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Mortarches are the elite servitors of Nagash who direct the Undead Legion at his direct behest. With the coming of The End Times, they have gathered to assist Nagash in his goal of the death and reanimation of all life on the world. Each is a powerful and elite undead warrior, several of whom ride a unique Dread Abyssal. It is said that there are nine Mortarches serving Nagash; so far, only five have been made playable (Dieter used to be, back in 4th Edition Warhammer fantasy, but now he's stuck in the Underworld after being turned into a Cerberus expy. Walach was playable in 5th edition and Luthor had his profile and army during the 6th edition, but he wasn't playable in official tournaments etc).

By End Times: Archaon, several of them turn on Nagash. The Nameless jumps ship to Chaos for kicks, Mannfred is eager to turn on Nagash and does so after Nagash gives him to the Incarnates for Aliathra's death, Walach turned to Khorne and got killed by Vlad for it and Dieter was demoted as mentioned above. Apart from that Vlad only serves Nagash to get Isabella back, Neferata only serves because of Nagash's power over her and even Arkhan privately criticizes Nagash at times.

List of Mortarches[edit]

Age of Sigmar[edit]

to manage his new realm of Death and collect all the souls that everyone seems to not want to pay up, Nagash reestablish the Mortarchs. Ever Mortarch that got a new model during the end times reprized their roles, including Mannfred using the Starscream approach of super apologizing.

List of AOS Mortarches[edit]


Age of Sigmar Mortarchs[edit]