Mole Mortar Team

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One must wonder how OP the weapon would be nowadays with its ability to hit the bottom armor of anything.

The Mole Mortar Team is a team usually consisting of a gunner and a loader and a distinct variant of the Brotherhood Heavy Weapons Team. They are distinct in that they utilize the Mole Mortar which is essentially a reverse mortar that fires a burrowing sub-surface missile, known as a tunnel-torpedo, into the ground. The tunnel-torpedo then burrows towards its target, bypassing all surface obstructions until it suddenly erupts from the ground and explodes beneath its designated target. The tunnel-torpedo is a self-guided munition and is able to track its target through metres of solid rock using advanced archeotech now lost to the Imperium.


As you can imagine, the Mole Mortar itself was designed and invented by the Engineers Guild of the Squats and like most Squat technology; was later blatantly stolen graciously gifted to the Imperial Guard. What? You thought they just traded with the Leviathan and called it a day? Anyways despite this, the usage of Mole Mortars was still limited to the Guard so the majority of the Mole Mortar Teams consists of our space dorfs.

The Mole Mortar Team other then harassing enemy infantry has also been used to penetrate certain fortifications or emplacements that had proven too strong for conventional infantry weapons to damage. As a result of its unique form of attack, the Mole Mortar could penetrate its target from below where it lacked all structured defences. Seriously this piece of tech was so hip back in the day that the Mole Mortar was also used by the Adeptus Mechanicus' regiments of cybernetic Skitarii soldiers, who used it as a close support weapon. The Skitarii would unleash the Mole Mortar's tunnel-torpedoes on the most heavily armoured enemy units from below and then exploit the confusion in the enemy lines after the Squat weapon had done its deadly work.

Hell the legacy of the Mole Mortar has even led to inspirations in the creation of the Mole Launcher which is a weapon utilized by everyone's favorite WW1 cosplayers, the Death Korps of Krieg, seriously the function is almost the same.

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