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"Don't you wish your mother was hot like me?"

"A scratch from an envenomed dagger, a sip from a poisoned chalice, a slight to a proud warrior's honour... In time these things may do far more grievous harm than the broadsword or the axe, my love..."

– Morathi

"Man does not control his own fate. The women in his life do that for him."

– Groucho Marx

Morathi is the Queen of the Druchii from Warhammer Fantasy, the supreme leader of their religious faction and mother to the racial leader Malekith.

She is also perverted, incestuous, so-sexy-you'll-die-for-real-lolz, and pretty much a complete bitch as she was responsible for a lot of the actions that screwed over Elfkind. Don't believe us? Read and weep oh dear reader.

Her character suffered greatly from a 7th edition retcon, further worsened in 8e until in End Times her role in history was reduced to mostly "had a baby who is really important" and scheming on the side that kills a lot of people but contributes nothing to the story. Many fans were angered by her apparent and very disappointing death in the event, although it was later revealed she survived and may in fact still regain her glory as an important character.

She is usually seen mostly naked, although sometimes she covers her breasts or uses pasties, and always rides her Dark Pegasus named Sulephet into battle. Her model is one of the raciest in the Warhammer range as she wears a metal thong and little else, her perfect tits on display for everyone to see (something she uses with magic in a Black Library novel she gets a starring role in to render an entire mixed-gender garrison of soldiers into standing mutely while riding up and down in front of their fortress on Suluphet as they get shot to pieces with her crossbow forces). The model of her even has them helpfully pushed upwards for the best possible angle. It could be she does this because her son is so lacking in sex appeal she must make up for both of them....oh the harsh duties she must do!

The Legend[edit]

She was originally a mere maiden, rescued by the first Phoenix King Aenarion from a Chaos slave caravan and he was so taken with her that he took her to be his new wife, having recently lost his first wife the Everqueen to a Daemonic attack. Considering her actions later, the rumors of her being a Slaaneshi Sorceress and using her magicks to charm Aenarion were most likely true. Aenarion moved his court to Nagarythe and fell into a hedonistic lifestyle while his armies battled the Daemon apocalypse raging all around. Morathi eventually gave birth to his third child, Malekith, and encouraged Aenarion to sit back and relax as everything would turn out juuuuuuust fine. Caledor the Dragontamer, Aenarion's old friend, hated Morathi bitterly and knew she was wreaking havoc on his already damaged mind. In a last act of desperation, Caledor gathered his Wizards and began channeling magic to create a Vortex that would suck excess magic out of the Warhammer World so Daemons would have difficulty manifesting forevermore. Morathi encouraged Aenarion to slay Caledor for his betrayal, although upon reaching the site of the ritual he instead defended his friend against the might of Chaos itself.

After the disappearance of Aenarion and the trapping of Caledor within the Vortex, Morathi planned and groomed her son to take the throne. When the actual election came however, Malekith assured the Princes of the land he was willing to accept a vote for him rather than simply claim the throne by birthright. In a retcon in End Times this turned out to be a gambit to ensure the loyalty of the Elf people and the manipulations of Chaos robbed him of his birthright; however, in original canon this was simply the only moral choice he ever made. His friend Bel Shanaar was chosen instead, and Morathi raved and ranted like a wild woman over their "treachery". Only Malekith could calm her, and assure her they had made the right choice. He then took to the sea to explore the world like his father had, being gone for many years. During his travels he encountered human Chaos worshipers and random undead, fighting them for control of a magical crown. Curious, he placed it on his head and saw a future where Chaos would conquer his people. He immediately rushed home.

Prior to the 7e retcon, Malekith began searching his homeland for Chaos worship and discovered the Cult of Pleasure revering Slaanesh, with his own mother Morathi as the High Priestess to Slaanesh himself having corrupted a very large chunk of the Elf race to her way of thinking. She fled to the city of Anlec where a large number of cultists resided. Malekith led an army consisting of both his own army and the supporting armies led by the princes of Ellyrion, Yvresse, Chrace and Saphery. Malekith was successful in breaching the cities defences and confronted his mother in the cities palace. Though Morathi had the upper hand with her great sorcerous powers, she was defeated. Morathi was spared from certain death by convincing her son that she would give him her full support of the cults and help him gain the Phoenix throne. She was brought before the court of the Phoenix king in the city of Tor Anroc. Though she would have been executed for her Crimes, Malekith convinced Bel Shanaar to imprison her instead (Despite Imrik of Caledor's insistence that she must die, even offering to strike the deathblow himself).

He called a meeting of the Princes of Ulthuan to reveal a discovery about the Cult. Rather than point the finger at his mother, he accused Bel Shanaar of the heresy as Bel lay dying from poison Malekith had slipped him. He then declared that he himself was the fit ruler of the Elf race, and stepped through the Flames of Asuryan which select who is fit to be Phoenix King. Due to his treachery and the fact the Flames are designed to root out the unworthy, his full-retard plan resulted in him burning to bacon. His followers quickly slaughtered the unarmed Princes while Morathi rushed him out and kept him alive with her magic until a priest of Vaul loyal to his family sealed him in a suit of frozen armor that would reduce the misery of his blackened body.

In the retcon, Morathi was not involved in the story at all; he returned knowing that he was the true Phoenix King as desired by Asuryan while Bel Shanaar had been shielded by magic which disqualified him from judgement, and Malekith himself was only rejected because he was immature and filled with fear. His followers killing the Princes was apparently justified somehow, and everything that happened was all the fault of the Asur because reasons and grimderpness. She still helped him survive however, and if anything was cast in a more motherly role than the manipulative one.

Either way, Malekith and Morathi gathered their supporters and their culture took a turn for the dark; pre-retcon Morathi summoned Daemons which feed on Elf souls to ravage the countryside while the formerly banned worship of the war god Khaine replaced all other faiths. Eventually the bitter civil war turned against the new Dark Elf faction, and as one final "fuck you" Morathi messed with the Vortex. When that backfired she, Malekith and the other Dark Elf sorcerers/sorceresses launched huge chunks of Nagarythe away from the land like boats, causing massive death and destruction across Ulthuan. They then settled in a new land to the west, a series of landmasses split by bodies of water that are vaguely in the shape of our real world North America, populated by vicious and nasty monsters as well as Chaos humans. These lands were called Naggaroth, and after destroying the High Elf colonies and humans who dwelled here the Dark Elves settled them.

During this time, in early editions it was implied Morathi and Malekith were lovers who also constantly vied for control of their race while planning to kill each other. Dark Elves set up many batshit insane celebrations such as a night where the Cult of Pleasure and/or Cult of Khaine are allowed to take anyone they want who can't buy their own lives in huge amount of slaves and slaughter them in any way they wish (Gav Thorpe went on record in regards to Elf storytelling that numbers don't matter, High Elves can lose millions as a statistic or ten as a tragedy and either way they will be dying out, and although Dark Elves always lose massive population due to stupid reasons will always be only in jeopardy in regards to the future but not currently on the verge of extinction). Later lore did away with the incest, Slaanesh worship, and plotting; Morathi went from the ultimate hedonistic schemer and rival to her son like a cougar version of Caligula to his dear sad mother sadly stricken with a mild case of dementia as she continued to believe that she was living in the court of Nagarythe and sometimes mistook Malekith for Aenarion whom she genuinely loved rather than manipulated, all while continuing her duties as high priestess of the Elf god of pleasure Atharti (as Gav Thorpe thought Elves worshiping Slaanesh makes no sense, since he thinks of them as Eldar in rat-infested shitholes). Either way, Morathi went to great pains to keep herself youthful. She bathed constantly in blood made from screaming Elf babies, a technique learned either from Slaanesh or Khaine directly depending on pre or post retcon.

As Naggaroth grew in power, Malekith saw the Chaos worshiping Elves as a possible threat to his power. He established Khaine as the official god of the Dark Elves, although loyalty was ultimately only to himself. The Witches were nonetheless loyal only to Morathi and their gods, Khaine and (in older canon) Slaanesh with the two factions politicking against each other while hiding their true allegiance from the rest of the race (as an open secret lacking only proof of course).

Morathi found another rival in Hellebron, a priestess of Khaine who was becoming dangerously powerful within Morathi's Witch Elf forces. Morathi cursed her with a hag-like appearance Elves rarely ever naturally attain, causing Hellebron to hate her more than anyone else. Ironically, after the retcon Hellebron features in history more importantly than Morathi herself.

During the Battle of Finuval Plains, one of the many battles between the High and Dark Elves, Morathi faced off in magical duel with Teclis while Malekith dueled Tyrion below. With the Dark Elves having overrun much of Ulthuan, the battle was the deciding point between the two forces; Morathi's own Daemon force lead by a powerful Keeper of Secrets named N'kari (later retconned to be just more of Malekith's assassins) had badly injured Tyrion and hunted the Everqueen Alarielle, and the burning of her forest had weakened her powers so she could not help. Morathi and Teclis were evenly matched, although after suffering great injury Malekith managed to escape into the Warp to avoid being killed, and sensing her son flee the battle Morathi herself immediately retreated leaving her army to be cut down. After the retcon, Morathi is absent from the battle and Malekith fought Teclis in a battle of magic while Tyrion fought his forces.

In the Defenders of Ulthuan/Sons of Ellyrion novels, Morathi engineers the main plot as a repeat of the invasion which involved the Finuval Plain battle, although this time using a captured Ellyrion Reaver as a Manchurian Candidate who would assassinate Teclis and Alarielle prior to the attack. She used her rank as Slaanesh's High Priestess to call upon the loyalty of Slaanesh's current champion, a Warrior of Chaos who was kept entertained with Elf slaves for him and his men to torture and defile (use your imagination) until Ulthuan was entirely destroyed, whereupon he would be allowed to do as he would with her (que both chuckling that the other Slaaneshi would not survive it). During the ongoing war, the Witch Elves and Slaaneshi spent their time raiding each other's camps and torture-killing their allies when supplies of still-living High Elves were low. Morathi's plan was partially successful, with the cursed dagger the unwitting pawn carrying consuming the body and soul of an Elf maiden he'd fallen in love with to incinerate Teclis like Malekith, then pierce Alarielle's heart. Malekith (who she feared greatly in the novel despite planning to kill him) lead his forces to assault Ulthuan from the south with their navy and slay the greatest heroes of Ulthuan while the Slaaneshi Dark Elves and Warriors attacked from west to east and meet him in the middle at Finuval Plain II. The Champion used Slaanesh's magic of pride to force High Elf commanders and champions into terrible decisions while her beguile and mind control wreaked havoc on the lesser Elf defenders. The plan began to fall apart however when their pawn sought redemption for his actions, reuniting with his brother and fiance before joining the defending army. Alarielle herself was saved by Isha, and the Everqueen entity (made up of Isha and EVERY Everqueen who ever lived) took control of her body and healed the wound before joining the battle herself. The Everqueen's magic purified the Slaaneshi Champion, burning away his blessings to reveal an ugly old man who regretted sacrificing his only love on an altar in exchange for eternal youth, and in a battle of wills between Isha and Slaanesh the Champion was turned into a Chaos Spawn that was hacked away by the Asur forces. With the loss of their commander and the Daemonettes turning to ash all around them, the Dark Elves and Warriors looked to their Queen to find her flying inland from the battle. The forces routed, and were destroyed by the triumphant heroes. Meanwhile, Morathi's true plan had been revealed; in her madness she was only using her entire race, her son, and all the humans as a distraction for her to undo the Vortex and summon Slaanesh directly into the world to prove herself as his greatest servant. The Vortex was on an island lost in time and half in and out of the Warp like magical interdimensional amber. She stabbed a Mage to death, and cackled out her monologue to Caledor the Dragontamer when he appeared before her as an emaciated long-dead skeleton of an Elf. After calmly replying that he never liked her and had always seen her as the selfish insane little girl she was, he revealed his true form within the amber as being stronger than he had ever been and as youthful as in his prime. He lashed out at her using only his knowledge of reality, searing her mind and driving her into hysteric wailing as she fled from the island with her very soul bleeding. She somehow flew Sulephet home to Naggaroth in this state, eyes wild and screaming all the way. Her son fled from his battle similarly, his dragon mortally wounded and bereft of a large chunk of his armor and gear. This story's canonicity is doubtful as ALL of the concepts the story hinges on were retconned out. Although considering Morathi's damaged mental state in End Times, it may have simply happened in a very different way and remained canon...

In Storm of Chaos, Morathi brought the Cult of Slaanesh back and allied them with Warriors of Chaos before flaunting themselves openly in Naggaroth. This was implied to put Naggaroth in a civil/religious war between the Temple of Khaine and the Cult of Slaanesh, but Games Workshop retconned Storm of Chaos out of existence so now this never happened.

The End Times[edit]

In an effort to reboot Warhammer Fantasy, as it had been neglected for so long in favor of yet another Space Marine Chapter update, Games Workshop thrust the End Times upon the Warhammer world, where the slow slide into destruction becomes a non-stop express train. In the canon Naggaroth had become overrun with the legions of Khorne, with Karond Kar and Clar Karond destroyed. Ghrond was surrounded by an impenetrable thicket of magic thorns when Malekith and his army arrived fresh from liberating Naggarond. No longer able to coddle his spiteful but addled mother, Malekith left her alone in a tower there after destroying the entire Chaos invasion force and destroying everything of value from fortresses to slaves to silk handkerchiefs and anything else the enemy could claim, then gathered the entire Dark Elf race barring her guards to go claim his "rightful place as Phoenix King".

She left the tower however, disguising herself as one of her own followers who had been enlisted in Malekith's army, and tried to make Tyrion into Aenarion 2.0. Once Alarielle confirmed Malekith's legitimacy by marrying him (you know, her great great great great great great great great uncle) Tyrion and Morathi were wed, him drawing the Widowmaker like his ancestor and becoming Khaine's avatar (as well as her greatest lover). She was revealed to actually be the mortal incarnation of the goddess Hekarti.

After Tyrion was killed on the Isle of the Dead, Teclis undid the Vortex in order to bind the Winds of Magic to mortals in an attempt to combat Chaos. She rushed to stop the whole thing, and broke down sobbing and shrieking when she saw Tyrion and Malekith die (though the latter was alive, but only just). In a fit, she killed all the mages in magic amber except Caledor the Dragontamer. Her actions created a breach that temporarily enabled Slaanesh himself/herself to partially manifest in the material world, forcing one of his/her arms through the rift to grab as many elves as he/she could. Realizing she'd fucked up worse than ever before in every sense of the term, Morathi tried to flee but Caledor held her down and both were taken by Slaanesh into the Warp.

Fans of Morathi, already unhappy with her increasing retcons rendering her useless, RAGED. Her hatedom and High Elf fans cheered that Morathi was getting her just desserts (given Slaanesh's hunger for elf souls it could be literal). A small few continually insisted that it was just how she was going to be returned to Slaanesh's side, reincarnated as a Daemon Princess while others quickly bought her models thinking she would be removed from canon.

Age of Sigmar[edit]

In Age of Sigmar, Morathi really did make a return. During the Age of Myth, Malekith awoke alone within the Realm of Shadow without any memories. He took on the name Malerion and attempted to find others of his kind. Eventually he found Morathi, who had escaped up from Slaanesh's belly and out her mouth while he was in a food coma digesting all the aelf souls she had consumed. But Morathi was "changed" by the experience. She now had two forms: The first is her normal aelf form, whilst the winged, coiling, serpentine Grecian Medusa is her true form (which she transforms into by her own will or whenever she loses her cool). As she regained her memories, Morathi formed beings of pure shadow who celebrated around her. She met up with her son Malerion, and though there was a lot of bad blood between them, they worked together to find more aelves.

Sigmar eventually found them, and they joined his pantheon made from an assembly of gods and other powers of the Mortal Realms. Morathi stayed with Sigmar and rest of the pantheon, trying to feel Sigmar's "Stormhammer" outside of battle. When Sigmar proved immune to her charms, she moved on to Nagash. With a cry of "BEGONE THOT!" Nagash struck Morathi, hurting and upsetting her enough that her true serpentine form was revealed (say what you will about Nagash, he keeps his pimp hand strong). Humiliated, Morathi fled. During this time Tyrion, Teclis and Malerion learned that Slaanesh had the aelf souls and sought to trap him. They approached Morathi and, with the promise of the share of the bounty, they used her as bait and managed to capture and imprison Slaanesh somewhere between the realms of Hysh and Ulgu, siphoning souls from him in increments (too many at once would draw the attention of Slaanesh's followers or fellow Chaos Gods, or allow Slaanesh to break free). Morathi took her share of the aelven souls Slaanesh had consumed and made aelves from them who would go on to become the Daughters of Khaine.

She claims to be the Oracle of Khaine on account of having recovered his heart and leads the Daughters of Khaine, but in truth she is siphoning the prayer-power meant for the war god (stopping his potential rebirth in the process) in the hope of becoming a goddess herself- after that she plans to exact revenge on everyone who ever wronged her. Her war against the forces of Chaos and her bringing civilization to the Mortal Realms is mentioned, suggesting that she heavily influenced the Mortal Realms before the Age of Chaos.She has also since had another falling out with Malekith/Malerion and is said to be working as a part of Order only because she finds the other three Grand Alliances even less appealing to her tastes; she has become a sworn enemy to the forces of Chaos, the forces of Destruction are too uncivilized for her liking and the forces of Death too static and unappealing to someone whose people were nearly extinct (she probably also remembers the taste of Nagash's pimp hand).

As part of her transformation, she has not only bound the Bloodwrack Medusae to her will as her high priests, but also created two new species of monstrous yet beautiful female elf-kin; the lamia-like Melusai, and the Khinerai, who resemble either bat-winged Avariel or a less-monstrous take on the Harpies of old Warhammer.

Ironically, Morathi's new fluff as having mutated into a lamia-like form as a result of exposure to the daemonic powers of Slaanesh makes her kind of similar to the now-lost Slaaneshi champion, Dechala (that said, Slaanesh maybe holding her back to release later when its time for escapemurderfuckeatrevenge).

Broken Realms[edit]

Soon she was ready for the final stages of her gambit to ascend to godhood. First she had to steal an artifact from the Idoneth Deepkin, the Ocarian Lantern; an object made by Teclis to retrieve elven souls from Slaanesh's belly, stolen by the Idoneth who feared Teclis would use it to track them down. Naturally, this was kept under heavy guard. So, sixty Khainites went into the water the temple. One Khainite came out, the sharks Idoneth took the rest. That one Khainite, although left blind and half-mad by the ordeal, had the lantern.

Then, Morathi had to secure some of the realmstone of the Eightpoints, called Varanite, having learned about it during the Age of Sigmar. She convinced Sigmar and Alarielle of the coming threat (please ignore the plot hole of Alarielle trusting Morathi given their history in the World-That-Was), getting Stormcast reinforcements from the former and getting the later to re-open the Genesis Gate and sweep aside the forces of Chaos guarding it. Morathi even sent a secret delegation to Katakros, providing tonnes of bones imbued with the magic of Ulgu in exchange for a Bonereaper assault on Archaon's holdings. After acquiring the Varanite, Morathi and her Daughters of Khaine left their Stormcast allies to die.

This culminated in the ultimate ritual. Combining various sources of power, Morathi opened a portal directly into Slaanesh's belly. While she carried out this ritual, her capital city was attacked by both a massive Idoneth army led by High King Volturnos seeking to retrieve the lantern, and the followers of Slaanesh following a prophecy that could lead to the freeing of their deity. Once in the Chaos God's guts, using her weapon and the lantern as a guide, Morathi found the souls of the Cythai and the souls of the Phoenix Kings from the World-Thas-Was. She trapped the Cythai souls and consumed the Phoenix King souls until she reached the strongest - her former husband Aenarion (yes, THE Aenarion, sucks that after everything he did he got consumed by Slaanesh). She hesitated to absorb him, reluctant to erase what was the only man she ever genuinely loved. Enraged by Morathi's actions, Aenarion used this moment of weakness to launch a counterattack that split her soul and left her with two bodies - the elegant Morathi-Khaine (formerly the High Oracle) and the monstrous Shadow Queen.

But her ambition might come back to haunt her in the form of the Newborn - the offspring of Slaanesh spawned from his/her drool (yes, really) when Morathi's ritual gave Slaanesh a seizure. The Newborn followed her back into the Mortal Realms then flew away, the light of its passage making the followers of Slaanesh immediately break off the attack and seek it out. It eventually landed and coalesced into a beautiful and terrifying form that spoke to the assembled Hedonites, who then set about guarding it until eventually it gained enough strength and proceeded to split into two Daemonic entities: Dexcessa the Talon of Slaanesh and Synessa the voice of Slaanesh, who each represent Slaanesh's martial perfection-seeking aspect and Slaanesh's seductive magical side respectively.

Back to Morathi. She returned from Slaanesh's prison and, fused with the essence of Khaine, became a goddess and declared herself Morathi-Khaine, bringing her plan to fruition. From here, she quickly subdued Volturnos and made a bargain with him, giving the stolen lantern and the souls of the other Cythai to him in exchange for a binding alliance with the Idoneth. From there Morathi led her forces to Anvilgard and - aided by an insurgent syndicate - conquered the city of Anvilgard, renamed it Har Kuron and marking the end of her alliance with Sigmar. To that end the Stormcast were imprisoned rather than killed so they can't return to Azyr and warn him.

Morathi's plan didn't go off without a few hitches. Apart from the aforementioned Newborn of Slaanesh, a resistance movement of men and elves still loyal to Sigmar remains in the city, and one of the captive Stormcast was eventually freed by a winged shadowy figure later revealed to be working for Be'lakor, who did this to ensure the forces of Order were too busy fighting each other to stop his own plans. As a result, Sigmar learned of Morathi's treachery and sent an army of Stormcast to take the city back. The Stormcast were winning until Morathi arrived at the head of an Idoneth army and started to turn the tide and would have slaughtered them all...but unexpectedly at that moment, the Celestant-Prime intervened. To the surprise of all, he called for a ceasefire and parley, which Morathi accepted. They parleyed for a whole night, with no one knowing what was said but them. The next day, the Celestant-Prime ordered the Stormcast to withdraw, ceding the city to Morathi. Morathi had to give something to them in return, but what it was isn't stated (maybe the release of the captured Stormcast Eternals).

In a new piece of Broken Realms fiction, Morathi is just in the middle of dealing with the human's revolts after her newest conquest when her son decides to show up unexpectedly. She pours herself some spiced blood and he congratulates her ascension to godhood...before immediately calling her a slut who's still tied down to her short-sighted baser instincts. Morathi promptly takes this in stride by cutting off one of his fingers and telling him he can't talk to her like that anymore. Malerion puts on a stern face and points out that on the contrary, he has every right to talk to her like this as thanks to her actions Sigmar's now gunning for her and has been having his Stormcast train against magical copies of her daughters of Khaine, plus in more dire news he points out that her actions have weakened Slaanesh's bonds all of which is threatening their long term plans. Morathi waves him off saying Sigmar would rather have one of his cities fall to someone who will at least keep the place standing as she will and even if he doesn't think that way she has plans to stop him, not that she thinks it will come to that anytime soon as soon everyone will be too busy dealing with the rise of Alarielle and the forces of Life now that the Necroquake is receding (thanks to Nagash getting his ass kicked by Teclis). She also points out that he should be more worried about his own lands in Ulgu as apparently an emboldened Tyrion's forces have begun to prod at his borders and have been trying to make a stable path into Ulgu from the ruins of the chasm city of Cathartia in Hysh but Malerion points out that he has his own agents working on the matter both by undermining the twins from within their own forces and by collecting certain objects from places like Shyish to serve as bargaining chips for him. Upon hearing of his plans, Morathi is actually somewhat impressed and even manages to feel the embers of affection for her son that she thought were long extinguished even calling him her "little magpie" but moments after saying this she cuts the meeting short as she still has some killing to do if she's going to put her revolting human subjects in their place...

Morathi later makes an unexpected appearance in the final book in the Broken Realms Saga, Broken Realms: Kragnos. Drawn to the Ghurish city of Excelsis (its never outright stated how or why she arrived but its heavily implied assisting Excelcius was part of her deal with the Celestant-Prime) Morathi ends up arriving in her Black Ark just as a set of 3 Kraken Eater Mega-Gargants allied to Kragnos are attacking the docks of the city. The Black Ark and Morathi's magic make short work of them before the Daughters of Khaine emerge from the boat and flood the city, effortlessly tearing through the invading Orruks and their forces like a bunch of dancing murder-blenders. Morathi then sicks her Serpentine second body against Kragnos to distract him while her elven-looking body seeks out Lord Kroak whose been trying to help out the city with his magic powers. Finding him and realizing Kragnos is too powerful for any of them to kill Morathi then convinces Kroak to send Kragnos away where he can be someone else's problem. Kroak then opens a massive portal which Morathi casts an illusion on to trick Kragnos into thinking it will lead him to his long-lost Drogrukh kin and the remanants of his sworn foes, the Draconith Empire. Being about as dumb as he is big Kragnos falls for the illusion and goes through the portal which proceeds to drop his ass on the far side of Ghur. Without his presence in the city the Orruk lines begin to crumble allowing the defenders to force them into retreating; meanwhile Kragnos upon realizing he's been duped proceeds to take out his frustration on the local Chaos fortress while a bunch of local Orruk look on in awe at the spectacle. Once the battle in Excelsis has finally wrapped up Morathi finds herself in the throne room of the city's capital where she's confronted by the Celestant Prime. He tries to tear into her for her previous seizing of the city of Anvilgard and for generally being a traitor but she proceeds to counter this by saying that the city was never Sigmar's exclusive property therefore nothing was stolen from him and she can't be a traitor as she's an independent goddess and never swore fealty to Sigmar. Just as they are about to come to blows their bickering is stopped by the arrival of the god Grungni who proceeds to point out that they don't have time for this pointless nonsense as the shit has officially hit the fan between Be'lakor blowing up realm gates and Kragnos awakening. He also points out that while Morathi's plans to ascend to godhood had caused a mess if she hadn't done so they couldn't have held off Kragnos and he would have obliterated the city so, therefore, everyone should just let her have the damn city of Anvilgard and move on to focus on the next threat to which they agree.

On The Tabletop[edit]

In her first incarnation, Morathi had two forms. Her basic form, High Oracle of Khaine, is a caster of absurd power, and not a slouch in close combat either. She can cast three spells per turn (and Unbind twice), her unique spell which is basically Arcane Bolt on steroids, adds 1 to her casting rolls and doubling the range of her spells, as well as her Command Ability that lets her choose 2 Daughters of Khaine units within 14 inches and have them either shoot or pile in immediately. She also has 6 attacks with her bladed wings and 3 attacks with her spear Heartrender, which is better than a lot of combat characters get. On defense, she has a 4+ Armor, a 6+ Ward (from her Daughters of Khaine allegiance), a -1 to hit from how gorgeous she is AND she can only take 3 wounds per turn.

But that's not all. Either when you choose or when you roll under the number of wounds Morathi has taken, she can get super angry and turn into her giant Snake Mom Shadow Queen form. In this form she loses a lot of her trickier abilities (all of her casting bonuses, -1 to hit, command ability, although she keeps her max of 3 wounds per turn) and instead turns into one of the most brutal beatsticks in the entire game, capable of going head to head with Nagash or Archaon and coming out on top. She gains a shooting attack that allows you to instant kill a model if roll over its number of wounds, between 6 and 2 attacks with Heartrender (which now does a flat 3 wounds as opposed to D3 in her Oracle form), 5 attacks with her Crown of Serpents, and 1 with her tail that does between 6 and D3 damage. That's a max of 29 wounds when she's at full health, enough to wreck anyone's day. Unfortunately, any wounds she takes as Oracle are double in Shadow Queen, so you're better off letting her transform, than waiting for her to take damage. All of this will cost you 480 points, so best make sure you're getting your points worth. It helps that she's one of the best models in the game (in a faction that already has a lot of the best models in the game).

Broken Realms[edit]

Due to Morathi's new condition, she now costs 600 points but has both of her models active at the same time. Because of their "One Soul, Two Bodies" rule (which also incorporates the effects of the Iron Heart), her two models functionally share a single wound pool. Between that and the Shadow Queen's buffed attacks, she's now able to support her army and get stuck in at the same time, and opponents will have no choice but to deal with the Shadow Queen if they want to stop Morathi-Khaine from casting and buffing.

Total War: Warhammer[edit]

To the surprise of very few Morathi, alongside her son, got to appear in Total War: Warhammer II as one of the starting legendary lords for the Dark Elves. She even got to narrate the Dark Elf faction trailer, with her voice actress sounding fittingly manipulative and conniving. More surprisingly, Creative Assembly chose to bring back her secret worship of Slaanesh and possibly the other Chaos Gods too, as shown by her faction's unique mechanics. Characters spread Chaos corruption, her provinces benefit from said corruption rather than suffering and Morathi enjoys diplomacy boosts with Chaos factions like Norsca. Given that she can also be heard referring to, or beseeching various Cytharai gods like Khaine and Atharti, the likelihood is that she is willing to lie down with any god or goddess that'll have her, in every sense of that phrase.