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"I hate Mondays."

– Garfield Cat

Monday... that says it all, doesn't it? That first day of the week, usually (if not always) the shittiest day of the week. It's the day where you have to get your lazy ass outta bed to go to work, school, or other activities which require you to be productive, civil, on time, appropriately dressed and have your brain switched on at 7 in the morning if not earlier. NO exceptions. Yep, Mondays suck. To make everything worse though, one usually has a really bad hangover and is fuck-all tired. Plus, if you have a spawn receptacle, well no happy times for you coz she's got a headache.

Bad things about Mondays[edit]

  • First day of the work week
  • Heretic Day of Worship
  • Many promotions occur on Monday

Good things that happen on Mondays[edit]

  • Astrologers proclaim week of the Hedgehog. All dwellings increase population.
  • If you live in Australia, Monday is Pubday.
  • For a small number of fa/tg/uys, Monday is the day that their DnD group meets for six hours.
  • For an even smaller number of cross-board crawlers, Nash Bozard streams Radio Dead Air live on Monday nights
  • Some non-Australian pubdwellers may shuffle to the pub on Mondays to play classic cardgames and billiards, if they are ancient or wisened enough.
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