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The Mortif are a Dungeons & Dragons race introduced in "Born of Death", an article in issue #313 of Dragon Magazine covering "half-undead" race templates. The Mortif is essentially the "planetouched" of the quintet, representing somebody whose ancestral brush with necrophilia lies several generations back, in contrast to the half-vampire, half-ghoul, half-ghost or half-zombie. Technically, Mortif only refers to human "deathtouched", but as no other variants were provided, we don't really need to care about the semantics.

Mortif tend to be pale and thin, with hair coming in black, dirt brown, or gray. Prone to reclusiveness and struggling with bouts of depression, mortif are similar to (pre-4e) tieflings in that they often bear subtle hints of their grave-touched ancestry; sharpened canines (or teeth in general) due to vampire or ghoul ancestry, an elongated tongue (usually sign of ghoul lineage), a faint but ever-present smell of the grave, skin that clings tightly to underlying muscles & bones like a corpse's, and eyes that glow red, yellow or green in low light.

It goes without saying that most races tend to be averse to mortif. After all, even a tiefling or a half-orc can claim more respectability than somebody whose grand-daddy fucked a zombie, or whose great-grandmother got pregnant by the ghost of her husband. Ironically, tieflings are about the one race whom mortif feel any particular kinship with.

-2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, +4 Charisma
Base speed 30 feet
Darkvision 60 feet
Racial Skills: +2 racial bonus on Intimidation and Move Silently.
Spell-like Ability: Chill Touch 1/day as the higher of either a 1st level caster or a caster of the mortif's character level.
Special Qualities: Resistance to Cold (5) and Electricity (5).
Favored Class: Sorcerer (although, realistically, Dread Necromancer, as a Charisma-based Necromancer, is a better fit)
Level Adjustment: +1