Mutations(Mutant: Heirs of Doom)

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Mutations are abilities only mutants have access to



One, or a pair, of the mutants body parts are abnormaly large.

Acidic Spit[edit]

The mutant can spit acid.



The Mutant is twice the size it should be.


The mutant has a natural armour which protects it from damage.


Extra arms, legs, heads, wings, tails and trunks.

Flock Creature[edit]

The mutant gets a bonus to it's rolls when it does something in a team.

Eating Habit[edit]

The mutant has different eating habits. Maybe it can survive by only eating plants, garbage or chemicals.

Jump ability[edit]

The mutant can jump atleast twice as high.

Natural Weapon[edit]

The a part of the mutants body can be used as a weapon. Maybe it is horns, fangs or tusks.


The mutant is unusually resistant to something. Maybe it is radiation, acid, poison or warmth.


The mutant is half the size it should be.