Necron Grand Cruiser

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The Crons only have one known type of Grand Cruiser first introduced in a patch in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II, thereby making it the third faction to have access to Grand Cruisers, with the other two being unsurprisingly, the Imperial Navy and the Fleets of Chaos.




The Frankenstein's monster of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II.

The Scourge-class Grand Cruiser is an ECKS BAWKS HEUG Carrier-Cruiser that wouldn't be out of place in being called a Battleship if the Tomb Ship already exists. Whilst it is around the same length as a Tomb Ship, it is not as wide as the giant croissant.

If anything, the Scourge-class resembles a hotch-potch amalgamation of every Necron ship design, like some kind of Frankenstein's monster. At the very least, it looks closest to a Harvest Ship, albeit, heavily beefed up.

Due to being a Carrier, the Scourge is the only Necron vessel to have legit launch bays and a set of 4 at that. Now it can only launch the same hull damaging Doom Scythe fighters that the other Necron line ships can, but can actually launch large groups of them instead of single squads only. On top of that, since it still posses the Doom Scythe Transfer ability the other Necrons use to launch their fighters, you actually have a whole 5th squadron you can launch separately, with its own set of 3 charges. This makes the scourge the only vessel in the game to be able to launch two separate squadrons at two separate targets at the same time.

  • Length: 9-10km; approx

In Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2[edit]

As aforementioned, the Scourge is a unique ship compared to the rest of the post-launch ships added to the Chaos and Necron fleets. The standard weapons are nice and all, albeit lacking any front-firing arcs, but the ship benefits from being the only true carrier in its fleet.

In terms of overall stats, the Scourge gets a fairly standard stat loadout relative to the other Necron ships. The massive number of hitpoints for a ship of its class means the enemy will need to spend a lot of time burning down your hull to stop it from healing the rest of your fleet.

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