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A mummy is a person (or an animal) who has been subjected to mummification, a form of preserving the body for prolonged periods of time. On /tg/ specifically, it refers to a unique form of undead created from such preserved bodies.

The iconic mummy is the Egyptian mummy, a ritually prepared corpse who has select organs ceremonially removed before the body is dried out with natron (a kind of natural salt) and then intricately wrapped up in layers of bandages before being buried inside of an elaborate tomb.

Whilst there are several forms of natural mummification, involving peat bogs, salt-pans, deep deserts and high, dry snowfields, these have not had so much of an impact on /tg/ media, mostly because they lack the grandeur and spectacle of the Egyptian mummy - "natural" mummies are often treated as little more than a gimmicky variety of zombie. Meanwhile, the Incan mummy, with its elaborate mud plaster and wind-drying-based ceremonial burial, is simply far less known.

Typically, mummies are portrayed as sapient, free-willed undead, often with potent magical abilities. They usually fear fire (mostly because they're almost always bandage-wrapped Egyptian Mummies, otherwise because mummification dries out the body to leathery kindling), but are often quite hard to kill.

In Dungeons & Dragons, the mummy is traditionally portrayed as (but not mechanically forced to be) the "Undead Cleric", in contrast to the "Undead Wizard" of the Lich. This is a tradition that Pathfinder has continued. Dragon Magazine #300 contains an Ecology of the Mummy article which provides tweaks for mud, peat and ice mummies. Beyond the traits expected of intelligent undead, the primary distinguishing ability of a mummy is causing Mummy Rot, a magical curse that's also a disease.

In Warhammer, mummies were part of the original generic "undead" army. They were ultimately spun off to form their own faction in the Tomb Kings.

The World of Darkness has two game lines based on playing mummies.


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Just like the zombie and the vampire, the mummy as a sexy monstrous woman has appeared here and there. Female mummies seeking to regain their lives as beautiful human women have actually been portrayed in completely serious monster movies.

In the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, the mummy is a variant zombie afflicted with overly sensitive skin; they bandage themselves to protect themselves from being rendered too horny to do anything from just the day-to-day sensations of moving around.


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