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Mya Symbol.jpg
Faceless mother figure
Aliases The Mother of Wisdom
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Greater Goddess
Pantheon Morndinsamman (Dwarf)
Portfolio Clan, Family, Wisdom
Domains 3E: Good, Healing, Knowledge
5E: Knowledge, Life
Home Plane Celestia
Worshippers Dwarf Midwives, Diviners, and Females
Favoured Weapon Morningstar

Mya is a goddess in the Morndinsamman, the Dwarf pantheon, in Dungeons & Dragons. A lesser deity amongst their number, she was invented in 3rd edition for the splatbook "Races of Stone", but made a surprise leap to full-fledged canon in 5th edition with "Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes".

Sadly, as a lesser deity than Moradin, Abbathor, Berronar Truesilver and Clanggedin Silverbeard, no updated information on her was presented, meaning you still had to look back and find out about her online or else own a copy of Races of Stone. Luckily, 1d4chan is here to help.

According to "Races of Stone", Mya is the mother-goddess of the dwarf race, the matriarch of their people to Moradin and his role as their divine patriach. Almost all female dwarf infants are consecrated to Mya, unless signs portend they have been claimed by one of the other deities.

The Mother of Wisdom represents the bonds of family and clan that hold dwarf society together. When dwarves extend their hospitality to their lost or wounded brethren, they often do so in Mya’s name. Mya also figures prominently in many dwarven divinations, because she is said to have peerless wisdom. Dwarf artisans generally depict her as a middle-aged female with improbably long, braided blonde hair.

Mya’s clerics spend most of their lives in temples within dwarf communities, performing the rites and organizing the holidays and festivals important to dwarven culture. Most begin their path by volunteering to help as adolescents, then gradually increasing their commitment to Mya as they grow older.

Mya’s temples are sometimes even bigger than Moradin’s, since they almost always include amphitheaters where public ceremonies and festivals can take place. This is to be expected because Mya is in charge of marriage, home-blessing, and coming-of-age rites, which naturally attract much larger groups of the faithful. Many of Mya's rites are solemn ceremonies full of long liturgies and contemplative prayers.

Said prayers are quite distinctive, because they almost never use the singular form (except when referring to Mya). Even if alone, a follower to Mya might begin a prayer with “Mother of Wisdom, grant us succor, that we might safeguard our hearth. . . .”

Anything that threatens the safety or harmony of a dwarf community is Mya’s enemy. Her clerics often need adventurers to protect a dwarf settlement or recover a powerful magic item with divinatory powers.

Mya’s herald is a solar with 22 Hit Dice that looks like a female dwarf warrior. Her allies are bralani eladrins, astral devas, and planetars.

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