Mourning Sons

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Mourning Sons
Mourning sons logo 2.png
Number 999
Founding 21st (36th Millennium)
Successors of Unknown
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Fovus
Primarch Unknown
Homeworld Fleet based
Strength 900 standard force + 1000 10th Company Members
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Burnished gold and purple

A chapter in the service of The Emperor, the Mourning Sons are loyal Imperial Space Marines that are a dreaded enemy to all that is or is connected to Chaos. Also known to be very protective of civilians and share many similarities with the Salamanders, who in turn are on good terms with the Mourning Sons as much as the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Chapter Itself[edit]

Despite being a 21st founding Chapter, the Mourning Sons were spared the ill fates that most Chapters of this founding experienced. While most suffered horrid mutations, bad luck, Inquisition approved campaigns of extermination or turned themselves to worship the Dark Gods of Chaos, the Mourning Sons found themselves among those who were lucky enough to simply gain a minor mutation.

This mutation is that of the Occulobe, and even then it’s unique to the Chapter, for it is from it that the Mourning Sons got their name. The Occulobe functions in a way that requires the marines to produce more moisture in order to make it function optimally. The drawback of it is that the marines are seen literally weeping in a constant manner, resulting in them to have a sorrowful look. Of course only a ignorant fool would think of them as whiny or mentally and emotionally unstable, for there is no evidence that the mutation causes this kind of drawbacks.

On the other hand, this mutation also makes the marine’s Occulobe work in a abnormal fashion,allowing the Mourning Sons to see their surroundings in a way not achievable by marines with normally functioning ones. The Scouts and fully fledged Battle Brothers can perfectly read the body language of any being they are looking at, while the more senior members can quickly adapt to any tactics used by the enemy the chapter is currently fighting. In the case of the Chaplains however, it is said that the mutation gives them the ability to look into the souls of living beings in order to determine their true nature. This is actually linked to their legendary figure by the name of Chaplain Jeremiah that was first to have this unique mutation to appear. With this, the marines are considered somewhat living lie detectors. The Librarians of theirs are even more potent, since with combining both the mutation and their powers, they are considered to be of irreplaceable use as interrogators.

The mutation however doesn’t work well with Dreadnoughts, since the brothers encased inside the sarcophagus are virtually blind and must always be accompanied by two Scouts that are their eyes.

Strangely, their creation is tied to the destruction of the planet of Innaculaba. The Chapter fought there ferociously in order to protect the planet from Chaos incursions that were ignited by Alpha Legionnaires HERESY!!! No such Chaos Legion exists.*BLAM*...Chaos Forces. The planet was devastated and the Chaos Marines disappeared. This left the Sons with a deep ire towards the Chaos Marines, causing them to hunt their arch-nemesis whenever they hear any rumour about a coming Chaos incursion. After that, the Crusading Chapter fought Chaos multiple times (not only enemies of non-Chaotic origins), using their mutation to better combat the threats they met. The brothers soon discovered that this was incredibly useful when fighting the manipulatory forces of Tzeentch followers, leaving none of the schemers to mount a proper counter-tactic because of the adaptability the Mourning Sons gained thanks to their mutation.

When battling on Imperial Worlds, the Chapter will always prioritize the safety of a world's civilian population. After the battle, the marines will always stay to rebuild the world they were fighting on and help the population to put themselves together, all while praying for forgiveness between reconstructions and helping civilians. This made them to be on very good terms with the Salamanders Space Marines. Both Chapters even fought alongside each other on some occasions. The Sons' attitude towards the civilians won a great measure of respect from the First Founding Chapter when both sides helped out with reconstruction projects.

The only known weakness of the brethren is their overconfidence in that they can do anything. Although they try their best in their duties and responsibilities, most of what they do is only a short term solution. As a Crusading Fleet, they can try to make the best what they can before departing further. Still, despite that, they try their best in ensuring that those in need will not be avoided.

Chapter Organization, known Alliances and Enemies/Hostile relationships[edit]


The Chapter is organized in a similar fashion as any other Codex Chapter, yet deviates in some specific points. Each of the companies, apart from functioning in the same or different fashion as other Codex based companies, also specialize in more specific tasks.

Furthermore,the Chaplains also act as Captains and Company Masters, and the current Chapter Master is also a member of the Chapter’s Sanctity. Despite this, the roles ofboth Chapter Master and Master of Sanctity are divided between two of the most senior members of the Sanctity.

The 1stCompany – Privatus (Deprived): The Veteran Company. Its members relinquish their Terminator armours and cutting edge tech for older, antiquated, or damaged wargear, so that others would have use of it. They put their faith in that the Emperor will protect them from harm. Just because their wargear is in bad condition doesn’t mean they are less dangerous. What they lack in equipment,they make it up purely with their skills, experience and faith in the Emperor.

The 2ndCompany – Ira (Anger): The company that inherited the 1st’sTerminator armours and all their cutting-edge equipment. Composed purely of Assault Terminators, these marines strike with great fury and cut down their enemies before they have time to react.

The 3rdCompany – Sollicitus (Restlessness): The diplomats of the Chapter. Responsible for dealing with inter-chapter situations, the Imperial civilians on both the refugee ships and planets. They are also the ones who meet and negotiate with Imperial representatives.

The 4thCompany – Luctus (Grief): The reconstruction specialists. While the Chapter as a whole helps with rebuilding ravaged Imperial Worlds, this company is at its very core intended to rebuild entire Hive Worlds in a short time.

The 5thCompany – Culpa (Guilt): The lightning fast company. Composed of Assault Marines,Land Speeders, and Bikers, these marines seek out their quarry to defeat as fast as possible and to save the Chapter’s allies (if they are present).

The 6thCompany – Dolus (Disappointment): Teachers, trainers and educators. They are the ones who remember the disappointment that Jeremiah saw when his gift emerged. They are responsible with training the neophytes and re-educating people. Known to have the best eyes of all the Companies, they always try to seek out weakness and flaws among their own and their allies.

The 7thCompany – Spera (Hope): Those who have a closer contact with civilians. The 3rd and 4th may be the ones who contact others and rebuild cities, but it’s the 7th that is tasked with confronting people in order to ease the pain they have, to help those who lost their loved ones and to reunite entire families.

The 8thCompany – Penitentia (Penitence): Essentially a company made out wholly of Chaplains. They were shown by brother Jeremiah the ways of worshipping the Emperor. While there were Chapters that saw the Master of Mankind not as a god,but as the greatest of men, and there were Chapters that saw in him one,Jeremiah saw both. Even if the Emperor were the greatest of men, what he did was worthy of a god.

The 9thCompany – Timor (Fear): The pilots of the Chapter.Known for their great skills in aerial combat and delivering troops to the battlefield. Although Imperial propaganda tells that Space Marines know no fear, the 9th Company knows better. Even a Astartes knows the meaning of fear, yet if he allows it to seize him, all is lost. The marines of this company deny their minds to fear, thus their courage and determination is legendary.

The 10thCompany – Caecus (Blindness): The 10thcompany has a outstanding number of one thousand. Ten times the size of a standard company. Apart of the Scout members It also includes all the Dreadnoughts and Devastator teams. As mentioned before, the Dreadnoughts are virtually blind, thus resulting in the Scouts to act as their eyes. Each of the Son’s Dreadnoughts is always accompanied by a pair of Neophytes. Overall, the10th Company acts as a large support company that distributes its members among the rest of the chapter.



The two chapters fought alongside each other multiple times. Each time they would always put the safety of civilians as priority. Thanks to this, both Space Marine Chapters share a strong relationship.

Adeptus Mechanicus

The Mourning Sons, being a fleet based chapter with a large amount of ships, have strong relationships with the scions of Mars. Justified, since the fleet needs resupplying, and with the amount of ships the chapter has, often contacts with the Tech-Priests is required.

The Chapter maintains a large fleet thanks to their contacts with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Apart of having a variety of Astartes-grade military vessels, the Mourning Sons have among them fabrication vessels and ships designed to contain refugees from planets they evacuated.

Enemies and Hostile relationships[edit]

Chaos and the Alpha Legion*BLAM* HERESY!!! No such Chaos Legion exists!! How many times I'm going to have to execute people for spreading this!?

The Alpha Legion is believed to be responsible for Innaculaba's devastation and the Sons target them and other Chaos Forces. Thanks to their mutation and abilities, the marines are capable of identifying those in league with Chaos. Incredibly useful when fighting Tzeentchian followers.


The Mourning Sons, due to being of the 21st founding, are suspected by some in the Imperium. The Inquisition is one of those organizations.

Due to their origin, they are distrusted by them. Partially because of their mutation, and partially because of the Innaculaba incident. Not to mention that one of the previous Chapter Masters slew a Inquisitor, though it was proven by the Chapter that the aforementioned Inquisitor was in league with Chaos Forces that were responsible for a system-wide Chaos incursion.

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