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Use of Cold Ones in combat.

Cold Ones, or nauglir in the Dark Elves' language, are dark and feral beasts that can be found in Lustria and Naggaroth. They are large and scaly reptilian beasts with sharp teeth and large claws. Lustrian Cold Ones hunt in the tropical jungles, while Cold Ones in Naggaroth prefer the damp warmth of caves to the cold weather outside. They are thought by humans to be akin to giant lizards (or dinosaurs), but are actually closer relatives to dragons. They are used as mounts by Dark Elves and Lizardmen.

Savage and fierce, but generally lacking in intelligence, in the wild, they are usually solitary but sometimes band together and hunt in packs. They are extremely aggressive and eat large animals and humanoid races as well. They have a particular taste for horseflesh which can be an advantage or disadvantage in battle (the disadvantage being sometimes they go looking for a quick snack instead of finishing off the fight if their riders don't maintain good control over them.)

The Dark Elf Cold One Knights must cover themselves in the poisonous saliva of these beasts in order to ride them; they also use two of the beasts to pull Cold One Chariots. Long-term exposure to the powerful poison destroys the nerves of the skin so that the knights have little sensation and lose their senses of taste and smell. There is at least one exception to this rule, Malus Darkblade's personal Cold One Spite.

Certain Lizardmen Saurus may be spawned with the instinctive ability to tame and ride Cold Ones; perhaps the normally vicious Cold Ones recognize a similar cold-blooded cunning in these Saurus. These Saurus form into units of Cold One Riders and serve as shock cavalry.

On The Tabletop[edit]

They're quite effective cavalry mounts, slower than unarmored horses, but they're stronger and tougher with a bite that could sever a man's arm. This in conjunction with their foul smell and ferocious temperament meant they caused Fear. There was a drawback with the Stupidity special rule, but this was offset by the control of their riders (who were either high leadership elves or resolute Lizardmen). Their thick scales also gave them equal protection to any barding on a warhorse.

Notable Nauglir[edit]

  • Spite, the mount of Malus Darkblade. He was the runt of his litter and small for his species ("small" being 16 feet from snout to tail tip), but smarter than the average murderlizard. Also the only thing Malus unconditionally loves (along with, perhaps, the value that inspired his name), and that loves him back. D'aww.