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Anger management? Never heard of it.

Nassir Amit is a Space Marine that was Fifth Captain of the Blood Angels Legion, then after the Horus Heresy became the first Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers during the Second Founding. He named his Chapter after his own nickname. He originally got said nickname from Khârn (of all people) when he saw how scary the dude was in the World Eaters' recreational gladiator pits, and just how generally bloodthirsty and angry he was even before the death of Sanguinius really made that a thing for all Blood Angels. Beyond being a predatory, hard as nails motherfucker, Amit was also a brutally honest warrior that hated deceit and having to lie about things, and unafraid to voice his opinions; which made others either like him a bit and overlook his general brutality or hate him even more. His end was a truly sad one however. Although his deeds were great and many, and he led the Flesh Tearers to many victories, he sadly was overwhelmed by the Black Rage that completely consumed him.

He is basically the canon Angry Marine and the inspiration behind his /tg/-created counterpart Temperus Maximus.

Notable feats[edit]

Nassir Amit is a bit of a sideshow character in the Horus Heresy novels, but he still managed to rack up some impressive accolades:

  • He equipped his men with flaying knives instead of standard combat knives to make them even scarier.
  • He was known to wear Terminator armour in battle, equipped with dual Chainfists with Storm Bolters mounted to the wrists, for optimal Rip and Tear capability.
  • He earned his nickname from Khârn fighting World Eaters in their duelling pits. No holds barred duels to the death. And he won. Every. Last. One. He. Fought! (Though Khârn himself thought he could beat him... he’s probably trying his hand now.)
  • He participated in the annihilation of the Nephilim along with his Primarch.
  • He had no qualm about calling the Emperor's decision at Nikaea a stupid one (to the point Sanguinius had to kindly remind him the Emperor's word was law) and to offer asylum to any ex-Librarian in his company if their original one did not want them back. Not because he especially liked psykers but because in his eyes it was a dick move and he wouldn't abide by dick moves.
    • ... The Emperor agrees with him on this now, but that probably has to do with Magnus falling to chaos.
  • He showed the Alpha Legion how to eradicate Orks properly in the Kayvas Belt.
  • He was the first to realize (and dare voice) the existence of the Red Thirst and told Sanguinius straight-up that trying to cover that up was a mistake.
  • He was the first to realize (and again dare voice) that Horus sent them into a trap in the Signus Cluster.
    • Sanguinius (who up to that point was super-bro' with Horus) flat out backhanded him for this, and demanded he retract his statement... He didn’t because he’s just that ballsy.
  • He was the first to realize (and yet again dare voice) that the Word Bearers had betrayed them.
    • Very few were surprised by this prospect, unlike the situation with Horus.
  • He has the dubious honour of being the first Blood Angel team-killing fucktard, succumbing to the Red Thirst and slaughtering a group of Space Wolves accompanying them in his fury.
    • On the flip side, he volunteered to turn himself over to the Wolves and confess to said act and let them enact whatever retribution they wished upon him. Only Azkaellon's concern about turning brother against brother even further made that a no-go, and he almost punched Azkaellon in the face for lying about the whole thing to Sanguinius. Whatever his flaws, the guy actually stood up for them!
    • However this accidentally helped the Blood Angels by letting their Librarians use their powers without interference so ultimately this worked out.
  • He told Roboute Guilliman, to his face, that his Codex Astartes was a bad idea. Twice in a row! And right after getting punched in the gut for saying it the first time. Amit would never forgive Guilliman for forcing the Codex upon everyone. Ever.
    • Poetic irony: after waking up in the modern Imperium... Guilliman actually concurs. Amit’s probably laughing his ass off right now somewhere in the warp.
  • He created the Reliquary of Amit, a container containing Sanguinius' last feather, suspended in stasis so it may never touch the ground, to express his sorrow over his Primarch's death. Being a bloodthirsty murder machine doesn't mean you can't weep manly tears.
  • He was also old as fuck, as it was said that he personally declared Cretacia as the Flesh Tearers' homeworld despite the chapter being fleet-based for several millennia. Dante probably doesn't hold a candle to him.
  • He may be the only loyalist marine in the history of the Imperium to have been “gifted” apotheosis, while still remaining loyal to the Imperium. That is the pinnacle of faith in the Emperor.
  • He’s only The second known member of the entire Blood Angels legion to have overcome the Black Rage. (Unlike Mephiston he may have had a bit of assistance. If you can call it that...)
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