Mordecai Toth

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He's tough. Real tough.

"Better they die, their blood pure! If you feel warranted in handing out recriminations, then their deaths are on your head!"

– Mordecai Toth to Gabriel Angelos in Dawn of War

Mordecai Toth, AKA Inquisitor Tough, is an Inqusitor of the Ordo Malleus dedicated to expunging all forms of HERESY! in the name of The Emprah, particularly the forces of CHAOS!. Consequently, he suspects nearly everybody of HERESY! and even went so far as to suspect Gabriel Mangelos of being a heretic while failing to see that The idiot (Isador Akios) was actually the true traitor; to his credit though, he owns up to his mistake later. He appears in Dawn of War, where he is initially believed to have been sent to Tartarus to warn the Blood Ravens of the coming Warp Storm, and to investigate the apparent Chaos activity recently discovered on the planet. However, it was later revealed to Gabriel Mangelos by the lady who always talks in riddles (Farseer Macha) that Toth had actually been there the whole fucking time (plot twist). He is also known for having sublime voice acting with just the right mix of grit, fine silk and conviction thrown together into a special blend.


Unbeknownst to everyone apart from himself and Farseer Macha, Toth had been sent to Tartarus on a secret quest to locate the evil artifact known as the Maledictum before it could be obtained by any HERETICS. Understandably, he was on the verge of RAGING when the SPESS MEHREENS decided to start walking softly and carrying big guns during his little treasure hunt. He became even more furious when Gabe, with the help of some human fodder, started finding clues towards the Maledictum's whereabouts, and consequently seized control of all military and civilian assets in order to piss Gabe off. This worked, but unfortunately Gabe later found out about Toth's little secret from the Farseer Macha, and later accused him of being a conspirator and a liar. However, because Toth is so fucking tough, he was not cowed by such bitching, and proceeded to broker a bitching truce between Gabe and himself. Later on, he has a mental breakdown over his inability to sense the TAINT present in Isador Akios, and apologizes to Gabe for suspecting him of HERESY. This inevitably proves how tough he really fucking is, as only tough people can apologize. After Isador Akios's death, he hands over the Daemonhammer known as God-Splitter to Gabe whom subsequently uses it to smash both SSSSSSIIIIINNNNNDDDRRRRRIIII and the Maledictum into oblivion. Interestingly Macha did attempt to warn Gabe about the demon inside and insisted that he not destroy it, only for Toth to basically shout the exact opposite at him even louder. The fact that Toth was so adamant about it's destruction pressuring Gabe to smash first ask questions later hints that perhaps the inquisitor may not have been as loyal to the Imperium as he first let on, not helped by the fact he seemingly vanishes after the campaign...


  • He likes to crush enemies before his INQUISITORIAL BOOT.
  • He has little time for courtesies.
  • Like most inquisitors, he is very inquisitive.
  • Unlike most inquisitors, he can actually recognize when he has made a mistake and properly apologize for it.
  • He is also seen questioning Captain Davian Cool during the Space Marine ending of Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. However, this might just be another case of Relic reusing the same character models.
  • Apparently, it is also implied by language in the final chapter of Dawn of War (Novel) by C.S. Goto, that Inquisitor Toth could actually be a daemon pretending to be a human. This kinda makes some sense as he is unnaturally tough, but then again that is merely because of how Dawn of War is gamey and arcadey and not trying to simulate realistic toughness, you would also think that Farseer Macha would have told Gabe if he was in fact a daemon. Long story short: Fuck off, Irish leper.
  • In the C.S. Goto novelization, Toth actually becomes possessed by the daemon of the Maledictum after its vessel is destroyed, and escapes to Chaos for another day, given that this is the same book as above, logical sense has taken an even larger departure, fucking Goto.
  • His weapons of choice include a Plasma Pistol, and a Daemonhammer known as "God-Splitter". Later, after he gives God-Splitter to Gabe, he wields his Power Sword instead.


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