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Inspired by Fantasy Flight Games' Deathwatch Role-playing Game's Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables, these tables let you roll up (or otherwise generate) your very own Necron Army. In the absence of any role-playing game featuring Necron armies specifically, this table is more or less entirely for the purpose of generating fluff.

This web app uses these tables to generate a dynasty (updated for 9e) in case you're not in the mood to roll your dice.

Side in Secession Wars[edit]

Original Side in the Necrontyr Secession Wars (d10)
1 (Unification) Fought under the command of the Triarch and the Silent King.
2 (Unification) Fought under the command of a larger Dynasty’s Nemesor.
3 (Unification) Fought independently to bring honor to the kingdom.
4 (Unification) Forced to assist the unification forces or perish.
5 (Secessionist) Fought to make themselves the undisputed ruler.
6 (Secessionist) Fought under another rebel Phaeron as a member of his court.
7 (Secessionist) Fought to dissolve the Triarch and gain independence.
8 (Secessionist) Fought to destroy several old rival Dynasties and their allies.
9 (Neutral) Took no side but took the lands of vanquished empires.
10 (Neutral) Didn’t fight and only defended their own borders.

Followed C'Tan[edit]

C’Tan fought alongside before betraying during the War in Heaven (d10)
1-2 The Deceiver
3-4 The Nightbringer
5 The Void Dragon
6 The Outsider
7 The Lord of Fire
8 The Endless Swarm
9 The Flayer
10 Another of forgotten name.

Hated Nemesis[edit]

Most Hated Nemesis (d10)
1 Those Necrons who cling to the old ways
2 Those Necrons who would upset the ancient traditions / The C'Tan and those misguided or damaged Necrons still loyal to them
3 The Old Ones themselves and now their chosen children the Eldar
4 The Dark Eldar hidden behind the Dolmen Gates and fighting without honor
5 The Ork menace that grows like a cancer upon the once ordered worlds
6 The vile Imperium that are but a pale imitation of the true rulers of the galaxy
7 The young upstart Tau who must learn the galaxy was never theirs to claim
8 Children of Chaos, The Enslavers (Krell), and other denizens of the Immaterium
9 The Tyranids who would consume this galaxy, the Necrons' birthright
10 Any who challenge the Dynasty’s supremacy

Mental Damage[edit]

Damage sustained during sleep (d10)
1 Obsessed with either returning to the sensations and freedom of the flesh or embracing the ultimate strength of metal, leading to a galaxy wide search for a perfect vessel and a way to escape their own.
2 Malfunction leaves them controlled or influenced by a particular C'Tan shard (Deceiver, Night Bringer, Dragon, Outsider, etc).
3 Insane god killers and iconoclasts that believe they are still fighting the War in Heaven. Obsessed with completely destroying all gods (C'Tan shards, Ruinous Powers, the God-Emperor, Khaine, even Gork & Mork)
4 Still believe self to be of flesh and blood and fighting the wars of secession. Still fear own death and those of your subjects and vary tactics accordingly.
5 No memory of past at all and believe self to be a perfect construct. Have a bitter hatred of all life and set about eradicating it as completely as possible.
6 No memory of past at all but still sentient. Struggle to come to terms with new identity.
7 Have the memories of a common peasant dumped into an Overlord’s body by some mishap. Don’t know what happened to the mind of the actual Overlord of the Dynasty, but no one seems to realize you aren’t who they think you are.
8 The Overlord himself is damaged and undergoing extensive repairs still and has not yet awakened. However his royal courtiers rule in his stead each with differing ideas of what their master would want and whether or not they should even try to awaken him.
9 By some miscalculation every single one of the Necron warriors and lower ranks have perfect recollections of their former lives and are completely sentient.
10 The final order of the Silent King, to rebuild the great Necrontyr Dynasties, has overwritten every other drive of the Overlord and now they are set about making things exactly the way they were. EXACTLY as they were.

Tomb World/Dynasty Hero[edit]

Hero (d10)
1 Lowly Warrior
2 Lychguard
3 Cryptek
4 Lord (1d4, 1 Regular, 2 Destroyer, 3 Overlord, 4 Phaeron)
5 Deathmark
6 Flayed One
7 Scarab/Construct
8 C'Tan Shard
9 Monolith
10 Other/Your Choice

Tomb World Biome[edit]

Biome (d10)
1 Jungle
2 Desert/Wasteland
3 Ice/Tundra
4 Plains
5 Tropical Rainforest
6 Temperate Rainforest
7 Urban
8 Swamp/Bog
9 Volcanic/Mountainous
10 Other/Write in

Was it Populated?[edit]

Was it Populated?(d10)
1-6 Yes
7-10 No

How Populated if so?(d10)
1 Scattered tribes
2-3 Many villages, some towns
4-6 Many towns, some cities
7-8 Many cities, some big cities
9 Many large cities, at least one Hive
10 Many Hives

If so, what happened to them?(d10)
1-6 Purged them
7-9 Enslaved them
10 Took them under our wing

Awakening Date[edit]

Awakening (d10)
1 M32 or earlier
2 M33
3 M34
4 M35
5 M36
6 M37
7 M38
8 M39
9 M40
10 M41


1-2 Endangered
3-4 Below Strength
5-9 Nominal/Average
10 Over Strength


Greater Objectives or Goals (d100)
1-5 Becoming meatbags again through esoteric means that require biomass. Now if only the proper vessel can be found.
6-10 Hunting down C'tan shards and collecting them so that they cannot be used by those who do not understand them.
11-15 Helping the fractured C'tan in achieving unfathomable and dangerous schemes, possibly freeing shards to fuse them into a complete C'tan.
16-20 Enlarging an AI host by reprogramming other Necrons. Free will is only a construct. There will be only one true lord.
21-25 Converting all sentient lifeforms into Necrons. Death is only the beginning.
26-30 Stealing artifacts and the great works of the fledgling races as trophies to adorn their palace (Pirate-Crons)
31-35 ADVENTURING! It's a whole new galaxy out there.
36-40 Preventing other races from killing each other. By killing them first. Let them know how fortunate they are to be able to die and escape the unending suffering of life.
41-45 Hatred for all life. Only the dead shall know peace.
46-50 Leeching life-force from mortals, stars, and worlds and collecting souls for greater power.
51-55 Revenge against the Young Races who have forgotten the true rulers of this galaxy.
56-60 Testing and Science for curiosity's sake.
61-65 Regaining a glorious empire.
66-70 Doing the incomprehensible for seemingly unknowable reasons. Things like re-aligning suns, carving out planets, draining nebulas, and exterminating all troublemakers in the process.
71-75 Cast aside what remains of mortality and embrace eternity. The Necrodermis is strong where the flesh is weak.
76-80 Immortality is the only object of any worth, and true immortality still escapes them. They will find a way to escape the end of the universe itself.
81-85 Through those races who understand and can manipulate the Warp they seek to understand it so that they can destroy it.
86-90 Through those races who understand and can manipulate the Warp they seek to understand it so that they can use it for themselves and control the very powers the Old Ones once used against them.
91-95 Death is release and they have lived for so long...
96-100 They have lived for untold millenia and have lost more than Man can remember. Now they are the stewards of the galaxy and it is their responsibility to guide the young children so that they cannot make the same mistakes. Forcibly, if necessary.

Favored Conversion Subject[edit]

Favored Conversion Subject (d100)
1-25 Human – They must have something going for them to have spread this much in so little time in such a hostile galaxy.
26-40 Astartes – Living weapons made from humans, with modifications they could not only be a species but the most resilient, powerful, and successful race to meet the universe.
41-50 Eldar – Psychically gifted and nearly immortal. How ironic that the potential key to Necron salvation lies in the biology of your hated enemy.
51-65 Tau – You yearn not for a powerful body, simply a familiar one: warp-resistant yet free of your race's ailments, they may be perfect.
66-72 Orks – The savage Orks possess possibly the most resiliant biology in the universe, immune to age, resistant to sickness, and capable of shrugging off grievous injury. Their bodies will find far better use as vessels for the new Necrontyr.
73-85 Tyranid – You see that the Silent King’s perspective on the Tyranid swarm is flawed. They are not the obstacle, but the gateway to Apotheosis. It lies waiting somewhere in the biology in one of the countless bioforms.
86-90 Other – You see potential where nobody else sees it, in one of the less prominent races of the galaxy (roll on the table below).
91-100 None – For one reason or another you don’t seek the return to flesh. Perhaps you see fit to simply work to repair the negative effects of your current body, perhaps you simply see no downside or that flesh is weak and unworthy, or you may think you still have your last one. Regardless, you have no interest in changing bodies.

Minor Xenos Species(1d100)
1-10 Rak'gol
11-20 Hrud
21-30 Fra'al
31-40 Uluméathic
41-50 Zoats
51-60 Loxatl
61-65 Bargesi
66-70 Tarrelians
71-75 Thyrrus
76-80 Hellgrammite
81-85 Loxatl
85-90 Saharduin
91-92 Xenarch
93-95 Cythor Fiends
96-97 Dracolith
98-100 Other Xenos Species (pick one or roll/write one up)
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