 1.

Stompa Klaw[edit]

Stompa Klaw

Basically the Rippa Klaw's badass uncle. Stompa Klaws are giant Rippa Klaws meant to rip apart enemy Titans up close. Like the Rippa Klaws, the Stompa Klaw may not be a Power Weapon but a weapon where the majority of its cutting power comes from pure hydraulic pressure powered from multiple pneumatic pumps. They maybe more flexible and versatile than the Mega-Choppa, able to both crush and grab things at a whim before throwing it at a group of blobs.

Meks sometimes deploy these giant Rippa Klaws to rend enemy war machines apart at close quarters – all the better to claim the choicest scrap for future projekts. They are seen as one of the pinnacle of maximum RIP AND TEAR.

These weapons can be equipped with giant Buzz Saws to further aid in its cutting power.

Unfortunately, there isn't any rules for the Stompa Klaw despite the fact that fucking Forgeworld already has the model up and ready. You would think that there should be rules for this weapon right? But nope! GW is lazy like that.

Krusha Ball[edit]

Krusha Ball

The Wrecker's grandaddy and a Flail grown to truly Titanic sizes.

Some Stompas feature an unusual weapon, known as the Krusha Ball, a huge chunk of scrap metal on a chain, which is mounted on a Stompa's arm in place of the regular close combat weapon. Its swings cause immense devastation, krushing everything in its path: soldiers, vehicles, buildings and terrain. Like the smaller Wrecker, it is designed to demolish fortifications and buildings.

Krusha Balls are thus, extremely unwieldy and difficult to use, just like a Flail. The large and heavy metal ball is powerful enough to crumple even the tough armor of Titans and Superheavies, whilst being flexible and chaotic enough to be unpredictable and strike on odd angles, hitting weak/blind spots. However, it is not without its risks. If the backswing is too much, it will smash back into the Stompa, causing immense damage to the Stompa itself.

Back in the oldschool tabletop days, trying to use the Krusha Ball was a over complicated trainwreck. Unless you're a genius at math, this thing took way too much time and effort to even judge if it hits anything. If you actually want to know the details, please continue to read below.

Specifically, the Krusha Ball is a Titan melee weapon that replaces the standard close combat weapon the Stompa is armed with (Mega-Choppa). If the Stompa is not otherwise engaged in close combat, the hefty Krusha Ball can be swung in a vast sweeping arc of destruction. Nominate a direction (It is convenient to mark this with a Scatter dice) and roll 2D6. This is the number of inches in which the path of devastation travels (Whatever the fuck that means). Assume the path is 2" wide and measure directly below the position of your Krusha Ball. Any model in its path takes a single destroyer hit, although a infantry or jump infantry may take an Initiative test to avoid the blow. On a roll of a double 1 the backswing is too much and the Stompa itself takes a single destroyer hit in addition to any targets within 2" arc.

Any terrain touched by the weapon is removed and replaced with rubble.



Not to be confused with the similarly named Krusha Ball or the Crusha (Seriously, what the fuck was GW thinking in using multiple weapons with similiar-as-fuck names!?)

Ork Mega-Gargants feature weapons so big they dwarf even Mega-Choppas. Known as Krushas these are one of the biggest and most deadly close combat weapons in the Galaxy. Krushas are immense Rippa Klaws that can rip apart the limbs of even Emperor Titans. Through sheer power alone, a Krusha can use its immense hydraulic presses and pneumatic pumps to crush the centimeters thick reinforced ceramite platings of Titans with contemporary ease.

The main downside however, is that Krusha's are large and expensive weapons that is only effective in really close range. These ranges put the weapon at a disadvantage when a Emperor Titan would gun the Gargant down before it even reaches. But when it does reach, than gigantic assholes will be opened up and penetrated.

Weapons of the Orks
Da Basik Poppas:
Ballistics: Grot Blasta - Grot Grappling Hook - Sluggas
Six-Shoota - Pokkit Rokkit Launcha
Directed-Energy: Kustom Mega Slugga
Other: Squig Blasta
Trusty Shootas:
Ballistics: Gretchin Blunderbuss - Shootas - Shoota Kannon - Ork Blunderbuss
Incendiary: Burnas
Spechul Dakka:
Ballistics: Dakka Shoota - Stikkbomb Launcha - Stikkbomb Chukka - Thump Gun
Directed-Energy: Kustom Mega-Blasta
Incendiary: Splash Burna - Burna Exhaust
Sonic: Rokker Shoota
Warpcraft: Shokk Attack Gun - Tellyport Blasta
Kombi-Weapons: Kombi-Rokkit Launcha - Kombi-Skorcha - Twin-Linked Shoota - Kopta Rokkits
Other: Squig Launcha
'eavy Gear:
Ballistics: 'Eavy Lobba - Supa Shoota - Dakkaguns - Kannon - Lobba
Mek Speshul - Rattler Kannon - Rokkit Launcha - Big Shootas
Snazzgun - Boomstikk - Rivet Kannon - Stikka Kannon
Directed-Energy: Zzap Gun - Kustom Mega-Kannon
Incendiary: Skorcha
Gravitational: Smasha Gun - Traktor Kannon
Warpcraft: Kustom Shokk Rifle
Other: Bubblechukka - Deffguns - Heavy Squig Launcha
Da Big Stuff:
Ballistics: Big Lobba - Flakka-Dakka Gun - Supa-Lobba - Killkannon - Supa-Kannon
Krusha Kannon - Bursta Kannon - Skulhamma Kannon - Seacannon
Grotzooka - Boom Gun - Rokkit Kannon
Directed-Energy: Big Zzappa
Incendiary: Supa-Skorcha - Skorcha Missile
Gravitational: Magna-Kannon - Shunta
Other: Mek Gunz
Bloody'Uge Exploshunz!:
Ballistics: Belly Gun - Cluster Buster - Deffstorm Mega-Shoota - Deth Kannon - Gigashoota
Grot Bomms - Gut Buster Mega-Kannon - Soopagun - Supa-Gatler - Supa-Rokkits
Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon - Krooz Missiles
Directed-Energy: Snapper - Soopa Zzap Gun - Gaze of Mork
Incendiary: Flamebelcha - Splasha Attack Gun
Gravitational: Lifta-Droppa - Supa-Lifta-Droppa
Other: Pulsa Rokkit
Planet-Zoggin Krackars!:
Ballistics: Ship Gunz - Heavy Ship Gunz - Mega-Kannon - Torpedo
Directed-Energy: Zzap Kannon
Choppy Bitz: Choppa - Ork Chain Weapons - Ork Power Weapons - Runtherd Equipment
Miscellaneous Klose Kombat Weapons
Bangas and Boom!: Stikkbomb - Burna Bottle - Tankbusta Bomb - Bigbomm - Bomm - Burna Bomb
Boom Bomb - Repulsor Mine - Mega Bomb - 'Gantbuster Bomb

Genestealer Cult[edit]

Most Genestealer Cultists use stolen Imperial mining equipment as weapons. But sometimes they are craftier enough to develop certain weapons unique to the Brotherhood.

Toxin Injector[edit]

Toxin Injector

The nastier cousin of the Neuro Gauntlet.

The Toxin Injector is a type of poisonous weapon used by the Genestealer Primus. The tubes of a toxin injector coat a Primus’ claws in deadly poisons – a mere scratch from such a talon can quickly prove fatal.

In 8th Edition, Toxin Injectors are the Default Primus close quarters combat weapon; a venomous Rending Claw, it always performs better than the Bonesword the Primus carry, so always use the Toxin Injector

Atrophied Blade[edit]

Atrophied Blade

The Atrophied Blade or otherwise known as the Bio-Dagger, is a strange, strange weapon used by the Sanctus. On the surface, it looks like any normal Combat Knife with its own Genestealer decal. However, its function and construction is entirely unique all to itself. It is neither a Power Weapon nor is it a poisoned weapon. It is more accurate to say that it is a mindrape dagger or more accurately, some sort of Force Weapon that does not actually require the user to be a Psyker for it to function.

These blades are grown in a genesis pool that contains the liquefied essence of slain cultists and imbued with alien biomatter. Non-indoctrinates beings struck with these weapons are overcome with agony as a million voices explode inside their minds, often dropping dead on the spot.

Scrambler Array[edit]

Scrambler Array

A very interesting piece of Genestealer machinery. The Scrambler Array is a custom-built Vox interceptor array which allows them to hack into enemy broadcasts and send their own message across it. They are also able to intercept signals and learn enemy troop movements and tactical dispositions. These machines have been nicknamed the DJ Record Player for obvious reasons. With some in /tg/ joking that the Clamavus disrupts Imperial communications by dropping some sick beats and dubstep.

The Scrambler Array is often paired with a Proclamaitor Hailer which is essentially a giant microphone integrated to the suit; used by the Clamavus to both spread the word and cause a powerful psychic resonance of the Cult's Patriarch to make Psykers go all Squad Broken. In this aspect, the Scrambler Array and the Proclamator Hailer are both interdependent of one another, often acting as a single tool in function.

On tabletop, the Scrambler Array can keep you safe from enemy deepstrikes within 12" of this model and melts the face of your enemies via rolling a D6 for each enemy unit within 6" of any Clamavus; on a 6 that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound.

Neurotraumal Rod[edit]

Neurotraumal Rod

The Neurotraumal Rod AKA the Beating Stick or the Beating Cane.

The Neurotraumal Rod is the primary weapon for the Genestealer Locus. Although not the primary offensive weapon per se (That would go to the twin blades and the assortment of bio-weapons including the stinger tail being hidden beneath his robes), it is still able to disrupt enemy units around the Locus.

The Neurotraumal Rod houses a complex neurological transmitter crafted for them by their Magus and Clamavus. It sends out destabilizing frequencies designed to upset synapses and thought waves. This goes in extra handy when it comes to "negotiations" with a particular powerful person such as a Cardinal or Inquisitor, the Locus' accompanying it will send out waves of mental disruption that induces brain-spasms, migraines, and harrowing visions in its victims.

Injector Goad[edit]

Injector Goad

A strange and weird staff-sized syringe wielded only by the Biophagus of the Genestealer Cult. The Injector Goad is perhaps one of the strangest and bizarre weapons within the Genestealer's armory, this is thanked in the way this weapon functions. As it is a goad, the weapon's main function is to catch and restrain a target around its neck or torso, however it also has a third function which is to obviously inject whatever viral Tyranid venom and artificial toxins into the victim once he/she is restrained.

With the four huge syringes, the Injector Goad is not a pretty weapon to die to, especially if it gets you in the neck area. The venom and toxins are connected to a pipe which is than attached to the backpack apparatus which house the majority of its ammunition. The trigger mechanism can be found lower at the weapon's grip similiar to the Guardian Spears of the Custodes.

Crunchwise, the Injector Goad is a weapon that can cause some mortal wounds and always wounds non-vehicles on a 2+ with D3 damage. A pretty nasty weapon especially for a unit that is the Genestealer equivalent of a Apothecary/Haemonculus.

Weapons of the Genestealer Cults
Ballistics: Autopistol - Bolt Pistol - Needle Pistol - Liberator Autostub
Directed-Energy: Laspistol
Incendiary: Hand Flamer
Other: Web Pistol
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Autogun - Shotgun - Storm Bolter
Directed-Energy: Lasgun
Other: Webber
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Grenade Launcher - Sniper Rifle - Silencer Sniper Rifle
Directed-Energy: Mining Laser
Incendiary: Flamer
Sonic: Proclamaitor Hailer
Other: Scrambler Array
Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Autocannon - Heavy Bolter - Heavy Stubber
Missile Launcher - Light Mortar
Directed-Energy: Multi-laser - Heavy Mining Laser - Multi-Melta
Plasma Cannon - Lascannon
Incendiary: Heavy Flamer - Atalan Incinerator
Sonic: Seismic Cannon
Ballistics: Battle Cannon - Eradicator Nova Cannon
Hunter-Killer Missile - Vanquisher Cannon
Incendiary: Clearance Incinerator
Sonic: Heavy Seismic Cannon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons: Chain Weapon - Power Weapon - Tyranid Close Combat Weapons
Heavy Rock Drill - Heavy Rock Cutter - Heavy Rock Saw
Miscellaneous Weapons - Basic Close Combat Weapons
Grenades & Explosives: Frag Grenade - Krak Grenade - Blasting Charges


The Necrons possess highly advance close combat weapons made out of exotic materials such as Necrodermis for example.

Monomolecular Proboscis[edit]

Monomolecular Proboscis

A very weird 'weapon'. The Monomolecular Proboscis is the primary equipment used by Necron Plasmacytes.

Though fairly harmless by itself, the weapon can inject nearby Necron Destroyer Cultists with a chemical that enhances their nihilistic rage. Why the Necrons decided THAT was a good idea, we have no idea. To give you some context, it would be like the equivelent of the Imperial Guard injecting Space Marines with Nurgle's Rot.

Crunchwise, during a fight phase, roll a d6, with a 1 killing a Destroyer model. Regardless of roll, For the rest of the phase, the entire unit has +1 to strength and attacks, which makes you way scarier to fight. Considering the risk, you seriously should not be taking this lightly.

Scythed Limbs[edit]

Scythed Limbs

The little fiddler to the Flensing Claws.

Scythed Limbs are the primary close combat armenent of the Cryptothralls. These...well...Scythed Limbs, are made from sharpened Necrodermis and other exotic materials to create a sharp blade that could regenerate any wear and tear from repeated use.

On the tabletop, Scythed Limbs are Strength 5, -1 AP and 1 Damage. Seeing as how Cryptothralls have 3 attacks each for a total of 6 in a pair, they are a much more effective weapon in butchering GEQs, although MEQs are able to tank the attacks.

Flensing Claw[edit]

"And I... JACK! The pumpkin king, have grown so tired of the same old thing..."

– The Nightmare Before Christmas
Flensing Claw

The primary weapon of both the Skorpekh Lord and Flayed Ones. These are the Scythed Limbs bigger brothers and are used, as its name implies, to skin their foes and wear them like a Halloween decoration.

Flensing Claws are incredibly sharp and intricate weapons that are essentially Edward Scissorhands on crack. Necrons with the Flayer Virus often mutate into having these, although those from the Destroyer Cults are known to have one too.

Crunchwise, for the Flayed Ones, they have 3 attacks each with a ap-1 on all of their attacks. In addition, they also subtract 2 from the Leadership of any enemy unit with 3" of them (pair with the Deceiver's Cosmic Insanity for a potential massive MW bomb) and they gain an extra hit on a hit roll of 6 against non-vehicle targets. A unit of 20 can put out 60 attacks hitting on 3+ with exploding attacks, meat blender indeed.

For the Skorpekh Lord, it gives him double the attacks at AP-1, which is pretty fucking nasty all round given his number of attacks and strengths.

Weapons of the Necrons
Ballistics: Tachyon Arrow
Directed-Energy: Enmitic Disintegrator Pistol - Particle Caster - Scouring Eye
Dimensional: Transdimensional Beamer
Basic Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Gauss Flayer - Gauss Reaper - Tesla Carbine
Special Weapons:
Incendiary: Gauntlet of Fire
Other: Synaptic Disintegrator
Heavy Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Gauss Blaster - Gauss Cannon - Gauss Destructor - Heavy Gauss Cannon
Particle Beamer - Enmitic Annihilator - Enmitic Exterminator
Staff Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Eldritch Lance - Entropic Lance - Rod of Covenant
Staff of Light - Staff of the Destroyer - Voltaic Staff
Other: Abyssal Staff - Aeonstave - Empathic Obliterator
Staff of Tomorrow - Tremorstave
Vehicle Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Death Ray - Focused Death Ray - Gauss Exterminator - Gauss Flux Arc
Heat Cannon - Heat Ray - Particle Shredder - Tesla Cannon
Tesseract Singularity Chamber - Thermal Cutting Beam
Dimensional: Exile Cannon
Superheavy Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Annihilator Beam - Doomsday Cannon - Doomsday Blaster - Gauss Annihilator
Gauss Obliterator - Particle Whip - Tesla Destructor - Tesla Sphere - Æonic Orb
Gravitational: Singularity Generator
Dimensional: Transdimensional Projector - Transdimensional Abductor
Other: Synaptic Obliterator - Atomiser Beam Lance
Ship Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Lightning Arc - Particle Whip Launcher
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons: C'tan Phase Weapons - Hyperphase Weapons - Miscellaneous Weapons - Voidblade
Grenades & Explosives: Countertemporal Nanomine - Death Spheres