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She is an absurdly high functioning autistic [1]. She is a genius to the point she might be a Mary Sue. In post Fate Reforged, she considers herself to have the mind of a dragon. Because she considers herself to have the mind of an (ojutai) dragon, one could make the case that Ojutai dragons have (very) high functioning autism.

Pre Fate Reforged[edit]

She died at the hands of Zurgo because she got between him and Sarkhan Vol.

Creature Card[edit]

With a rigged deck, can combo off and win by attacking. This is because hitting someone allows freecasting any noncreature spells out of the 4 topdeck. Combine with red explosion-spamming, blue trickery and white defense. Narset is also hexproof and first strike, which combined with the way the stack works (her casts come out before any responses to the attack) make her near impossible to remove. Is reviled in many playgroups, but somehow not banned.

Post Fate Reforged[edit]

She became a master at age 15 after receiving the notice of Ojutai himself.


After acquiring the rank of master, she had the horrifying revelation that there was nothing left for her to learn. She had reached the top. But then she found scrolls that contained forbidden knowledge she didn't know. Her curiosity drove her to commit heresy against Ojutai. The end of her heresy spree ignited her spark. Ojutai found out about her heresy and was pretty chill about it (pun not intended). In fact Ojutai seemed happy she committed heresy in pursuit of enlightenment. [2].

Planeswalker Cards[edit]

Narrset Transcendent has a CMC of 4 and enters the battlefield with 6 loyalty counters. While neither of these traits are unheard of individually, it is the first time they have been combined, giving Narset the highest starting loyalty of any CMC 4 planeswalker printed by WotC.

Since Khans, Narset has been printed in two more incarnations. She appeared during War of the Spark as Narset, Parter of Veils as an uncommon, 1 generic and 2 blue mana, 5 loyalty walker. Despite being an uncommon walker and only having one active ability, she is deceptively powerful. Her static ability prevents your opponents from drawing any cards aside from the first they draw each turn, and her -2 lets you look at the top 4 cards and pull a noncreature, nonland from them. Her static ability is the real backbreaker, stuffing control decks and most other decks that want to draw a bunch of cards, and she sees regular play in multiple constructed formats.

Narset of the Ancient Way is from when she tagged along with Vivien Reid during Ikoria. For 1 generic, one blue, one white, and one red mana, you get a Jeskai walker with 4 starting loyalty. Her +1 gives you two life and gives you a red, blue, or white mana that can only be spent on noncreature spells. Her -2 lets you draw a card, and then you may discard a card. If you discard a noncreature card this way, she deals damage to a creature or planeswalker equal to that card's CMC. Her ultimate at -6 gives you an emblem that staples Shocks onto all your noncreature spells.

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Outside Links[edit]

  • [3] has info on the Ojutai clan (which provides context of Narset's society post Fate Reforged).