Mozgrod Skragbad

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Da rider of da Great White Squig 'imself!

Mozgrod Skragbad is a particularly infamous Beast Snagga Beastboss of the Snakebites Klan. A gruff, monosyllabic hunter, he roams the galaxy for no discernible reason other than bringing down the biggest monsters and machines.


Even from his youth, Mozgrod had always been a little different from other Orks, preferring the company of Squigs to other Ork boyz and spending his spare time honing his hunting skills. In the end, it turned out this was time well spent as Mozgrod has become a figure of legend among the Orks for his hunting prowess, and the boyz regularly and eagerly share tall tales about his exploits. Among the most popular of these tales is the one about the time when his tribe joined Waaagh! Gobgrinda and attacked the Iron Warrior held world of Yrwyn II. While there Mozgrod and his squig steed were either swallowed by a subterranean creature called a Gutmaw or a Squiggoth depending on which version of the tale you hear, but both versions agree that neither Mozgrod's squig nor the critter that ate the pair survived the encounter, with the critter that ate him spitting out Mozgrod for being too tough before dying from all the internal injuries Mozgrod had inflicted on it. Despite having half his body melted off by the critter's stomach acid Mozgrod managed to drag himself and the eyes of the dead critter back to camp a feat which so impressed the Warboss that he had the best Painboyz in his employ rebuild Mozgrod with bioniks. However, even this tall tale falls short of the most famous tale of them all, namely Mozgrod's taming of the Great White Squig. The Great White Squig (or "Big Chompa" as Skragbad came to name it) was an albino Squigosaur that was infamous for being the toughest, most savage, and most belligerent of its kind. Legends claim that Mozgrod brought it to heel with his intimidating gaze alone, though in truth he chased and bludgeoned it for three days before it finally capitulated to his will. Since then the two have been inseperable...mostly because if Skragbad leaves the pale critter by itself it will promptly proceed to rampage out of control.

All these stories lead to Mozgrod becoming quite popular among the Orks, as many of the greenskins follow in his footsteps, creating a massive Stampede of Beast Snaggas. Mozgrod himself couldn’t care less; as long as they don’t get in the way of whatever he’s hunting, he tolerates the mob of obsessive fans.

Tabletop Rules[edit]

Mozrog Skragbad was introduced along with the Beast Snaggas to the setting with the Warhammer 40,000 9th edition Beast Snagga Orks boxset. He is a 9 power unit that costs 170 pts per model and comes riding on the back of Big Chompa. You can only have one of him in battle and he comes with three possible types of attack. Option 1 is to melee attack with Big Chompa's jaws which have S 7, AP -3, and deals 3 damage. Additionally, this weapon has special rules: each time the bearer fights you get to make 3 additional attacks (and no more than 3 ) with this weapon. If you roll an unmodified wound roll of 6 it inflicts 4 mortal wounds on the target and the attack sequence ends. Alternatively, you can melee attack with Mozrog's Power Klaw Gutrippa which has S +1, AP -2, and 3 damage. Finally, if you want to deal range damage you can attack with the Thump Gun attached to the side of Big Chompa's head. A thump gun is basically a small handheld cannon or the Ork equivalent of one of those Elephant guns people use to hunt big game with. This weapon deals blast damage and is listed as an Assault D3 type with a range of 18", 6 S, AP -2, and deals D3 damage.

As for special abilities: he's got the standard Beast Snagga ability which means each time he attacks a vehicle or monster you add 1 to the attack's hit roll. Next is his Beastboss (Aura) ability which makes it so that when a Beast Snagga Core or Snakebite Beast Snagga Character unit is within 6" of him, each time a model in that unit makes a melee attack, add 1 to that attack's hit roll. Next up is his Thick Hide which means that each time an attack is allocated to this model, subtract 1 from the Damage characteristic of that attack (to a minimum of 1). Next is his Tougher than a Rok Squig ability which grants him a 4+ invulnerability save. Then there's the standard Waaagh! ability from the 9th edition Ork codex and the 9th edition version of 'Ere We Go! which lets you reroll charge rolls. He also has the Surly as a Squiggoth Warlord trait. This means the first time he is destroyed, you can choose to roll one D6 at the end of the phase instead of using any rules that normally are triggered when a model is destroyed (e.g. the Orks is Never Beaten Stratagem). If you do so, then on a 4+, set this WARLORD back up on the battlefield as close as possible to where they were destroyed and not within the Engagement Range of any enemy models, with D3 wounds remaining.

Faction Keywords: Orks, Snakebite

Keywords: Character, Cavalry, Warboss, Squig, Mozrog Skragbad, Beastboss, Beast Snagga

So overall a very useful unit, being plenty fast, and on the offensive side of things – the +1A aura for Beast Snaggas, plus the NINE S7 AP-2 or 3, D3 attacks will mop up almost anything! On the Defense T7, W9, with -1 Damage combined with the 4+ Invulnerable makes Mozrog a tough nut to crack.

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