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Nalthalos' symbol.jpg
A wavy black serpent with a stinger on its tail
Alignment Lawful Evil
Divine Rank Demigod
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Dark elves, illusions, magic
Domains 3E: Constructs, Evil, Law
5E: Trickery
Home Plane Currently: Prime Material Plane (Dier Drendal, Scarn)
Formerly: Dier Myrstate (Iron Hells)
Worshippers Dark elves
Favoured Weapon Rapier

Nalthalos is the demigod patron of the dark elves, and especially those of Dier Drendal. He's the brother of Jandaveos.


Though some say that Nalthalos died during the Divine War, the truth is that this almost happened. Whilst he usually fought alongside his brother, one day he was forced to fight against Chern alone. The titan unleashed many horrific plagues against the demigod and rent his body with his scythe. Only the coming of Madriel, Corean, and Vangal prevented the death of the lord of the dark elves, as they drove Chern to Termana. The demigod then left himself to be tended by his clergy, who gave their lives to heal him and hold the spread of the diseases, while the archmages of the dark elves concocted a plan to transfer his soul to a new body. Within two hours the mages created a giant lead golem in Nalthalos' image, and performed a great ritual that killed all but five of the participants, and succesfully transferred his divine soul to the golem, though at the cost of much of his divine power and knowledge, and the ability to travel the planes.

Since then Nalthalos has acted as the undisputed leader of Dier Drendal and the dark elves, though feels that they should make their own decisions instead of relying on his divine insight and he has neglected the city in favor of fighting against the dwarves of Burok Torn. Though the worshippers and Nalthalos may say that the reason the two are fighting is due to the betrayal of Goran, as he retreated when Nalthalos fought Chern, the real reason is that in Burok Torn exists a planar gate that would allow Nalthalos to enter the Astral Plane and regain his full power and status. He did once attempt to negotiate entry, but the herald he sent was almost killed and has since then warred for entry.

Another thing that Nalthalos noticed in time, was that his power is ebbing little by little every day, and he and his herald estimate that he has two centuries before he becomes nothing more than a mindless golem. Every day is precious to him, as he becomes more desperate to gain access to the portal, and he wonders that when he enters it, will he be too far gone to repair his mind and body? And once he leaves, what will happen to his people when they lose the centerpiece of their culture?


Nalthalos is exclusively worshipped by dark elves and as the leader of their city, they feel he's always close to them. They are always reverent, and often entreat and supplicate Nalthalos, even if there's no need. Some of them seek to sway the forsaken elves of Termana to the worship Nalthalos, as they feel the alliance would help them overtak Burok Torn. Another group of fanatical worshippers believes that Nalthalos has achieved true transcendence, and work to turn themselves to golem-like beings.

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