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A fictional game, originally from "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" on BBC radio 4, "played" exclusively by Britaboos and trolls. /tg/ HAET MORNINGTON CRESCENT, and with good reason.

The above is what seriousfags actually believe. The truth is Mornington Crescent is a fuckawesome.

You heard it here first. Mornington Crescent is a fuckawesome.

The Amerifag version of the game is called "Melba Toast."


The rules of the game are as follows:

  1. Each player takes turns. The person who proposes the game takes the first turn.
  2. A player's turn consists of naming one of the underground stations in the London subway system that no other player has mentioned during this game.
  3. The first player to name "Mornington Crescent" wins.

Rule #3 is not a typo: the first player to name "Mornington Crescent" wins. The point of the game is not to win, but to win with style.

In America, they play "Melba Toast," where you name objects that begin with the letter 'M'. The first player to name "melba toast' wins.

Example of Play[edit]

I walk into Mornington Crescent Station.

I win.

This is possible due to the 1914 addendum to the 12th consolidated rules which introduced a typography error, which in the official 1927 erratum supplement was not over-ridden and was thus maintained as official game play. In the classic game between Barrington, First Lord of the Admiralty and Edward VII, played in 1904 under the draft rules committee's test apparatus, we can see the implication of the 12 Cons. (1914)'s typographic issues even if not fully explored. Particularly in HRH's creative use of a manually operated line-servicing pump-cart, and unscheduled maintenance. This was countered by Barrington's decision to track-walk with the risks entailed, on a live line. What most people fail to notice in this game is Barrington's deliberate purchase of a packet of crisps.

Note that the above paragraph is HILARIOUS.

Another Example of Play[edit]

Let's play Melba Toast.

Uh, okay, how do you play?

We name things that begin with the letter 'm'. First person to name 'melba toast' wins. I'll start. Um... ahh.... 'motorbike.'

Melba toast.

Oooh, you win. You start this time.

... Melba toast.

Damn, you win again.

... you are a fucking idiot, you know that?