Mutant: Heirs of Doom

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Mutant: Heirs of Doom is an English version of Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare with mostly recycled fluff.

In 2014 a new game in the franchise was released by Fria Ligan under license from Paradox Entertainment. Dubbed "Mutant - År Noll", or "Mutant: Year Zero" for all you non-Swedish-speaking plebs, the game uses the same setting as the original 1984 version of Mutant and "Undergångens Arvtagare" but set several hundred years earlier. So it's more of a prequel/Ultimate take on the setting.


It is the year of 248 in the Soern States, 167 for the Irish and 18 for the Albions. Albions calendar is going backwards.

Character Creation[edit]

The first step in the creation of a character is to decide what Class the character shall be. The Mutant world has four different classes that all have pros och cons. These are: non-mutated humans (nmh), mutants (mh and ma), psi-mutants (psi och mma) and robots (rbt). Class determines what kind of abilities you get. Humans get Talents, mutants get Mutations, psi-mutants get psi-mutations and robots get options gadgets.

Occupation is the second thing of importance you choose. Your occupation decides what kind of skills you get to use.


Mission in Mash Mashel



The lands of Albion is famous, or at the very least infamous for a lot of things. Different sorts of violence is the what first come to mind.

Fields of Freedom[edit]


The Cyllmauntens are unclaimed wilderness. There is a small resemblance to the zones.

Ireland [edit]

The Most Holiest of the Albionic Isles and the lands beyond the Sea the Theocracy of Ireland is the most technologically advanced country in the Albionic Icelands, famous for their scrap and metal export. Ireland is the largest of the Albionic states, led by an order of holy knowledgists and is notable for its railway and high standard for domestic technology and surgery. Its deeply religious, violent and proud population are kept under control by governmental robots armed with shock batons. The knowledgism teaches about an eternal soul and a replaceable body. Ireland's national animal is the Bearmour and its currency is the Iron.

Isle of Kharl[edit]

The Isle of Kharl is a small trade nation in the middle of the Albionic sea. Both the Soern States and Ireland wants it.

Soern States[edit]

The Soern States is the oldest nation of the Albionic Isles. The five states have a certian connection after the uprising. Their common denominator is an aggresive attitude against people not living in the Soern States.


Large parts of the Albionic Isles are wild and untamed nature. It shifts between colossal woods, lime deserts, volcaninc mountains and most things in between. But there are some territories feared more than the forests and the deserts. The term "zone" or "forbidden zone" refers to these lands - places so dangerous and barren they can not be lived in without constant danger.

You can ususally hear people discuss the origins of these no-man's-land at zone dives. The two most common theories are that thay either came from the catastrophic wars or are a result of naturals disasters such as acid storms or stone rains

There are some souls who bid defiance to the zones risks. They have to live with terrorrobots, slaughtertrees and zonemares as their neighbours, but they avoid the diseased civilisation which plauge their existence.

Most of the Albionics are yet to be explored territories, which is why many daredevils risk their lives and limbs to discover amazing Hi-tekh to sell expensively. Or at least something to sell for food. Even the Knowledgists have a couple of zone-wanderers in their service, called Explorators, which always are on expeditions in the wilderness. You rarely get to live long in this business. But you will at least know you have lived. In the zones, noone can hear you scream. On the other hand: noone can hear your blunderbuss, either!