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Moander symbol.jpg
Right hand with palm open and fingers out-stretched, a fanged human mouth in its center with lips parted as if speaking
Aliases The Darkbringer, The Jawed God, The Rotting God, The Great Dread God, Old Moldy
Alignment Chaotic evil
Divine Rank Vestige(?)
Formerly: Lesser God, Demigod, Dead God
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Decay, corruption, rot
Domains Corruption, Destruction, Evil, Slime
Home Plane Offalmound/Rarandreth (Abyss)
Worshippers Warlocks
Favoured Weapon Heavy mace

Moander was the god of decay and corruption, in the Forgotten Realms. He was effectively their version of Nurgle, who has went from a full-fledged god to something else now.


Moander was one of the gods born from the primordial battle between Selûne and Shar, having been born alongside Jergal and Garagos. He was also the one responsible for corrupting Tyche, having created a rose that slowly turned her twisted, leading to her being cleaved in two and splitting into Tymora and Beshaba.

In 75 DR, Moander attacked the elven city of Tsornyl, corrupting all local life and his followers into monsters. Though elves fought well, the avatar of the god proved too strong to kill, so they opted to seal it within the city, causing the gods influence to plummet for a long time. The elves fought to keep the gods avatar locked and dealt with the remaining followers, until 1357 DR, when a mercenary group was fooled into releasing the avatar. The group did however manage to kill the avatar, and after a long series of events, the god itself was killed in his home plane, and his divinity used by Finder Wyvernspur to ascend to godhood.

Then The Sundering happened, and a lot of people suddenly woke up as warlocks, having had a dream where they were told to do the will of Moander, or by consumed by the rot from within.

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