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The watchtowers in the north just got 10 feet higher, and the Warriors of Chaos are going to pay for them. Deport or enslave the highborn and make Naggaroth great again!

Naggaroth, fuck yeah!
Comin' again to pillage your mother fuckin' day yeah!
Naggaroth, fuck yeah!
Slavery and rape is the only way yeah!"

– Naggaroth's national anthem

Naggaroth is the home of the Dark Elves in Warhammer Fantasy and is portrayed as a dark, dingy terrible place to live, full of black trees and high mountains covered in raging monsters. Much as the Old World is placed in the location equivalent to Europe, Asia, and Africa, Naggaroth occupies the location of North America; particularly the United States and Canada. The Dark Elves settled there after rising up against and being kicked out by the High Elves. Hmm.

Honestly by all accounts, it comes off as a HORRIBLE place to live. It is dark,cold, desolate and full of monsters, though there are Everglades and desert type areas, but these are always prefixed by 'doom' and 'death' etc. The western side is a fucking mess with all those islands. Basically GW seem to have made a horrible anti-North America that no one would want to colonise so they can keep the action in the old world. Between this bleak cold shithole and the sweltering jungle shithole to the south, why would you? Old fluff says American Indian types live there, but got the same treatment from the Dark Elves that the Native Americans got from the colonials (except with complete genocide instead of near-genocide) and were promptly forgotten in newer fluff.

Anyway the Dark Elves arrived, decided it was a perfect place to set up shop and made six big cities to live in, each one a pleasant land of pain and torture. Yes, Naggaroth runs on a slave labour/piracy economy, and it is practically the main industry of the land.

Each of the six dark elf cities serves a vital function in the kingdom and, besides a few odd balls and the shade tribes, remains central to Dark Elf society. Some areas around the cities are home to labor camps and agricultural plantations. The 8th edition codex added a 7th city, Hal Kaldra, which rebelled against Malekith and was destroyed by his magic.

Malekith the Witch-King rules the land with an iron fist and woe betide anyone that get any other ideas...

The kingdom would be constantly raided by chaos warriors from the northern wastes if it wasn't for many happy (read: forced) volunteer warriors who man the series of fortress like watch towers that keep the marauders at bay. Even so, it is a thankless task, and only the threat of death keeps them there.

By The End Times, Malekith ordered a mass exodus, ordering every Druchii to sail to Ulthuan for one final battle. Naggaroth is now abandoned, and any left still in the Land of Chill are now prey to the marauding chaos forces. Since Malekith is revealed to be the rightful king of all elfkind, the elves have fully solidified into their role of world police; Naggaroth, fuck yeah!

Cities of Naggaroth and why they are horrible vacation destinations[edit]



Har Ganeth[edit]

Karond Khar[edit]

Clar Karond[edit]

Hag Graef[edit]

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