Myphitic Blight-Hauler

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This runty little pug of a daemon engine almost makes it worth it to contract Super Ebola. Almost.

The Myphitic Blight-Hauler is only known for three things. The first is that it is yet another Daemon Engine of Nurgle from the new Death Guard codex. The second is that GW took forever to get around to releasing this model, seriously it was teased prior to the Codex launch in August and the release date is currently set for mid December. The third is that it is the cutest motherfucking daemon engine to have ever existed. Seriously look at this thing! It is like a Chaos Roomba come to life. Look at those stubby little feet, doesn't that make you just go "Dawww"? Only in Papa Nurgle's lair is it possible to have such a collection of adorable little monstrosities.

It’s one sick puppy. No, seriously, it’s a sick, plague spreading puppy to rival the Beast of Nurgle. That’s how much Nurgle loves you. Have gave you a puppy.

The Blight-Hauler is a small little fighter that acts as both as a portable gun battery and a light mobile artillery. Appearance wise, it looks much like Foetid Bloat-drone on land. Except, instead of a duct exhaust fan for hover and limited flight, it has three caterpillar tracks that resembles like the aforementioned stunty looking feet. The daemons bound within them are well-known for their obedience and eagerness to spread Nurgle's gifts. This gives the Blight-Hauler its name: it literally hauls the disease-propagating daemons directly to their enemies (the healthy) and spreads a toxic cloud wherever it goes.

In a sense, the Blight-Hauler can switch to a fire support weapons platform to help assist fellow Death Guard allies thanks to its Bile Spurt which is an Assault D3 Plague Weapon, or it can turn into a dedicated anti-tank platform due to the presence of a Multi-Melta and transform into a makeshift light artillery due to its Missile Launcher. Heck, it is even pretty decent as a melee unit due to its Gnashing Maws. All in all, the Blight-Hauler is perhaps one of the most versatile daemon engines in the entirety of the Chaos Space Marines, let alone the Death Guard.

Look at those stubby legs! It is to die for!


For Crunch, what has been said about the Blight-Hauler's weapons and role pretty much applies to the tabletop as well, with the weapon combination it runs having something to counter horde armies, armored platoons, close-combat units and entrenched opponents. Additionally, the relatively small size of the model means that you can have a unit size of 1-3 and if you take then full size, you could get the Tri-Lobe rule to kick in, granting +1 to hit so they have Marine-tier WS/BS. 10" of movement may sound unimpressive on paper, but in an army where the bulk of your forces can barely manage half that distance they're lightning fast by comparison.

It’s also stable and doesn't suffer the -1 to hit for moving and firing heavy weapons, which is a nice match to the Death Guard Legion special rule for infantry. Another special ability is the Putrescent Fog which gives ALL friendly Death Guard within 7" the benefit of a mobile cover when making armor saves, which again mesh nicely with your advancing army of slow moving infantry armed with short range weapons that would be vulnerable to long range assaults. And in assault, Foul Stench applies a -1 to hit on opponents attacking it. There is also the usual Disgustingly Resilient rule will make those 8 wounds (high enough to take a beating, but not so high as to subject it to degrading stats from a damage table) last a little longer, while Daemonic and the 5++ that comes with it will further extend its lifespan even as it gets the opportunity to be buffed by allied daemons. Finally if it does go down, make sure it's nearby enemy units as it blows sky-high on a 4+, which you can ensure for the low, low cost of a single command point thanks to the Death Guard's Putrid Detonation Stratagem.

Tl;dr, It's like a Venomthrope, but shootier.

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