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I have, after a long and hard search found an artwork of this badass fella.

Veteran Sergeant Naaman[edit]

A Dark Angels special character back in third edition.

Like a certain other pretender, Naaman was a Scout sergeant, but has been around in the fluff for a LOT longer and he did have his own model and his own special rules. WAAAH.

However, suddenly he died; he was the protagonist of the novel: Purging of Kadillus, which involved his most famous (and final) campaign against the Orks on Piscina.

He was not necessarily the best Scout sergeant to have ever lived (evidenced by the fact they killed him off), but he was made Awesome by the way they portrayed him; in the novel Belial was frustrated by his insubordination, that he would frequently do whatever he felt like, though to usually great effect regardless.

Ravenwing sergeants would also defer to him, though in his original rules he was a member of the Deathwing, so that explains that.


The original Scout special character.

According to the official records Naaman lived from 823-997.M41, so a reasonable lifespan for a Space Marine at least. (Not really, the average Space Marine lifespan is at least 250)

After the initial repulsion of the Dark Angels forces movements against the Orks on Piscina IV, he was the only one to survive the cunning counter-attack of Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub yet he returned to the Dark Angels' base of operations and later managed to lead a team of Scouts through the Ork lines and sentries to discover and relay information about the tellyporta systems used by Nazdreg to such deadly effect.

Then later when he was holding off the counter-attacks from within Nazdreg's base, he was able to direct the Deathwing to remove an energy relay from the teleportation base, presumably in order to disable it. Unfortunately he was eventually killed by an exploding Ork Deff Dread. But his name was added to the Book of Honour for the Dark Angels.

Stolen Relics[edit]

Yes, the Blood Ravens got their greasy mittens on Naaman's wargear after he died. A sniper rifle called Naaman's Silence found its way off planet and into the armoury of sergeant Cyrus. It is said to be very effective at killing Orks.

Homebrew Rules[edit]

If you look hard enough, homebrew rules for Naaman can be found all over the internet, each with their own variation on the original 3rd edition theme. This is just one more addition until GW finally decide to bring him back.

  • Naaman can be added to any Dark Angels scout squad for 70 points, replacing the Sergeant.
WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type
4 4 4 4 2 4 2 9 4+ Infantry (Character)


Naaman's Silence
This is a master-crafted Sniper Rifle whose shots are always Precise; Orks may not take Look Out, Sir! saves against Naaman's Silence.
Master-crafted Bolt Pistol
Master-crafted Close Combat Weapon
Carapace Armour
Camo Cloak
Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades
Melta Bombs
Teleport Homer

Special Rules[edit]

And They Shall Know No Fear
Combat Squads
Fearless and Hatred (Chaos Space Marines).
Grim Resolve
Stubborn, and Overwatch at BS2 unless jinked.
Move Through Cover
Preferred Enemy (Orks)
Skillful Parry
Double this model's WS (to a maximum of 10) for determining how difficult it is to hit in melee.
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