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Wreath of flowers shaped into demon horns
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Quasi-Deity
Pantheon Exandria
Domains Life, Nature
Home Plane Prime Material (Exandria, Wildemount)
Worshippers Druids, warlocks

Naviask is a fey spirit that wanders the wastes of Xhorhas in Wildemount.


Naviask was originally a balor seeking to destroy the Feywild, but was caught in one of Queen Titania's traps. The Queen of All Faeries changed Naviask from a demon to one of the fey, and changed his mission to healing the land with nature. After the Calamity, Naviask began to wander around Exandria to heal thee scarred and destroyed lands.


Naviask appears as a verdant hued balor, adorned by vines and flowers. Rather than fire, he projects an aura of sunlight and wields a whip of radiance.


Naviask's followers are found largely in Xhorhas, where the demon mainly wanders and appears to those he wishes to see him. They work to aid their patron in healing the wastes. Naviask has also made pacts with those who share his goals.

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