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Morr according to Warhammer: Invasion.

A god in Warhammer Fantasy. Morr is the human god of the dead in the setting. His followers see to funerals, and try to keep the dead at rest as well as do their part (usually by aiding Witch Hunters) against the Undead. He maintains the afterlife for humans in the setting, which is a calm and restful place where sanctuaries for the other human gods also exist to provide whatever afterlives they see fit to give. He also has power over dreams and to a limited extent prophesy. He is the reason skulls are so prevalent on Empire architecture, being that he is a very important being to both commoner and noble.

Despite being a human god, he is described as being the brother of Khaine with whom he has a very poor relationship. He is worshiped as an elf named Sarriel by High Elves and Wood Elves, and as a Dwarf god named Gazul. He has a third name, Forsagh, given to him by gypsies. After Sigmar and Ulric, he is the most popular god in the Empire. His name is often lent to names relating to the undead, like the evil warpstone moon Morrslieb.

In Vermintide, Saltzpyre often quoted "Morr's scythe" before fighting any of his enemies (usually Stormvermins or Chaos Warriors) hoping that the god of death could claim the souls of their enemies.

Of note, one of the neater scenery models GW has released is named after him; the Garden of Morr.

In the End Times, Nagash defeated and consumed the god of the Underworld, Usirian, which also resulted in the destruction of Morr, indicating Morr and Usirian are the same god with different names.

The Gods of the Empire
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