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"Beauty perishes in life but is immortal in art."

– Leonardo Da Vinci
"I'll teach you to defile my shit with your fucking graffiti!"

Necrotects, were the priest-architects of the Nehekharan dynasties before the fall of Nehekhara and the resurrection of the Tomb Kings. Like many artists they were moody and bitter perfectionists, whipping slaves to death over the slightest chip or scrape to the massive statues and tombs they built in honor of their kings & gods. After a certain dick, (who was also quite well versed in architecture, the nerd), caused everyone to wake up, they were among the first to start rebuilding ancient Nehekhara. With Undead workers that never tire, sleep, or eat, they can work night and day restoring Nehekhara to its original decadence.

However with Tomb Kings awaking their ancient Heirotitans and Ushabti, they are required to make sure these deadly automatons stay in working order, inscribing them with hieroglyphs of regeneration and toughness, wielding massive whips in combat, tearing mortal warriors in half like undead super Crocodile Dundees.

Forces of the Tomb Kings

Leaders & Characters : Tomb Prince - Tomb King - Icon Bearer - Liche Priest - Liche High Priest - Tomb Herald - Necrotect
Troops : Skeleton Archer - Tomb Guard - Skeleton Warrior - Tomb Swarm - Dust Goblin - Bone Giant - Skeleton Horsemen - Carrion - Necropolis Knight
Chariots : Skeleton Chariot
Constructs : Sepulchral Stalker - Ushabti - Warsphinx - Necrosphinx - Heirotitan - Tomb Scorpion - Screaming Skull Catapult