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How do we improve our tanks sir? Make it BIGGER with MORE GUNS!

Is not related to those employed by The Empire, ya Warhammer nerd.

With the success of the MKs II and III steam tanks against the Martians, the newly formed Tank Corps began to demand a new vehicle to improve on some of the earlier designs failings. The designers at Baldwin produced a truly monstrous vehicle that they dubbed the MK IV.

The MK IV is so large that it is impossible to transport via traditional rail. Instead, the vast machine needs to be broken down into several almost self contained sub assemblies to fit onto railways. This includes removing both track sections and the turret from the main hull, which by itself is just as wide as a MK II steamer.

Since the MK IV is such a Large target, it can be taken as almost a given that it will receive disproportionate fire. To protect the tank and the crew, the MK IV carries two inches of laminate steel and asbestos armor plating on the front slope and upper decks to dissipate the energy of the Martian heat rays. The side sponsons and turret are slightly less armored, but still provide suitable protection.

The 3 inch and 4 inch guns of the MK II and III had proved adequate when dealing with the tripods, but since the MK IV was already introducing brand new technologies, the designers decided to install a brand new 5 inch gun derived from the 5"/41 installed on warships. Similar to warships, the standard MK IV lugs several secondary weapons into battle, numbering up to 6 of the 4 inch guns and a pair of machine guns for dealing with infantry threats. A large number of Mk IVs have also been upgraded into the so called "Monitor Pattern" with an experimental 7 inch gun.

In All Quiet on the Martian Front[edit]

The MK IV is the centerpiece of any force it is deployed with, both due to its size and firepower.

The 5 inch gun finally gives Terran forces their first +3 firepower, which rivals that of the invaders heat rays and with a range of 30 inches one can keep the tripods at arms length and pound them into scrap. Due to its turret mounting, the 5 incher can fire in any direction so there is now out flanking this monster like the smaller tanks. The 6 four inch guns are a little bit more limited due to there mountings, (4 capable of firing forward and 2 to each side) but they posses the same range as the big gun so while the 5 inch smashes tripods with single shots, you can keep them off balance with sustained +2 power shots. For the tertiary guns you can choose between a pair of Machine Guns or a Pair of 1.65 inch (roughly 40mm) Hotchkiss guns. Both weapons are +1 power but the difference being the MGs have 3 shots each at a range of 20 inches while the Hotchkiss guns only have 2 shots but the range is equal to your other weapons at 30 inches. Which is better? Honestly its up to you, but if you elect to use the Rapid fire weapons you may not use the big gun in the same shooting step.

Monitor Pattern Mk IVs mount an experimental 7 inch gun in place of the 5 inch gun. The seven inch gun has a range of 40 inches, enough to out range tripods by a significant distance, and have a firepower of +4, Oh hell yes. This is equal to the concentration beam mode of the Heat Rays while at the same time out ranging them. The only downside to this awesomeness is that you may not fire the big gun of the Monitor pattern if it moves in the initial movement step of your turn.

Its not just in firepower that the Mk IV rivals a tripod. With a defense rating of 4 and an armor rating of 10, the invaders can no longer just assume that they will blow you away the instant they bring their Heat Rays to bear.

Both the Mk IV and the Monitor Pattern will cost you 190 points to add to your US force.

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