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Necron Pylons are Sentry Pylon's older brother. Like its smaller brother, the Necron Pylon look a lot like a crescent shaped Necron "defense turret" constructed from the same living metal as the Necron Monolith. And like the Sentry Pylon, the Necron Pylon is not a traditional turret in a sense as the Pylon's position is not fixed and Necron attacks are often supported by Pylons that are teleported to the surface of the besieged world. When used in a defensive manner, Pylons emerge from the ground to attack trespassers and subsequently vanish to escape retaliation. Pylons have a bloody large range of fire thanks to their ability to rapidly traverse the firing element of their primary weapon system, making them a threat to both land-based targets and aircraft alike.

In terms of armament, the Necron Pylon has a power matrix similar to that of a Monolith, from which the Pylon draws energy prior to discharging it in one of two forms: as a Particle Accelerator attack, or a Gauss Flux Arc. A Particle Accelerator is essentially a larger version of the Monolith's Particle Whip, and is the result of the Pylon focusing the energy from the power matrix into a single bolt rather than distributing the energy on the Monolith's four cannons. On the other hand the Gauss Flux Arc is more diffuse, coruscating discharge of a lower strength than that of the Particle Accelerator, and is thus capable of affecting multiple units at once so think of them as a giant Gauss shotgun/flamer.

In the fluff, these things are the Necrons' designated ship-killers, meant for taking chunks out of Strike Cruisers and the like.

Gauss Pylon[edit]

Another variant of the Necron Pylon is the Gauss Pylon. They only differ in weaponry however, as the Gauss Pylon has a Gauss Annihilator, which is capable of firing a Focussed Beam (similar to the Particle Accelerator attack, however stronger) or projecting a Gauss Flux Arc. The Gauss Annihilator is also capable of rapid traverse, and when working in conjunction with the Gauss Pylon's impressive target lock and guidance systems; is able to shoot down almost anything, Super-Heavies included.

Also installed in each Gauss Pylon is a Phase Shift Generator. Which is another Necron Holo-field. A Phase Shift Generator allows nearby Necrons to occasionally shrug off fire that would usually render their armour useless as protection.

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