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The watchtowers in the north just got 10 feet higher, and we'll make the Warriors of Chaos pay for them. Deport or enslave the highborn and make Naggaroth great again!

Naggaroth, fuck yeah!
Comin' again to pillage your motherfuckin' day, yeah!
Naggaroth, fuck yeah!
Slavery and rape are the only way, yeah!"

– Naggaroth's national anthem

"After the Sundering, the Phoenix court labeled Naggaroth the worst place to live in the world. Main issues? Sky high rate of violence and more Chaos filth than anywhere else. Can’t deny it; it’s all true... but the Druchii still wants to live here. This continent always got a promise for you. Might be a lie, an illusion, but it’s there... just around the corner - and it keeps you going. (Montage of Druchii beating slaves) It’s a land of dreams. And I’m a big dreamer...(more montage of Druchii daily violence. Most of the footage came from Har Ganeth's Death Night)"

A Druchii lived in Plain of Spider named V

Naggaroth is the home of the Dark Elves in Warhammer Fantasy and is portrayed as a dark, dingy terrible place to live, full of black trees and high mountains covered in raging monsters. Much as the Old World is placed in the location equivalent to Europe, Asia, and Africa, Naggaroth occupies the location of North America; particularly the United States and Canada. The Dark Elves settled there after rising up against and being kicked out by the High Elves. Hmm.

Honestly by all accounts, it comes off as a HORRIBLE place to live. It is dark,cold, desolate and full of monsters, though there are Everglades and desert type areas, but these are always prefixed by 'doom' and 'death' etc. The western side is a fucking mess with all those islands. Basically GW seem to have made a horrible anti-North America that no one would want to colonise so they can keep the action in the old world. Between this bleak cold shithole and the sweltering jungle shithole to the south, why would you, Old fluff says American Indian types live there, but got the same treatment from the Dark Elves that the Native Americans got from the colonials (except with complete genocide instead of near-genocide) and were promptly forgotten in newer fluff. Other inhabitants include Blackscale Beastmen, most likely American Alligator Beastmen, and Frost Goblins, descendants of escaped goblin slaves.

Anyway the Dark Elves arrived, decided it was a perfect place to set up shop and made six big cities to live in, each one a pleasant land of pain and torture. Yes, Naggaroth runs on a slave labour/piracy economy, and it is practically the main industry of the land.

Each of the six dark elf cities serves a vital function in the kingdom and, besides a few odd balls and the shade tribes, remains central to Dark Elf society. Some areas around the cities are home to labor camps and agricultural plantations. The 8th edition codex added a 7th city, Hal Kaldra, which rebelled against Malekith and was destroyed by his magic.

Malekith the Witch-King rules the land with an iron fist and woe betide anyone that get any other ideas...

The kingdom would have been constantly raided by the chaos warriors from the northern wastes, if it weren't for many happy (read: forced) volunteer warriors who man the series of fortress-like watch towers that keep the marauders at bay. Even so, it is a thankless task, and only the threat of death keeps them there.

By The End Times, Malekith ordered a mass exodus, ordering every Druchii to sail to Ulthuan for one final battle. Naggaroth is now abandoned, and any left still in the Land of Chill are now prey to the marauding chaos forces. Since Malekith is revealed to be the rightful king of all elfkind, the elves have fully solidified into their role of world police; Naggaroth, fuck yeah!

Another thing to point out the comparsion between Naggaroth and real life America, is that while America is known for its democratic voting for its leader every 4 years, Malekith has been ruling the damn place since its founding until the god damned end times. One could say that Malekith is like an evil Benjamin Franklin.

Cities of Naggaroth and why they are horrible vacation destinations[edit]


Warhammer Washington, because this is where the country's leader lives and the house where the leader lives was given a specific color schemed name (the White House and the Dark Tower), however the real life Washington city located the right side of the continent, below New York while Naggarond is on the left side of Naggaroth. There is however another state (a state mind you, not city) with the same name located on the left side of America with Olympia being its capital however, there is another city there named Seattle with it being the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and it has a tower named "Space Needle" that was built in 1962 (long before the Dark Elves army rule book was established) which could make the Dark Tower a painfully stark irony to the combination of both Space Needle and the White House. Alternatively it's just Warhammer Barad-Dur.

The jealous mama boy intended to make the tower better than the one ASUR FUCKING SHIT owns, but lost interest and left some of the rooms to dust. There is a council room in the tower where the dark elf generals are planning the invasion of Ulthuan with many dark, edgy looking chairs, and corpses of generals who had pissed of Malekith for failing him. Because of that, the room smells like corpse shit and crawling with maggots to remind the generals if they were to fail. Malekith resides in his personal chamber the very top of the tower, where he could use his magic vision to see everywhere in the world like a creepy stalker, but his gaze is always fixed on Ulthuan. He also hid a secret chamber (probably containing his secret porn stash or vast collection of stuffed rabbits) beneath the city, that not even his mom and her spies could peek into.


Warhammer Maine, given both at the geographical top of their respective nations, have an older population and both have a reputation for supernatural occurrences (well, Stephen King's version of Maine, but still).

Mommy Morathi's home. The city is known for being a carbon copy of Naggarond - albeit a fraction of the size, and its riches and gold mines. Morathi has a tower here that has predictions and prophecies foretold everyday. Since the city is so close to the chaos wastes, and its magic attracts demons and chaos sorcerers, it is in constant battle with chaos shit. Nevertheless, the Dark Elves and their slave mercenaries not once wanted to run away, since they all want a taste of Morathi, that sweet milf ass who was once banged by Aenarion, the king of elves. She also trains the most beautiful sorceresses to be her army of call-girls personal aides who cater to those who aren't into milfs. Malekith lets his mother have her fun, so long as she remembers to pay him taxes (aka allowance).

Har Ganeth[edit]

Warhammer Chicago, because Chicago is known for its homicide and gang war while Har Ganeth is known for its executions and murders.

The entire city is dedicated to Khaine and is probably the strictest city for the Dark Elves since murder (outside of the liturgies of Khaine-worship, of course, where the act itself is much esteemed in the service of the Lord of Murder), thievery and public debauchery (especially inasmuch as it connects to Slaanesh, which is considered major league heresy) are considered crimes here. It is mostly populated by Witch Elves and the infamous Har Ganeth Executioners, whose work mostly involves chopping lawbreakers' heads off. The dreadlords here are dicks who constantly plot to have their rivals' heads on the chopping blocks by using the law of this city to their advantage (or the other way around by their rivals).

Crone Hellebron rules this city alongside many hag witches, using their powers to get back youthful appearances by bathing in the blood of the executed. The Dark Elves have a holiday named the Death Night (probably Dark Elf Halloween), the Dark Elves version of the Wood Elves' Wild Hunt, where Witch Elves go on a rampage towards any Dark Elves they find and offer their blood to Khaine. Whereas in other cities it's exclusively celebrated by the Witch Elves, here in Har Ganeth everyone in the city can participate. On these occasions slaves and prisoners are released to the streets, with the great gates closed to prevent anyone escaping and when the celebration is over Hellebron sends groups of Executioners and Witch Elves to restore order.

Karond Kar[edit]

Warhammer New York, because New York is known for its early European immigrants, while Karond Kar is known for its slaves. Oh, and both are located on the right side of the continent, and both are port cities.

It is not just a port city, however, but the biggest one in Naggaroth, where a lot of overseas slaves are traded. Due to the shitty cold temperature, the cruel dark elves corsairs, fleetmasters, and the usual Khaine worshiping murder freaks. Slaves that had survived are the hardest among the hardest of people in the Warhammer world, even more so than the Dwarfs. Karond Kar was originally the home for Beastmasters as well, with slaves being considered another type of beast, but this was retconned so Clar Karond was the prime city for Beastmasters; while Karond Kar still has beastmasters, Clar Karond's are said to be the best and there's a fierce rivalry between the two cities.

Rakarth the Beastlord was born here, one of the greatest beastmaster that was not born in Clar Karond.

The city is bursting with slave markets. Cloaked Khanite assassins had to roam the crowd to making sure no slaves escapes without being punished.

Clar Karond[edit]

Another port city; however, it is known for its lumber, shipyards and beastmasters. The major shipyard of Naggaroth is located here.

The Dark Elves use dark lumber to build their depressing-looking ships, and they build new houses on top of the tree roots, after they either burned or pulled them by chain (all that work done by the slaves, just a reminder). As a result of the massive deforestation and no urban planning, the city navigates like a goddamned maze, worse than Naggaroth itself. It's almost comparable to the city their space cousins made, except Commorragh's structure is so complex, it's like starring at an Escheresque, 4-dimensional maze, that would drive any mon'keigh stark raving mad.

The city's other specialty are its beastmasters, although this is a retcon since in previous editions Karond Kar was the Beastmaster place while Clar Karond just made ships. Anyway, since this damned place is where they mind-broke the poor cold one (this type is native to Naggaroth mind you), a frigging dinosaur that ignore armor saves by attacking with its teeth, bent to the will of a bunch of edgy pointy ear assholes. Much later, the eldritch-abomination-looking Kharibdyss (it even comes from the deepest parts of the ocean too) was bought here and bent to the will of those shitheads as well. On top of the maze like streets of Clar Karond, they are now cluttered with caged beasts, and probably overflow with their shit and piss, which the slaves have to clean up.

Anath Raema (the goddess of savage hunt, who was known for being the evil and feminine version of Kurnous) has more shrines in this damned place than Khaine and all the street cage combine. Hardly surprising, since the city is a Mecca of beastmasters.

Speculated to be the Warhammer Texas due to the large amount of beasts and beastmaster is akin to the Texas cowboys and its rodeo.

Hag Graef[edit]

Warhammer's Philadelphia, due to its proximity to the capital (DC/Naggarond), extreme violence (well, that's all Druchii cities), and aspirations of political greatness. Another depressing city in Naggaroth but with little to no sunlight and more political assassination. The city was built at the bottom of a cold canyon and as such was devoid of any sunlight. Since the area was known for its mines, the slaves here have to work in the freezing dark hellholes. Even death wass no respite, as when a slave-miner died, they didn't get to stay dead. Instead, the nearby warpstone vein reanimated them back to life until the skeleton slaves worked their bones to dust (this pleases Nagash). Due to the mines, the city was flowing with coins, so much so that it produced a very powerful military and could possibly have even overshadowed Naggarond. This easily made it the second major city of Naggaroth. Malekith is aware of this, but really had no need to worry for he just let the local power struggles and assassinations sort it out. The eight families ruled from atop each one of the city's eight towers, and rule they did with an iron fist. The families' only goals in life was to elevate their family's head to the status of The First Dreadlord, a title that would have allowed any Dark Elf to control the city's trade and its military might unilaterally. As a result, assassinations were extremely frequent, so much so that the Khainite Assassins had a ridiculously successful business branch there. It is noted that the beloved Malus Darkblade was born here as the bastard son of the Lurhan Fellblade, a military commander who lived there.

Geographic Areas[edit]

  • Sea of Malice
  • Blackspine Mountains, home to a race of Beastmen covered in jagged black scales, possibly American Alligator Beastmen due to the equivalent Real-World Continential Location?
  • Boiling Sea

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