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The Nagaji are a playable race of serpentfolk from the world of Golarion. Natives to the Oriental region of Tian Xia, the Nagaji specifically hail from the land of Nagajor, which is ruled by nagas. Physically, nagaji are reptilian humanoids, having a basic human body structure with scaly skin and serpentine facial features - flat, almost non-existent ears and noses paired with forked tongues and snake-like eyes. The breed is somewhat mutable, prone to meldings of both reptilian traits and humanoid traits, such as crests, spines, frills, and, on the females, breasts. The one trait they never have is a tail.

Historically, nagaji were engineered by the nagas of Nagajor as a slave-race, attempting to create loyal reptilian servitors with the versatility of humans. Did it work? Well... yes, and no. See, the nagaji do love and revere the nagas - indeed, their unique Druid archetype, the Naga Aspirant, actually has powers focused on turning into a naga, despite the nagas' status as aberrations making them anathema to many druids. However, this love for the nagas does not extend to a suicidal level, like, say, that of the kobolds for dragons. As a result, whilst they happily serve their makers, they expect to be treated decently in exchange for this history: even a casual study of Nagajor's history will reveal a string of protests, rebellions and revolutions stemming from nagas being too presumptious about the mindless obedience of their creations. Whether or not this has played a part in the fact that they are officially a free people, being allowed to leave Nagajor if they so wish, has gone unspoken. Of course, given their societal focus on honor, devotion and dedication, particularly towards one's nation it goes without saying that few nagaji tend to actually leave their homeland. Although commonly perceived as worshipping all nagas as gods, in fact, the nagaji actually only worship Nalinivati, the Naga Goddess of Sorcery, said to be both the first Queen of Nagajor and the creator of the nagaji. And even then, civic obedience trumps religion in terms of societal importance and obligation.

Class archetypes unique to the nagaji consist of the Naga Aspirant (a Druid who seeks to become a naga), the First Mother's Fang (a Samurai-esque Cavalier who rides a giant serpent into battle), and Naga bloodlines for the Sorcerer and Bloodrager.

PC Stats[edit]

+2 Strength, +2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence
Base speed 30 feet
Humanoid Type, Reptile Subtype
Low-Light Vision
Armored Scales: +1 natural armor bonus.
Resistant: +2 racial saving throw bonus against mind-affecting effects and poison.
Serpent's Sense: +2 racial bonus on Handle Animal checks made against reptiles and on Perception checks.

Alternate Racial Traits:

  • Hypnotic Gaze: Replaces Serpent's Senses with the ability to cast Hypnotisim 1/day on a single target. Caster level equals the nagaji's Hit Dice, DC is 11 + nagaji's Charisma modifier, effecs only last for 1 round. (Advanced Race Guide)
  • Serpent Affinity: Replaces Resistant with a +1 caster level bonus if the nagaji is a Cleric with the Scalykind domain. (Inner Sea Races)


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