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Mwahahaha! is the sound that evil geniuses make as their plans show fruit.

the following is ripped off another website

Mwahahaha! is a card game of Mad Scientists and Global Domination. You assume the role of an evil genius who builds a criminal empire and constructs a doomsday device with which to cow a trembling humanity. But you're not the only one with grand machinations. Other players rival you for absolute mastery. He who completes his device first and collects the highest ransom is declared the winner — and ruler of the world!

Game pieces:

10 different Mad Scientists to portray
36 Empire Cards - the factories, businesses and institutions that are the unassuming face of your evil empire
40 Minion cards - agents and henchmen to pit against your rivals
20 Doomsday Devices to build
Lots of raw Material Tokens
Lots of Maniacal Tokens and Humiliation Tokens
the dice you need to play
a deck of Dirty Trick cards