Motroit Enforcers

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ExirusGuardsman.jpgThis article is about an Imperial Army formation from the /tg/ Heresy project, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40k universe.

Motroit Enforcers
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Homeworld Motroit
Doctrine Heavy Infantry
Signature Equipment Cybernetic enhancement, M-186 Pacifier, MX-83 Thunderkiller
Colors Grey and Black
Associated Legion Tenth

The Motroit Enforcers were a unit of the Imperial Army.


Surviving Old Night relatively intact, Motroit willingly joined the Imperium without the need for invasion. A company of Steel Marshals made a pro forma occupation of the world in 894.M30, treating with its government with their famed even-handedness. A minor sticking-point was the assessment of a military tithe to the Great Crusade. The administrators of Motroit argued that they could not make such demands on individual citizens, and they doubted that an honest call for volunteers could attract sufficient recruits. The Marshals were resolute. Motroit must fulfil its tithe obligations within one year or be considered in revolt.

Rather than plotting an ill-fated resistance, the administrators of Motroit seized upon their world's misfortune as a resource. Every year, hundreds of thousands were crippled by disease or injury. The hiveworld's advanced cybernetic technology could rebuild their broken bodies, but few could afford the treatment. Therefore, to meet the world's tithe obligations, the government determined to give those whose lives would be entirely ruined the chance of a second life, in service to their planet.


Motroit Enforcer

Enforcer regiments base themselves on the cybernetic might and resilience of their troopers. With their enhancements, Motroit soldiers are strong enough to handle heavy weapons individually, a great boon to the regiment. The Enforcers also benefit from being able to directly link to their combat vehicles, giving an edge to their armoured squadrons.


For all their prowess, the Motroit Enforcers are typically ill-led. Drawing as they do on the poorer, worse-educated layers of the population, the Enforcers want for skilled officers. Brute force tactics, combining frontal assault with heavy firepower, are about their limit. However, these clumsy units can still be very effective when operating under the advice of more sophisticated commanders.


Motroit is able to furnish its warriors with an impressive panoply, but the unifying theme of the Enforcers' equipment is that bigger is better. Their standard sidearm, the M-186 Pacifier is the largest handgun in Imperial service, so heavy that an ordinary human would struggle to lift it one-handed - let alone stay standing from the weapon's tremendous recoil. Yet the Pacifier's brutal report is rarely heard over the sound of the Enforcers' trademark autocannons, the MX-83 Thunderkiller and its MX-84 upgrade. These rapid-firing slug-throwers can put hundreds of rounds in the air, generating a wall of lead that can threaten even power armoured soldiers.


Motroit is a sophisticated and densely populated hiveworld. Surprisingly, social inequality does not blight Motroit as badly as many of her hive sisters, and the poor live with some dignity. The vast Motroit Institute of the Arts is one of the Imperium's finest public museums.

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