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All of a sudden, being Blammed for cowardice by a Commissar ain't that bad of a trade off.

A variant of the Penitent Engine equipped with heavy flamers or heavy bolters in addition to its blades, the Mortifier serves a special purpose as a punishment for Sisters Repentia whose faith is so weak that they try to flee from battle rather than atone through death. So essentially, unlike the Penitent Engine where it is most usually a form of masochistic self-loathing that may or may not borderline into some kind of kink fetish, Mortifiers are those who have definitely done something wrong. Abandoning your comrades in battle is after all, a big no-no, and given that a Repentia is intended to seek martyrdom in battle the act of fleeing is nothing short of sacrilege.

Consequently, the Mortifier chassis features a wide array of nasty devices designed to amplify the pilot's self-loathing while literally bolting her skeleton into the walker - even the words of the faithful have no solace for them because their hood blocks them out. Overall, Mortifiers are more of a range Dakka variant of the more flamer-heavy CQC specialists of normal Penitent Engines, with the usage of heavy bolters being the most prominent range weapon. This does not make Mortifiers piss-weak pansies like most Tau Battlesuits however, as Mortifiers still come standard issue with its penitent buzz-saws and penitent flails.


Cue very obvious and literal Iron Maiden music cover.

For those extra-naughty Repentias who actually try to betray their Orders, they obviously get it even worse. Their Mortifiers, called Anchorites, further entomb them in an iron maiden-like sarcophagus. While being encased in an honestly pretty awesome metal tomb is meant to protect their tortured bodies from incoming fire and desperately swung blades, the reality is more of a punishment meant to deny them the release of death for decades on end like a loyalist Helbrute. However, there are those who did nothing wrong but instead volunteer to be interred in these Anchorites like normal Dreadnoughts. It turns out that this method of service is becoming increasingly common among the Orders, perhaps owing to how they're already overwhelming with zeal and loyalty.

Anchorites, like their Mortifier cousins, are largely range-based walkers, sharing largely the same weapon loadouts as the Mortifiers. However, Anchorites are also obviously much tougher, owing to its pretty obvious iron maiden sarcophagus acting as a protective cocoon from incoming enemy fire. While this means that Anchorites won't fold like wet toilet paper, it is likewise understandable that controlling one ain't the most swell existence to be in. However, it is 100% on the person inside. Honestly, what did you think that a group which hooks up cowards to combat mechs designed to get them killed would do to traitors?

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