Monster Mythology

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Monster Mythology is a splatbook for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The 4th of the "Dungeon Master's Guide Reference" series of books, Monster Mythology was the second of two books expanding upon the Gods of D&D; in contrast to its precursor, "Legends & Lore" (also known as "Deities & Demigods"), which had covered gods of various real world polytheistic faiths as well as several fantasy series deities, Monster Mythology focused on the gods of the demihumans, the monstrous humanoids, and the various sapient monsters.

Aside from some rules on things like non-human priest mechanics, mostly, Monster Mythology was a Monster Manual style guide to the faiths of the non-human races, covering a wide array of monstrous deities in some...sometimes convoluted pantheon divisions.

The Gods of Elves[edit]

The Gods of Dwarves[edit]

The Gods of Gnomes[edit]

The Gods of Halflings[edit]

The Goblinoid Gods[edit]

The Gods of the Underdark[edit]

The Gods of the Giants[edit]

The Gods of the Seas and Skies[edit]

The Gods of the Scaly Folk[edit]

The Gods of the Dark Folk[edit]

The Sylvan Gods[edit]