Mummy: The Curse

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Mummy: The Curse
RPG published by
White Wolf / CCP
Rule System Storytelling System
Authors Rich Thomas et al
First Publication 2012
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The last game for the New World of Darkness created before the 2nd edition update.

Long story short? Long before Egypt existed, there was the Nameless Empire - so called because either it's been totally forgotten, it was never named because it was the first empire the world had ever seen, or both. Ruled by necromantic sorcerer-kings called the Shan'iatu, from its capital of Irem (yes, as in "Irem of the Pillars") its influence spread out over the world.

You are one of the Arisen: once a member of the elite guilds upon which the Empire's might was founded, you were chosen for your value as a servant to become Deathless, a mummified servitor who spends most of their time in the land of the dead, Duat, and arises to carry out the will of the mysterious Judges, the god-kings of Duat.

Think this sounds awesome? Think again. Your memories are utterly shot to hell, robbing you of anything meaningful about your past. You exist for a very short amount of time - barely half to two thirds of a year, tops - and then you die again. You start each Descent (cycle of life) at the highest levels of power, and steadily grow weaker and weaker. To say nothing of the fact you're little more than a puppet for unknown forces who want you to run around chasing their cursed trinkets and shit.

A Mummy's "racial" splat is Decree, which aspect of their soul was most important to them when they stood before the Judges. The Lion-Heads of Ab (Heart), the Falcon-Heads of Ba (Spirit), the Bull-Heads of Ka (Essence), the Serpent-Heads of Ren (Name) and the Jackal-heads of Sheut (Shadow).

Their "social" splat, meanwhile, is their guild. Maa-Kep (managers and spies), Mesen-Nebu (alchemists), Sesha-Hebsu (scribes), Su-Menent (undertakers and minor necromancers), and Tef-Aabhi (artists).

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