Nautical Kroozer

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The amount of guns on this thing makes an Ork Space hulk look limp-dicked in comparison.

Is it just us? Or are the Orks the only faction that could do a roight and proppa Navy? No, not that type of Navy, but the good and splashy one. The Nautical Kroozer is a waterborne variety of the Kill Kroozer best shown in the Deff Skwadron graphic novel.

  • Length: 2-3km approx
  • Mass: 9-12 megatonnes; approx
  • Crew: 15,700 crew; approx


One Nautical Kroozer was shown and it was the personal capital ship of Warboss Grimlug. Named after the Warboss, the Nautical Kroozer, The Grimlug, is a large naval vessel with a METRIC. SHIT. TON OF. GUNS. Even by Ork standards this thing was ridiculous. In the Graphic Novel, the Nautical Kroozer was unleashed in response to the attack on Big Scrap Alley. Warboss Grimlug declares a Waaagh! on Warboss Badthug, launching his new nautical Kroozer, The Grimlug, against Badthug's forces.

The Flyboyz of Karnage, Kannibal and Deff skwadrons are deployed to intercept and destroy the threat. No match for the ship's excessive defences, all three skwadrons are shot down, with some Fighta-Bommers slamming into The Grimlug and others falling into the Squig-Shark-infested waters below. Kommanda Uzgob and his navigator Gimzod emerge from the water and scale the side of the kroozer, before subsequently assaulting the ship's magazine.

Sabotaging the ammo dump to set-off a chain of explosions, they retreat back to the deck, bumping into an injured Killboy, who has procured an enemy Fighta-Bommer. All three make their escape in the aircraft as The Grimlug explodes below them. Before heading home, they detour to the base of their rivals, Kannibal Skwadron, and cunningly using their enemy-marked aircraft, blow the place to Zog.

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