Mists of Akuma

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Mists of Akuma is a third-party campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and Shadow of the Demon Lord, created by Storm Bunny Studios. Genre-wise, it can be best summarized as an Oriental Adventures/Screampunk hybrid, although its creators prefer the term "eastern fantasy noir steampunk". It is set in a fantastical pseudo-Japan that recently fought off enslavement by a foreign power that had mastered dark magitek, using it to conquer the land and enslave its people to fight a war with their own rivals. Whilst the outsiders were pushed out a decade ago, a strange and deadly new threat has arisen in the form of corrupting mist. The fate of the world is in the balance, and slowly tipping towards annihilation.

Official Summary[edit]

The Lands of Soburin

Almost two centuries ago the lightning-powered ships of Ceramia pierced the skies of Soburin, heralding an age of oppression that still marks the lands with the resources stripped from the countryside. Ripped away from a long age of peace and broken by soldiers wielding scientifically advanced weaponry, the warriors of the prefectures were drafted into a distant conflict across the edge of the world and ancient traditions of violence have reawakened a thirst for blood in those few that survive in the decaying world. Emperor Hitoshi’s rebellion a decade ago threw down foreign rule, but an ancient danger has reappeared to push society to the brink of collapse: the Mists of Akuma.

The corrupting fog transforms those within it into bloodthirsty adeddo-oni, monsters that seek only the rending of flesh and the taste of living meat. Nobles have retreated to the cities dotting the countryside leaving the common folk to face the supernatural haze alone, adding to the undead horde. Nature itself has been perilously wounded and the technology that might save the prefectures is shunned and feared by the Masuto Dynasty and Emperor Hitoshi’s subjects.

Races of Akuma[edit]

Subclasses of Akuma[edit]

  • Barbarian: Path of the Faded, Path of the Survivalist
  • Bard: College of the Gun Priest, College of Smuggling
  • Cleric: Kami Domain
  • Druid: Circle of Blight, Circle of Shifting
  • Fighter: Bushibot
  • Monk: Martial Artist, Priest, Tattooed Monk, Acrobat, Bioartist
  • Paladin: Samurai
  • Ranger: Tsukumogami Hunter
  • Rogue: Detective, Herbalist, Ninja, Shinobibot, Tumbler
  • Sorcerer: Ju-Wai Shu Bloodline
  • Warlock: Wu Jen, Enigmatic Eye, Desperado
  • Wizard: Clockwork Adept, Mage, Tradition of the Inside Out
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