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"I have no right to pray for Sigmar anymore, but from the Daemons guardings the gateway to the Realm of Chaos, I ask for your deliverance. Rest now, sleep for eternity. You are now free of the withering clouds of war."

– Count Mordrek the Damned, to a dying Reikguard Knight

Count Mordrek the Damned is a Chaos Champion of Chaos Unaligned in the world of Warhammer Fantasy. One of the original band of Chaos special characters debuting in the 5th edition splatbook "Champions of Chaos", Count Mordrek is a cursed soul who has somehow earned the wrath of the Dark Gods, and been cursed with a unique "blessing" known only (but aptly) as Living Damnation - he undergoes a constant mutation, his flesh endlessly shifting into new and horrible forms, but never truly devolving into true Chaos Spawndo oh NOOOOOOABEBSBXNENRJXISOANEBDJZUZ*FWIP*; neither madness nor death are open for him to escape, for whenever he is cut down in battle, his ever-living flesh reknits itself and he is restored to life, to resume his wanderings.

What did he do to deserve this? It happened so long ago that nobody remembers! But ever since that day, Mordrek the Damned has been roaming the world, hoping desperately to either make amends to his dark masters and be freed of his curse, or just given the peace of death - he no longer cares which. He was the original wielder of the Sword of Change, which transforms its victims into Chaos Spawn, as well as of the Chaos Runeshield, which drains and nullifies any enchantments his opponents' weapons may beAGAHEHENSUSUUXKENWHWUAKDNRBEHSKWKDH*FWIP*

In the End Times, he killed the Gryphon Legion's commander Tordomir Lubovasyn by killing his steed Seraphrima through a decapitation, a That-Which-Cannot-Be-Named came out of her neck stump and killed Tordomir. It's mentioned that Mordrek was finally slain by Valten during the fighting. Even that didn't take though.

In Age of Sigmar, he is bound to the Stalking Keep by a champion of Tzeentch, before bring released and wandering the mortal realms looking for something that can kill him.


In Champions of Chaos, these are Count Mordrek's stats. He was never reprinted in any subsequent edition. The points cost for Count Mordrek and his steed are 398 points.

Movement: 4, Weapon Skill: D6+4, Ballistic Skill: 9, Strength: D3+3, Toughness: D3+3, Wounds: 3, Initiative: 9, Attacks: D6+1, Leadership: 10

Mordrek rides a Chaos Steed with Armored Barding with the following profile: Movement:8 , Weapon Skill: 4, Ballistic Skill: 0, Strength: 4, Toughness: 4, Wounds: 1, Initiative: 4, Attacks: 1, Leadership: 5

Mordrek wields the Sword of Change and the Chaos Runeshield, and sports a suit of Chaos Armor - this gives him an Armor Save of 1+. He also carries the unique Chaos Gift of Living Damnation.

Sword of Change: When the wielder inflicts a wound, but the target is not slain outright, then roll a D6, adding +1 for each unsaved wound inflicted. On a score of 5+, the victim is transformed into a Chaos Spawn, which immediately moves 2d6" away from the wielder and will begin operating under the Chaos player's command in the next tu- wait oh shit thats meAGHENEUDIXKENENRKSLAOQLQPRMBX*FWIP*

Chaos Runeshield: This shield can be combined with normal armor and/or being mounted, in the usual manner as a shield. It can also be combined with Chaos Armor, in which case it does not use up a separate magic item slot. On its own, it grants 6+ Armor Save, and the magic weapons of any enemy model are nullified so long as they are in base contact with the bearer of the Runeshield.

Living Damnation: Mordrek's Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness and Attacks must be determined by random generation at the start of the battle. Additionally, at the beginning of each of the Chaos player's turns, Mordrek must reroll one of these four stats; the new result stands, even if it is lower than the previous version.


Count Mordrek is based on the Elric character Prince Gaynor the Damned, an arch-enemy of Elric's who is himself a "fallen" Chaos Champion, trapped in a perpetually rotting yet never dying body, and desperate to find the release of death, thus driving him to loyally serve the powers of Chaos. The Chaos Runeshield is based on Gaynor's own magical sword, the Leach Blade, which extingishes the powers of other magical weapons it is wielded against. His name may be an homage to Mordred, the villainous knight who ultimately slays King Arthur and dooms Camelot.

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