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Aliases All-Father, the Creator, Dwarffather, Soul Forger
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Greater God
Pantheon Dawn War, Morndinsamman (Dwarven Pantheon)
Portfolio Dwarves, Creation, Protection, Craftwork
Domains 3E: Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Good, Law, Protection
4E: Creation, Earth, Protection
5E: Forge, Knowledge
Home Plane Erackinor (Celestia)
Worshippers Dwarves
Favoured Weapon Soulhammer (Warhammer)
You wish you had this beard.

In Dungeons & Dragons, Moradin is the god of protection, craftsmen, the forge, and dwarves, making him the head of the Morndinsamman. No relation to Muradin Bronzebeard.

As far as adventure writers and DMs are concerned, however, he's mostly just the god of dwarves. He's into drinking, being Scottish, blacksmithing, and everything else you'd expect from cribbing off Tolkien's work. Therefore, no one appreciates the true badass that is Moradin.

Myths and Legends[edit]

Creation of the Dwarves[edit]

So, even though the dwarves are hardcore Vikings who can fuck your shit faster than they can chug a gallon of ale, as with every creation story, it appears to be created by a bunch of namby pamby flower wearers in their hugboxes.

Moradin was working in his forge, being hardcore as shit and punching the metal into shape, probably. He made the world from primordial fire, metal, and stone, just because he could and he has a +72 in Craft (Everything). Moradin finished the world, saw it, and thought it was shit because there weren't things to mess with his stuff and screw it all up with grimdark edgy plots to destroy the world he spent ages on.

He sat and twiddled his AC 70 thumbs until his wife, Mya, told him to get off his lazy ass and make some living shit to take care of the world so he can be happy or whatever. He, of course, thinks this is a great idea, and kept hitting more metal, stone, and fire, not realizing that this is a very poor method to make living things. However, fuck you, divinity. Even with his divinity and absolutely ridiculous craft bonus, he screwed it up almost every time, told the races he made to go fuck themselves, and threw them onto the world.

Because of his screwups, he just got all angsty, until his wife told him to "look within his heart" to find the ones he desired. Instead of him being metal as fuck and tearing out his heart to craft the dwarves, he embraced the power of love or some hippy bullshit, continuing to beat life into inanimate objects like some asshole who doesn't know how to perform CPR; unless they meant something like the love a craftsman has for his magnum opus, in which case what the hell was he doing before!? Thus, he made the dwarves, and thought they were pretty cool because they were basically little Moradins. However, even though he loved these guys, he decided that instead of letting them appreciate the beautiful surface, it was a good idea to shove the guys deep into the ground. This did not make the dwarves hate him because fuck you, Wizards of the Coast.

Moradin is a Negligent Father[edit]

In 4e, Moradin kinda forgot about his beloved children and let them be slaves to the Titans. This went on for centuries, until Moradin finally noticed and helped them, except for the ones who kind of got corrupted by elemental energy. I'm not going to waste time reading a 4e book to explain this (yet).

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