Nekthyst Dynasty

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Nekthyst Dynasty
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Official Languages

Necron Lexicon


Great Power


Four times the size of Ultramar

Head of State

Phaeron Oblis the Enslaver

Head of Government

Phaeron Oblis the Enslaver

Governmental Structure

Totalitarian Absolute Monarchy

State Religion/Ideology

Necron Revivalism



Military Force

Necron Forces

The Necron Dynasty that really shows its age. Literal rust buckets.

One of the larger Necron Dynasties. The Nekthyst Dynasty have earned the reputation as the That Guy of Necron Dynasties. Yeah, you heard us. For a race that brought us plenty of assholish/trollish characters such as Trazyn the Infinite, Illuminor Szeras, Aza'Gorod, Mephet'ran and Imotekh the Stormlord, the Nekthyst Dynasty is known to be on a whole 'nother level. They're a Dynasty of Assholeteps without the fun side.


Map of the Nekthyst Dynasty.

Apparently, way back in history, their ruler pissed off the Triarchs for not being orthodox enough and just being complete Dicks about it. Phaeron Oblis the Enslaver unwisely and proudly, angered the Triarch by refusing to adhere to their decrees. Thus, when the Nekthyst’s crownworld of Moebius came under assault by a colossal dose of karma in the form of an Ork Waaagh!, the Triarch refused to rally to their subject’s aid. Though the Orks were repelled, Moebius was devastated in the ensuing battle, along with much of the Nekthyst’s once-glorious empire, not improving their already abysmal reputation most likely.

Ever since that particular petty tantrum, the Nekthyst shunned all concepts of honor and verity and instead, replaced it with all-round dickishness and chronic backstabbing disorder. Seriously, the amount of alliances this dynasty broke is unaccountable, to the point where they make the Marines Malevolent look quite restrained in their team-killing actions. As such, despite these events having taken place millennia ago, they are never gonna un-live it down.

Since they are such Edgy fuckwads, the Nekthyst shunned their pretty gold and purple heraldry with that of harsh, blackened copper carapaces that embody their jaded cynicism. They fight ruthlessly to preserve their shattered domain, using any and all methods – no matter how cruel or underhanded – to preserve their legacy, which isn't much considering. Though technically subjects of the greater empire, the Nekthyst are seen by the other Necron dynasties as little more than untrustworthy douchebags.

The symbol of the Nekthyst Dynasty is a stylized diagram of their original hierarchy – an organization they seek to expand until it covers thousands of star systems.

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