Morbus Sanguis

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Beautiful feller.

Plaguelord Morbus Sanguis of Clan Pestilens is a historical skaven character created for the 6th edition of Warhammer Fantasy, only released on Games Workshop's website for their "Warpstone: A Skaven Civil War Scenario" net-article. Sadly, that awesomeness has been lost to history, but 1d4chan's got you covered!

Morbus Sanguis greatest claim to fame was during the End Times when he got the last laugh on Nakai the Wanderer: The Ancient Albino Kroxigor was infected by Morbus's yellow plague after killing the plaguelord which proved too potent for his immune system to resist, causing Nakai to gradually succumb to his battle wounds and various complications as his natural regenerative ability was nullified.

Skaven Civil War Scenario:

Morbus Sanguis Stats:

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