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Bellows and Lizard Tail
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Gnome
Portfolio Inventions, Good Luck
Domains 3E: Craft, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Metal, Planning, Pride
5E: Forge, Knowledge, Trickery
Home Plane Great Wheel: Golden Hills (Bytopia)
World Tree: The Workshop (Golden Hills)
Worshippers Gnomes, Thinkers, Inventors, Tricksters, Artificers, Engineers
Favoured Weapon Warhammer

Nebelun the Meddler is a forgotten member of the Gnome pantheon in Dungeons & Dragons. God of Inventions, Technology, and Boldness, he is an ascended gnomish hero-god who hails from the setting of Greyhawk, or at least Gygax's nebulous "core setting" of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. As the editions have passed, Nebelun has been forgotten, mostly due to his assimilation by Gond in the Forgotten Realms setting.

Nebelun takes the form of an spry old male gnome with white hair, clad in a black frock-coat and top hat, wearing glasses and carrying a black leather bag filled with bizare tools and devices.

Nebelun Lore[edit]

Nebelun is a restless, wandering god who is ever-filled with grandiose schemes, despite the fact that they usually never quite work out. He is a technologist, whose creations usually don't work out according to plan, but also a thief-trickster; his holy symbol stems from the famous occasion when he invented the first blimp by cutting off the tail of Semuanya, the lizardfolk god, skinning it, sewing it up, and inflating it with hot air. It actually worked fine... until he got it back to the ground, where it mysteriously exploded after a few minutes spent idling.

Fearless to the point of insanity, he is further characterized by his curiosity, his humor, his sense of fun and his love of playful tinkering. His priesthood are all inveterate tinkerers and experimentalists, forever trying to devise new ways of doing things.

Although all this sounds a lot like the Tinker Gnomes of Dragonlance, Nebelun has no official ties to that race, although he would make a logical patron for minoi carried off of Krynn, which Spelljammer makes canon has happened.

Publication History[edit]

Nebelun is a "3rd generation" gnomish god; he debuted in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition in the splatbook "Monster Mythology", with a slight addendum to his place in Planescape in the splatbook "On Hallowed Ground". He has never appeared since then.

Nebelun vs. Gond[edit]

Nebelun's downfall - beyond being too caught up in the "comic relief inventor" stigma of the Krynnish Tinker Gnome - can be directly attributed to the Forgotten Realms and its own god of invention, Gond. In the splatbook Demihuman Deities, which covers the demihuman gods and goddesses of Faerun, it's explicitly stated that Nebelun is merely a Gnomish "interpretation" of Gond. How this is possible when Gond is a True Neutral solemn thinker and Nebelun is a Chaotic Good playful inventor is, of course, not explained. When Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rolled around, due to its lack of focus on "demihuman deities" - most of those would only be brought back through the Forgotten Realms splatbook "Faiths & Pantheons", or in the Races of X books - Nebelun was promptly left behind, being mentioned only in his role as a mask for Gond. And as 3e was the most successful edition of D&D, at least until 5th... Nebelun was basically lost to time.

For added humiliation, Races of Stone would come up with Rill Cleverthrush, who is literally just Nebelun with his personality shifted to match Gond's.

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