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Look at that Derpy face. Don't you wanna hug it?

It is another year and Grandpappy Nurgle got another Daemon in his collection. Resembling more like a Beast of Nurgle than anything, a Molluscoid can be seen as a sister species. Except, in the Molluscoid's case, it is actually pretty damned cute. With its pug like face and derp like eyes, surely Papa Nurgle knows what's best for his ever jovial children. Seriously, look at it. It's basically a more fleshy version of the Myphitic Blight-Hauler.


Molluscoids are large snail-like Daemons of Nurgle, which possess hard gastropod shells that cover most of their bodies. Nurgle's chief gardener Horticulous Slimux, uses a Molluscoid as his personal steed and has affectionately named the Daemon Mulch.

A Molluscoid seems to be a pretty simple animal as it gets distracted really easily if it finds a food to snack on. Like a giant snail, the Molluscoid is pretty slow, dragging its hefty body along. Due to its low speed, it is often not a popular daemonic beast to be utilized in war, however its diamond hard shell combined with its usual Nurglite toughness and squishyness means that a Molluscoid is possibly one of the toughest bullet sponges in Nurgle's Garden. Just don't pour salt. Results will be quite the mess.

Taming these beasts seems to be pretty easy as seen in Mulch, Slimux's massive snail-like steed, who seems quite enticed at a Nurgling. The Nurgling is lashed to a rod, dangling in front of Mulch’s face which resembles one of those Loony Tunes cliches of a dumb animal following a carrot on a stick; encouraging him to lurch ever forward in hope of a tasty snack – the Nurgling appears to find this hilarious! (Not that surprising: old fluff mention Great Unclean Ones like to swallow a Nurgling just to see from which hole in their body it would emerge again. Nurgle's servants are funny like that.)


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