Mucolid Spore

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When enemy flyers bug you, accept no substitutes.

A Mucolid is a bigger kind of spore mine which is filled with evil bug gas that enables it to bumble around at much higher altitudes than their smaller relatives. This enables them to fling themselves after even the quickest of flyers and flying monstrous creatures with a propulsive blast of flatulence. Mucolid Spores despite their appearances can move swiftly through the air like a suicidal hot-air balloon, exploding with lethal force once they close with their target - making them a deadly obstruction for enemy flyers.

They work in conjunction with the Sporocyst. Essentially, when a Sporocyst has made planetfall, it will spread its chitinous shell and burrow into the ground like a tick in unprotected flesh. Once embedded, the Sporocyst coughs out clouds of polluting microorganisms that denature the planet’s atmosphere until the air is ripe for digestion. Of course the Sporocyst needs protection from potential airstrikes so the Mucolid Spore helps create a defensive shielding around the Sporocyst to potentially deter any enemy aircraft within its vicinity. This makes the only way to attack a Sporocyst viable is by land, and the Sporocyst is already heavily guarded by other forms of Tyranid bio-organisms as well as its plethora of bio-weapons.

Once being troop choices, Tyranid players could get their Troops requirements out of the way for a breezy 30 points, leaving more room for more important things. In 8th Edition this is no longer the case: the spores were increased to 20 points a pop and are now Fast Attack. They can optionally Deep Strike to appear more than 12" away from any enemy model, which means that they aren't very likely to kill anything on their first turn. Afterwards however they're a lot more capable: being able to Fly means that they can be set up behind tall solid cover so that they won't be shot to death in one turn and still move away. Being able to move only 3" would mean that it's slow... except it can still advance and declare a charge. At the end of this, if the spore is within 3" of an enemy it goes BOOM. Roll d6: on a 1 nothing happens, on a 2-5 the closest enemy unit suffers d3 Mortal Wounds and on a 6 it suffers d6 Mortal Wounds. This is some effective firepower, but it works best in groups of 3 (which is perfectly affordable). The downside is their toughness: T3 W3 and 6+ means you'll die very quickly, so use that cover. And while the spores need not roll to hit against flying targets, if anything they're now less useful against flyers because they can just opt to NOPE out of the spore's range. Even as an area denial service they're not that good because of their fragility. They might hit a lot harder than Biovores, but Biovores can lay down the smackdown a lot more reliably without being in direct personal danger. Mucolid Spores do have one benefit: as per the Living Bombs rule you only have to pay for them once to keep raining down the damage.

Power Ratings[edit]

Mucolid Spores cost 1 point a piece, and keep coming back. This is half the cost of a Biovore, making the difference a lot larger than with points. They're the same cost as Spore Mines, so the choice is a bit more difficult. Spore Mines have a lower upgrade ceiling (can only take 6) and hence a more liimited damage output. They are also easier to damage (T1 7+), which also lowers their potential damage output. On the other hand they're a lot smaller and therefore easier to put into cover. So all in all it depends on what you want out of your living bombs.

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