Mission to OR-42

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Mission to OR-42 was an impromptu three-way story written on /tg/ when one anon posted the start of his story of Imperial Guard Sergeant Malcom Blue, sent off to fight Necrons emerging on an inhabited world, only to find that some mysterious figure in an orange battlesuit was tearing through the 'crons. At first it was thought to be a Space Marine, but was too short; then it was thought to be a Tau, but the legs were human-jointed. Eventually it was revealed to be Samus Aran, of Metroid fame, and Anons begged the first writeanon to keep going, which he did.

Then another Anon jumped in, and began writing Samus Aran's personal log of the Unplanned Mission to OR-42, and much awesome was held to be had. Then a third Anon jumped into the fray, writing the logs from the point of view of the Necron forces awoken on OR-42, mostly from the viewpoint of the Overseer in charge, Withering Blossoms, and awesome became epic.

Ominously (awesomely?) the second writeanon also did the threadcapping, and ended with a large, wallpaper-sized image of Samus, featuring the words "Samus Aran will Return."

Deadly things stir in dark places, far beneath the ground.

> - Log #6259.1
> - Cycle 41.934.57
> - Warp Connected Entities: 5.430.223.186
> - Threshold #14:
> - Threshold Exceeded
>- Contingency #107 Executed - Expecting Resurgence Log from Tomb Overlord Designate: Withering Blossom


This is Withering Blossom. Authenticate. Death spares not even the small.


We have been awakened by the passive probes that we set up eons ago. They have detected an excess of Warp Sensitive entities descended from the ancient enemy. Given they have surpassed our threshold, it is imperative that they be exterminated before they attract the attention of the shadow of the enemy. The constructs have determined that plan # 107 be used and I concur. I will report back after the first of us make contact. Another log describing the enemy will be required. End Log.


Death spares not even the small.

Logbook entry #24. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Orders from high command and what bloody orders. We need to support some fellow imperial guards on the planet OR-42, a civilized world that had the terrible fate of mining a little too deep just to find a Necron tomb, happily resting under their cities. Terrific. I rather make my men fight an entire Ork Waagh! Than face those soulless machine. With enough firepower you may intimidate an Ork, never a Necron.
To make things worse, the damned Commissar thinks this is his opportunity to shine in the name of the Imperium and decided that this regiment needed some discipline, to the point of blast two privates from black’s squad, to set an example. When I get the chance, I’ll shoot the bastard from behind, the last thing these kids need right now is a second enemy shooting their backs.

Logbook entry #27. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
We finally land on the surface of OR-42, at a space port built in the southern continent capital. The news are not what you may say enjoyable. The surprise attack destroyed half of the northern continent. Once the PDF could form a solid perimeter, supported by the regiment #765 from the imperial guard, the Necrons slowed down, taking one city at a time, yet their march was never stopped.
In the meeting room, we saw some satellite pictures of the invaded areas. The land was black, with the ruins of the once big capitals of the northern continent. In the middle of the session, we all heard someone whispered “why not call the space marines?” and the whole room went silent. The planetary governor stuttered, saying that they tried many times before, but couldn’t contact the nearest chapter and everyone decided it was best to believe this explanation. We know the true though. They never save a planet without retribution.

Logbook entry #28. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Our orders were simple. Fly to the shores of the northern continent and build a command center and wait for further instructions. I hate flying; it is completely different from when you’re in space. You feel and hear everything, movement, and air currents. I can’t wait to land. I feel like I’m going to die in this piece of junk.

Logbook entry #35. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
News from our comrades of the 765. The airstrike from Valkyries proved to be very effective against the Necron troopers and gave enough time to send our Basilisk and destroyed the remaining Necron troops. It was a glorious day for the Emperor, but we need to push on. We need to win the war before celebrating.

> - Log #6259.1
> - Cycle 41.934.64
> - Warp Connected Entities: 4.267.900.214

I am making this log after determining that sufficient data has been acquired concerning the enemy. The Chamunids have not evolved beyond organic bodies or found a way to counteract our Gauss Cannons. We continue to flay the very matter from their brittle bones. The resistance, though I hesitate to call it that, is two distinct forces. One originated on the planet when we awoke; the other arrived shortly after our initial probing attacks against their towering cities. The local force is no threat. Their weapons do not even scratch our dermis. The invading force does have some potency behind it. While their organic warriors are barely equipped better than the locals, it does nothing. However, their dead-metal vehicles present a threat. We have identified two major threats designated Type 24 and Type 58. The chamunids designate them 'Valkyrie' and 'Basilisk' respectively. The Type 24's are airborne and are laden with high explosive propelled warheads. The Type 58's are mostly sedentary large guns that lob roughly the same ordinance from a safe distance. This has been the only detriment and we have taken the northern landmass. I will report back when significant data accrues. Also, attach Battlelog 14.589.32 to this report. End log.

"~FORWARD MEN! For the Emperor!~"
"We cannot falter! We only march forward! You can face the metal bastards or my Bolter!~"
"~I will fight to the last! FOR MY EMPEROR! Death to xen~tchhhhhhh~"
"~Shoot me now you filthy metal piece of shit! I would rather be on my way to see the Emperor than spend one more minute with you dead pieces of metal!~"
"~Vri'cun slta hombric~TCHOOOOVVVVOOMMMP~"

Logbook entry #40. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Disaster. We were told to march and recover the nearest cities from our Command Center, when the Necron attacked from bellow the ground. Entire battalions were lost and several vehicles became useless. My squad was spared because we were chosen for a recon mission at the outside of the city, when the enemy struck. It was terrible; we could all hear the confusion and screams miles away from the battle.
Thanks to the Basilisks, who rained on the Necron on time, we could contain their forces inside the city. At nighttime, when we reached our base, the joy from that first victory was gone. Only good thing about this is that our dear Commissar was MIA.

Logbook entry #41. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Another disaster. Several of our psykers, lost control for several seconds, screaming something about a warp rift and that they could feel something coming in. For a second I thought that we were done. Necrons and daemons? But soon enough, they all calmed down, saying that they didn’t sense a psychic presence in the planet.
At the same time the psykers were going nuts, my friend Johnson said he saw an orange falling star. He jokingly told me he wished for this war to end as soon as possible. I told him “did you wish for us to win?” He whispered “I forgot”.

Logbook entry #45. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Still no sign of Necron activity in this area. This is very strange; it almost looks like they shifted their attention to the other side of the planet. Other sectors across the northern hemisphere are experiencing similar situations, but not as grave as ours. After interrogating our psykers for hours, high command still believes that an Eldar or even a Chaos faction appeared near our position, so they are assigning different squads to go and see what the hell is going on. Guess which one got the bloody golden ball?

> - Log #6259.24
> - Cycle 41.934.72
> - Warp Connected Entities: 2.602.378.052

A new enemy has been encountered. I am aware that Log #23 was made only 20 centi-cycles ago, but this new data is urgent. This enemy appears to be roughly the same shape as the locals. It wears a Semi-living metal suit in a similar fashion that the Type 5 ascended chamunids known as "Space Marines" do, but it is much slimmer and doesn't match any known existing dead-metal suit. It is highly resistant to our lighter weapon platforms and seems to be highly adept at destroying our Spyder and Scarab platforms. Our constructs attribute this to its unknown weapon loadout. It possesses a singular cannon, mounted on the right servo-position but it fires multiple energy projectiles that have a different effect. Notable projectle types witnessed include, a concentrated stream of superheated stellar plasma, a waveform charged particle stream, An ultra low temperature particulate matter launcher, and a simple concentrated energy sphere. It is unknown if this is due to an internal Warp field but we have detected no abnormal patterns. More disturbingly, it seems to be able to pull the energy from our fallen Warriors and Immortals to restore its own. We actually lose our strength while it grows stronger. The constructs are also concerned that it can assimilate our weapon technology due to the Semi-living nature of the exoskeleton. while there is insufficient data to support this, The risk of this being true is too great to ignore. I am recommending that we pull forces engaging all divisions local to this planet and invading divisions under 48% strength. I would be lying if I said my dermis wasn't almost aching to fight something so strong. End log.

Logbook entry #46. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Something weird is going on here. There are Necron parts all over the place. Heads, arms, torsos and other stuff everywhere. This doesn’t make sense. Official reports say that when a Necron trooper is destroyed, his body will vanish, unless it gets damaged beyond repair. By the Emperor, what is going on? Maybe Chaos is involved and those damn heretics are using terrible powers to destroy them. I tell Mike to report this to the base, but there is some interference.

Tonight at the camp, we could hear sounds of a battle in the destroyed city not far from here. I don’t want to send my men in there. Maybe we could go back and tell them we didn’t find anything, now that the Commissar was gone.

Logbook entry #47. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
It’s the same sight as before, Necron bodies all over the place. Once again I order Mike to report it and we receive confirmation. They were sending some tech priests ASAP, but first they needed us to be sure there was no Necron activity in the area. After a day of searching, we found nothing. Our new orders were to remain here, and inform on any new sightings, basically, a free day.

Tonight Mike was playing with the radio, being the egghead he is, just to catch on the reports of the other recon squads. He promised me the machine spirits wouldn’t mind. We sat there at the campfire, listening to them while eating some rations. Nothing out of the ordinary for the most part, Jackson’s squad got trapped inside a building, the clumsy idiot. Some reports on the same Necron bodies as before but one report caught our attention. It was a sighting of a strange being, walking through the plains to the north. It was described as wearing a, “power armor, possible Tau nature”. Before command could order something, the recon squad got spotted by it and being to run away. Maybe the Tau are the ones behind this.

Logbook entry #49. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Techpriests still analyzing the Necron remains. I caught a conversation between two of them. They sounded pretty frustrated, saying something about their bodies being nothing but cold metal, as if their extraordinary properties were simply gone, taken away. Also there were no weapons or something useful around. Apparently they were the only things that did vanish. Nothing good ever comes from fighting this damn xenos.

Another night and we listened to more reports. More and more sightings of this being from different squads. It was exciting and creepy, like a ghost that no one really is sure exists. One of these reports gives a better description, “It is tall and its armor is a dark orange”.

Logbook entry #50. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Orders from Command; they are pushing the front lines. After our initial foot reconnaissance, they sent some air scouts further to the north, and saw the Necron forces pulling back, just before they attacked them. No one is celebrating though. Something out there is pushing the Necrons back. We don’t know who, or what it is, but if it can push them back, what can it do to us?

Logbook entry #51. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Another recon mission. Have to say, after the initial battles, this war has been pretty chill. This time I offered myself, seeing how the last one was pretty calm. Nothing else happened.

Logbook entry #52. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Today we saw it and it was fighting a Necron squad. It was unbelievable. It moved like an Eldar, dodging all of their attacks, but the firepower of an Astartes. With a couple of shots, it destroyed a Necron trooper. That had to be plasma, and it fired without any precaution. What kind of plasma gun is that? I ordered my men to stay down. Once the battle ended, I saw it, how can I describe it, absorbing some kind of energy from the Necron bodies, repairing the bruises on its suit. I’ve never seen something like that before. I ordered my men to follow it. We need to know what that thing is.

Logbook entry #53. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
It has to be a machine. We’ve been following it for quite some time, and it doesn’t stop to rest. The only times it stopped moving forward, was to destroy more Necron warriors. We can barely keep up with it.

The Last Chozo Warrior stands between the innocent and extermination.

Logbook entry #54. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
We made contact with it. We followed it to a dead end when we thought we lost it, but it was too late when we realized it was a trap. It was behind us, aiming at us with its gigantic cannon. We lifted our lasguns, ready to die by the name of the Emperor but, it didn’t shoot. It slowly raised his other hand and pressed a button on the side of its helmet for a couple of seconds (the longest seconds in my life, I might add) and suddenly, it raised his hand and canon in a non-threatening way, slowly walking backwards and disappearing behind a building. I remember shouting “wait” and running towards it, but it was gone. No signs of this being.
We had a good look at it. Its armor was indeed orange, with a red helmet and gigantic war cannon replacing its arm. It was definitely a xenos power armor, but it was no Tau, its legs were humanoid. It couldn’t be an Eldar or a machine, that gesture of mercy, it wasn’t from an arrogant xenos witch or a killing machine, it was human.

Logbook entry #55. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
We tried to find it but it was useless, this being was already gone. I told Mike not to report him, that maybe he was on our side but he kept telling me how he was wearing xenos technology, making him a heretic. After a while we came to the conclusion that against the Necrons you’d need all the help you could have and he agreed to keep quiet for now. The rest of the squad, however, were excited and scared. Some called him an Eldar assassin, others an agent of chaos until I stepped between them and told them that only a human, not tainted by chaos, was capable of showing mercy. I mean we all saw what he did to a squad of Necrons, he could’ve made us into dust, but he didn’t.
The kids began to think differently after me reminding them of how he spared our lives and for the first time in weeks, they had genuine smiles on their faces, as if they were sure they could actually win this war.

Logbook entry #57. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
On the new settlement of high command, the governor had to admit to everyone else in the room what we already knew, we were had one hell of a backup from a strange being. I’m sure all of us had anecdotes with him, oh how he helped us one way or another, but we couldn’t say it. Even the governor had to tell the commissars to get out of the room for a while so that the rest could discuss the sightings. I was almost sure they would shoot him for asking to have a meeting without them. Before letting them in, he did say “if we can, we give him backup. Extra-officially.”

Logbook entry #59. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Another reconnaissance mission. This time everybody offered to go, but luckily we were accepted for the third time. This time everyone was cracking jokes and having a good time. Hell, you’d believe we were on the first week of training camp, not battling a war against the Necrons. Once again, we saw the entire city full of Necron bodies. Eventually we set camp on a tall building to have a better look of the entire city. Marcus was the one who pointed me out to an enormous park near downtown. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he lent me his binoculars: The entire park was a pit for Necron warriors and ruins. It seems it was their main base in this city, but it was completely destroyed. No monoliths around except for some holes where they were, and the piles of Necron bodies created small mountains. Was he capable of doing this by himself? Emperor forgive me, but not even the Astartes are this effective.

Logbook entry #60. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
We met with him again. This time, he was walking besides a river on the outskirts of the city. I told Mike to give me one of his rations and told him to take care of my lasgun. He called me crazy but he obeyed. I got out of our hideout and I called him. When he faced me, I could feel the glance of a warrior, of someone that fought as many battles as days a man lives, but unlike a marine, I felt the warmth and compassion of a human heart. I was thrilled and scared to even talk, my legs were shaking and I was about to faint, but I found strength to put the ration on the floor and backed a little bit with my arms on the back of my head. He slowly walked towards it, with his enormous cannon prepared, and lifted the rations. When he was sure this wasn’t a trap, he nodded and jumped to the nearest building. By the emperor, I never felt something like that before.

Imperial Guardsmen, meat for the grinder.

> Personal Log, Samus Aran
>> Unplanned Mission to OR-42, Entry 24.

I've been on this planet for 15 days now, and I'm no closer to finding a solution to this mess more elegant or sophisticated than "blast everything."
I'm no stranger to fighting mechanical foes, even if it's not my specialty, but these creatures are tenacious and vast in number. At last I have a name for them - Necrons.
My power suit's translators had a devil of a time with the local languages, they were almost entirely unlike anything the Chozo had ever encountered, but it was able to isolate a few roots in ancient Latin and begin extrapolating. Thankfully, the concept of information security appears to be practically nonexistent here, so my suit was able to crack what passes for a local infosphere. That sped the translation, and got me a lot of intelligence.

I'm not sure how to say this.
I'm not in my own reality anymore.
The good news, though, is that my suit's navigation program is 84% certain that it can reverse the anomaly that brought me here and take me home. The bad news is that my gunship is still damaged and low on power, though thankfully well-hidden.

Even if it were fully fueled and repaired, though, I can't leave. This is an inhabited world, full of civilians, and the local war-fighters are just not up to the job. They called in an army that arrived shortly after I did. Their laser weapons wouldn't even scratch the paint on my Power Suit, and even their heavier weapons can barely match the infantry weapons these Necron are carrying around. The weapons the locals had were even more pathetic, automatic rifles straight out of the 21st century.

They can't fight these creatures on their own. It would be slaughter, hundreds of them dying to every one metal man who goes down. Even if they did take them down, though, these Necrons would just teleport away. I'm needed here.

I had better luck, of course. The Power Beam hurt them pretty good; most of my armament, save the Ice Beam in fact, has been effective to some degree or another, but they're especially vulnerable to my Plasma Beam. It's only a very lucky one that survives one direct center mass hit, and only one of the big ones can take more than two hits. Missiles are also effective, if I need to make a splash.
The real problem was figuring out how to stop them from simply teleporting away for repairs. Thankfully, my power suit was able to adapt the weapon systems to disperse the signal which teleports them away when I kill them. At least their power supplies are fully compatible with Chozo power systems, so I'm not in any kind of an energy scarcity situation.

What worries me more is the locals. Apparently, these people adhere to a primitive, deity-figure-worshipping religion, and their technological mastery has backslid to the point of cargo cultism, where people who so much as innovate stand even odds of being inducted into the technological priesthood as they do of being executed as heretics - or worse.
I don't care for their religion, the way it's bound up in the local power structures, or the possibility that they might come after me. But there are innocent civilians here. I cannot stand aside, even at risk to myself. I am the last Chozo Warrior. Protecting the innocent, even those whose leaders would see me dead, is what I must do.

At least it's some relief that, whatever some people might think of me, the average soldiers who catch sight of me seem willing to live and let me live, which is more than I can say about the Commissar attached to a squad of human infantry I ran across today. He shot at me, with a weapon my power suit identified as a plasma pistol. He's lucky I wasn't in the middle of a fight at the time, or I might have shot him without first verifying my target.

Logbook entry #61. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
I’m still shocked from my encounter. What a magnificent being, such a fierce warrior and kind soul. My entire squad was also impressed by his kind nature towards his fellow men. This made me even angrier when we heard the news of a bone headed commissar, looking for glory, decided to shoot at him at first sight today. Those damn commissars, they always make things worse. Thankfully he just escaped while leaving the idiot screaming as far as the report says. I’m sure this won’t make him turn against us, I felt something behind that helmet that I can’t explain.

Logbook entry #66. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
The Necrons are assembling on the last portion of the northern continent. They are concentrating their forces on key points where it would be very difficult to fight them, but they’re not worrying about us. We don’t exist for them right now, even though right now we surpass their numbers. Reports from other squads I read without permission say that they’ve seen him “stealing” technology and weapons from the Necrons. They couldn’t explain it, but after touching some of their equipment just before it disappeared, his suit would shine for a couple of seconds and then, he would shoot Necron weaponry. I almost want to tell the governor to let him destroy the Necrons for us, but even I know we need the publicity of the imperial guard defeating the Necrons.

> - Log #6259.26
> - Cycle 41.934.97
> - Warp Connected Entities: 2.157.846.472

This enemy, now designated 'Assimilator', is a major threat. I have ordered all forces to disengage and protect the respective tombs if they are in the projected path of the enemy. The constructs underestimated the parasitic nature of the enemy and it has incorporated many of our weapons. Somehow it has even managed to be able to disrupt our teleporting networks. The constructs have devised many contingencies to destroy the Assimilator although none have yet to succeed. One of the first they tried was to swarm it with Spyder and Scarab platforms. Unfortunately, the enemy seems more than adept at dealing with platforms modeled after baser creatures. It has revealed the ability to oscillate at rapid speed and generate some sort of field that obliterates our smaller sentinels. There are promising reports coming in, though. It would seem that the enemy is less adept at close combat than members of the 'human' race. This is our advantage.I am also awakening our Wraith platforms. We will see how they fair against the Assimilator. Attach Battlelog #34.513.73. End log.

"~What is that weapon? I see that it fires lightning bolts. I think I will have it!~"
>"Assimilator. Your path ends here. I will give you death. You will have our sacred technology no longer."
"~Then why are your warriors so skittish when they have a weapon I haven't seen?~"
"~Your fighting is useless. Just hand it over! I'm still going to melt your face either way but you could at least make it easy for a girl.~"
>"Initiate teleport. Danger above acceptable levels."

> Personal Log, Samus Aran
>> Unplanned Mission to OR-42, Entry 28.

I'm actually kind of excited. I got a few new guns today. It's enough to make a girl think her birthday's come early. (Actually, yesterday was my birthday. Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeee.)
I had to get up close and personal with the Necron I was killing to grab its gun from him, but my power suit was able to absorb and adapt the principles of the Gauss Blaster without any problem whatsoever. It generates a lot of heat - good thing I still have the Varia Suit upgrade, though, or I'd have to actually watch my heat levels. Funnily enough, the Gauss Beam is not as effective against these Necrons as my Plasma Beam... but my suit predicts it should punch through even the heaviest-armored Space Pirate I've ever encountered. This is going to be a fun toy to use when I get home.

I also encountered something the locals called a Tesla Carbine, but the Necron wielding it teleported away when I tried to get close. I think they know I can adapt their weapon systems and want to prevent it. Good, I like a challenge.
They also tried to deploy a swarm of small, fast, hovering spider-like things to kill me today. This tells me two things: they're intelligent, and they consider me a threat.
Unfortunately for them, they know less about me than I know about them, thanks to my suit's complete mastery of the locals' infosphere. They weren't prepared for my Screw Attack or Moon Jump. I went through the entire Swarm like a somersaulting yo-yo of destruction... One of the locals' "servitor skulls" was watching, and my suit captured its video feed. I hate to say it, but I do love to watch myself at work.

Even better news: My suit's finally cracked these Necron's language and comms encryption. I know where they're coming from. I also know that they have something approximating a leadership.
It would take years for me to personally deactivate every single warrior. I'm going to cut the head off.

> - Log #1191.45.62
> - Cycle 41.934.101
> - Construct: Gate_of_Shadow
>Intrusions have been detected in multiple data nodes. Oddly, none are our tech-archives, battle processing, or grave records. It [The Assimilator] has only accessed the lexicon. I estimate [79% accuracy] that it is building a translation construct to be able to understand our language. It will soon go back to belonging to solely us as we will destroy it. End log.

> - Log #1191.46.03
> - Cycle 41.934.101
> - Construct: Gate_of_Shadow
>Large intrusion into our networks. It has accessed all nodes. I [85% accuracy] believe it to be figuring out our chain of command and main bases. It accessed nodes in a random order and frequency but I believe that to be a feint [63% accuracy]. It is clear that we are on the defensive. End log.

> - Log #6259.29
> - Cycle 41.934.103
> - Warp Connected Entities: 2.156.984.785

The Assimilator is steady advancing. Toward my tomb. Presumably to kill me. We are fairly positive that this is its objective. It warpath has claimed one of our precious Triarch Stalker platforms. It was dismantled with the precision of my scythe. Normally it takes concentrated fire to bring down such a fearsome platform. As expected, it scavenged the derelict platform and appropriated it for itself. Unfortunately, it used that tech to destroy one of our Monoliths. Another note, actually more of an afterthought, the ‘local’ humans are bombarding the gutted tower cities that we abandoned cycles ago. The constructs believe this a scorched earth policy to deny our forces any useful fortification when we resume the offensive. I have a different idea. I believe that they are ‘taking credit’ for what the Assimilator has already done. It is rather obvious that they are both our enemies but they don’t seem to be allies. If I were the ‘human’ commander, I would send every available warrior on the offensive to aid the Assimilator. We can consider ourselves ‘lucky’ in that respect. I’ve requested my battle standard, weapons and armor be repair and readied for battle. It seems I might have to face the Assimliator myself. End log.

> Personal Log, Samus Aran
>> Unplanned Mission to OR-42, Entry 32.

The bad news: The Necrons figured out I was coming for their leadership.
The good news: the Necrons figured out I was coming for their leadership, and so they prioritized destroying me over preventing their technology from falling into my hands. I now have an entire arsenal of new weapons, entirely alien to my home realm, which should give me an advantage over the space pirates they won't be able to adapt to. For a while, anyway. The Tesla Beam is my new favorite for dealing with swarms - it just arcs and arcs, and I just have to point it in the direction of those scarab swarms and they evaporate. I can't wait to see what it'll do to Zoomers.
I'm still trying to figure out how to use the Hyperphase Sword and Dispersion Shield. Melee combat has never been my area of expertise, but the Necrons and Space Pirates both like to get close, which can give me some trouble. The real bitch is figuring out how to to adapt them so they're not in the way when I need to run and gun, and can come with me when I need to use my morph ball mode, but still get them to-hand quickly when a melee enemy tries to close with me. Also, that "using a sword, shield, and arm cannon at the same time" thing.

I had some trouble with a Destroyer Lord. His armor was tough, and his dispersion shield didn't just no-sell my beams, it reflected them back at me. That hurt, and I had to use rather a lot of Super Missiles to crack that thing. That was a good fight, though, and also why I want to figure out some way to use the one I captured. Reflecting Space Pirate beams right back in their faces would be a hoot!

Logbook entry #70. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Victory. After bombarding the Necron bases for days, we were able to defeat them and push them out of the planet. Or so the official story says. In reality we bombarded the already destroyed bases. At this point, even the knuckleheaded commissars knew that letting this warrior destroy the Necrons was the best option. There’s nothing else to do but to celebrate this victory.

> Personal Log, Samus Aran
>> Unplanned Mission to OR-42, Entry 34.

I've been tearing through the Necron bases. I'm seeing more advanced forms of them, and more of them, and even the basic ones are coming equipped with heavier weapons. They're really throwing everything at me, and fighting entire armies isn't really what I'm good at, but I'm learning. Hit-and-run tactics have served me very well recently. I also figured out that if you can destroy over half of them in a short period of time, the rest of them teleport away. I can't really exploit this on anything but small units, though. I've only got one arm cannon, even if I am using the other hand for that phase sword I captured.

I took down a Monolith. It took ALL of my missiles, and then some, but thanks to the Melt Beam I analyzed from a Triarch Stalker's Heat Ray, I took it down, and by the ancients... The weapon I got out of that thing is just... It fires antimatter. Or rather, it fires a beam that converts some of the first solid matter it hits INTO antimatter. Which is an important distinction, since firing actual anti-particles would pretty much kill me instantly, what with them reacting with the matter of the air inside the barrel of my arm cannon. I have to charge it, though, there's no standard fire mode for this bad girl, but good lords! The only thing I've ever fired with more destructive power than this is the Hyper Beam I had after the baby Metroid drained Mother Brain and supercharged my suit, and that only lasted a few minutes. This beam hits HARDER than a Super Missile.

The locals have been bombarding the bases I've hit into rubble. That's good. I don't know much about fighting entire wars, but it seems to me the Necrons could just move right back in after I've left. I'm glad they're pounding the bases into gravel.

I also know the location of the Necron Overlord running this show. It's time to end this.

> - Log #6259.31
> - Cycle 41.934.105
This might be my final log. The Assimilator is at the gates to my tomb. I approached it and, in its own language, offered it single combat. It obliged. I am bound by the honor of a warrior. My equipment is back from the Forge Construct. It assured me that my Scythe is as sharp as the day it was forged and my armor is grand enough for even a Phearon. All with that ever present ‘92% accuracy’ caveat that they put on everything. I intend to initiate the battle with my Tachyon Arrow. Tomorrow, the Assimilator will taste defeat. And I will savor combat as I will probably not have it for millennia to come. End log.

A Necron Overlord, girded for single combat.

> - Log #1191.48.67
> - Cycle 41.934.102
> - Construct: Banished_Obelisk
>Withering Blossom is standing on one side of an arena, normally for clan disputes but he felt it was appropriate. He instructed several of us to monitor the engagement.
>The two glare at each other. It seems some exchange of information happened but none of our sensors picked it up. Soon our Overlord initiated combat.
>~Multiple sensors report overload~
>~Tachyon Arrow discharge detected~
>The Assimilator dodged the lightning fast bolt. A wise decision on its part. It would have breached its shields and caused massive internal damage. The Assimilator then started returning fire. Whilst the parasitized weapons were formidable, they posed little danger to Withering Blossom.
>~Localized phasing after-particles detected~
>The Overlord has closed the distance to the Assimilator and is engaging in direct combat. His Warscythe’s ability to phase through its shield keeps the Assimilator at bay. It is obvious that it is not adept at bladed combat.
>~Multiple barometric sensors registering overload~
>Her cannon platform’s ability to rapidly switch between aspects seems to be the only thing keeping it on an even par with the Overlord. Both have taken damage but the Assimilator doesn’t have regeneration like the Dermis regrowth of our Overlord.
>~Rapid Temperature Decrease~
>The Assimilator fired her cryogenic weapon. Not directly at the Overlord but at his feet. Withering Blossom is no longer mobile. Suggest prepare Reactionary #22 in the event of Overlord death.
>~Heat Bloom Detected~
>The Overlord’s advanced Necrodermis skeleton is grades above even the best Immortal but even it can’t stand a fully charged blast from the adapted Triarch Heat Ray. A red, hot, bubbling slag was dribbling down his skeleton.
>All standing warriors were ordered deactivate in order to preserve what was left of our forces. We cannot risk losing anymore of our forces if we intend to survive. If we can get into our tombs without losing any more, I expect to be back at full strength in 140584 cycles [79% accuracy]
>~Movement Detected from Overlord Corpse~
>The headless skeleton of the defeated Withering Blossom rose and grabbed for the nearest weapon, a Disintegrator. The Assimilator clearly anticipated and blew his midsection apart with a fully charged anti-matter blast. Then it completely melted the rest of the Overlord with the adapted Heat Ray. Withering Blossom is confirmed deceased. Localized teleport network is ready in accordance with Reactionary #22 Burial Protocol. Bring them back to the grave so we may sleep.
>I will make a log every 1000 cycles detailing current progress on our interment. We can only hope that there are not more of these Assimilator organisms when we wake. End log.

Logbook entry #71. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
I was sitting with Mike looking at the night sky when we saw the orange falling star going into space. That’s when it hit us, it wasn’t a falling star, it was his starship. We looked at each other and realized that he fell here just to help us fight off the Necrons. Oh what a bliss, this warrior, stronger than the Astartes themselves had to be a warrior sent by the Emperor himself to protect us, it all makes sense now. Oh Emperor I never doubt you and I thank you, and you, warrior from the stars, I swear I will always remember you, your kind soul, your fierce eyes and your strength. I asked Julius to make a small figure resembling this warrior so that it could protect me on all of my missions, he’s pretty good at this kind of stuff. A pretty funny thing happened though, I wasn’t the only one on the regiment asking Julius for the same thing, guess we all understood the true meaning behind this great warrior.

> Personal Log, Samus Aran
>> Unplanned Mission to OR-42, Entry 35.

And that's it. My Mission to OR-42 is over. I'm in my ship now - repaired, refueled, and outbound from that dreary world. Too many skulls and too much of a fetish of death there for my taste, and I'm a woman sworn to destroy the entire Space Pirate culture. I'm going home. My suit's figured out a way to reverse the anomaly that brought me here.

I confronted the Necron Overlord in the heart of his citadel. He actually spoke to me, in Ancient Chozo. How he learned it, I don't know and I don't WANT to know, but he challenged me to single combat.

I accepted. Even if I wasn't the Last Chozo Warrior and as such, obligated to accept any such challenges which I have no reason to believe aren't made in good faith, it let me confront him fresh, rather than depleted from having fought my way through the entire army to get to him.

I'd rather fight Ridley again than that metal bastard. He opened the fight by shooting a Tachyon Arrow at me. I guess he wasn't counting on the reflexes of a Chozo Warrior, which is good, since my suit analysis says this thing would have punched straight through my power suit and killed me. I can't wait to try it on Mother Brain! Reloading this thing is going to be a stone-cold bitch, though, I'd HAVE to return to my ship to rearm it. My power suit's arm cannon can't adapt it, but its existing form-factor lets me easily just strap it to my wrist or the barrel of my cannon, and the suit has no trouble bringing it into morph ball mode.

I've never actually encountered a weapon, any weapon, that could actually punch straight through a Chozo Power Suit before. Literally nothing that could actually go directly through my ablative power suit. The Chozo never did, either, at least not in their later generations of power suit like mine. It's a good thing I dodged, and then he got up in my face with his Warscythe. They say experience is the best teacher, and I've had more experience than I care for in melee combat on this mission, but he was just too much for me, it was all I could do to parry.

He could have killed me, even after I dodged his cheap-shot. He got in a lot of good shots with that scythe, and that thing hurt like a motherfucker... Then I did something he wasn't expecting. I used the Ice Beam, shot the floor under him. Metal bastard went ass over teakettle when he hauled back for another swing, and I pinned him to the floor with my phase sword, and evaporated his head with the Melt Beam.

The army deactivated. Or so it looked like. My scanning visor wasn't fooled, they were playing dead, but I made like I was, and I walked away, carrying his Warscythe and my Phase Blade in my left hand, while I charged the Particle Beam.

The jackass got to his feet behind me, and took a Synaptic Disintegrator from a Deathmark that was playing dead, and went for the cheap shot. Too bad for him I was ready for him, and jumped just before he fired; spun around in the air, and let loose with the Particle Beam. Took his legs clean off, at the sternum, then I was on him, grabbing that gun from him, and I fired the Melt Beam until he was GONE. Only once I'd removed his head and the entirety of his torso did the army ACTUALLY vanish, vanishing into green teleporter beams.

They may be back. They may not. Either way, OR-42 is safe, for now, I've got an entire armory of new toys to play with, and I'm going home. Christmas came early this year. The Space Pirates won't know what hit them.

Some of the locals have decided I must have been a warrior sent by their Emperor, or God, or God-Emperor. Well, who am I to argue, if it lets them reconcile their insanely strict beliefs with the fact that I was in the right place at the right time, with the right weapons and armor, to help them fight these things.

They're claiming credit, of course. I don't mind. Even if was the kind of Bounty Hunter to actually demand payment for doing the right thing, the entire arsenal I've acquired over this trip would be payment enough. That, and the food bar that Sergeant gave me. I haven't even opened it yet, but it's military rations, so a few days in my ship's larder shouldn't have spoiled it.

Anyway, I'm making the transition home now. I can't wait to introduce Ridley to my brand-new Phase Sword, heh. Next time he tries to grab me with those talons of his, I'm going to cut his bollocks off. (I don't actually know if he has those, but I'm going to cut them off nonetheless.)

I think I'll try that ration the soldier gave me. That was a nice gesture of him.

> Personal Log, Samus Aran
>> Unplanned Mission to OR-42, Entry 36

Oh, oh by the Ancients, this thing sucks. If this is what those poor bastards have to eat regularly, they must lead absolutely goddamn miserable lives.

I wish I'd had a Galactic Federation Marine Corps MRE on me to give him in return. Seriously, those are actually edible, like, you might actually choose to eat one in preference over something else. This thing is like, worse than GalFedMarine last-ditch emergency survival rations.

Ugh. I hope he won't mind that I airlocked it after two bites. At least I'll keep the wrapper as a memento.

Until the Galaxy is at peace, victory is but a prelude to the next mission.